28 May 2011

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Posted 28 May 2011 06:58
Last edited 28 May 2011 07:01
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A Grave Message

It was early in the morning and still war. Reptile got a very disturbing news from the battlefield: his friend and king Kyle Primor was missing in action. He couldn't believe it when he got the scroll with the royla crest. He had to find his friend! This is my first traditional artwork in 2011! ^^ And this is a bonus: Click the link to watch a short videoclip that shows you all steps of the drawing process. It's a WMV file, you should have no problems downloading and watching it. How I created this artwork ---> Art and character © Patrick Reichel aka REPTILECYNRIK 2011 Working Time: 18 hours Drawing Media: Pencils, Ink, Markers, Acrylics Scanned with a CANON LiDE 100

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Rantaurel 2 years ago 0
Very great work! <3 That's all I can say
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thank you! ^^
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
Cool, this is the FIRST one of 2011?! I don't fing it too hard to believe as i really haven't seen one like it in a long while (I'm a big fan of this style).
I like it, and especially the worried look on his face. But will he find Primor? I must know!

That video clip is awesome as well. It's so rare to see artists break down the stages of a peice like this, let alone pair it with an excellent taste in music. Thanks for that!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thanks for the comment! :) I'm happy you really love my traditional style... with "real" media, har har. ^___^
And I appreciate the comment on the face expression. It IS hard to design a fitting expression, especially with SUCH face.... :3
And yeah, Reptile will find his friend eventually... and save him. ^^

Hey, cool you also liked that short clip. Thanks!
Now you see, how I basically create such work. *hugs*
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
*happy hugs!*

I love traditional media, it's the way to go! It could just be my slight distaste for anything purely digital, but I like the more organic feel of pencil (or ink) and paper. There's a different flow to it, ya' know?

But yes, he really does have QUITE the face.

Do you still update yer main site? I haven't checked it in some time.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
I know what you mean. ^__^

AND yes, I do update my site regulary!!!! ^_^
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
This is where I wish I had more to say. I enjoy the conversation, but I've been up fer 22 hours now and I climbed a mountain today so... I'm gonna sleep on it.
Tantorog 2 years ago 0
will there be a 18+ version? :P
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Not a chance.
Tantorog 2 years ago 0
I'm with you, I also don't show mine in public XD
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Awesome done Partick!
I really love the old drawing way of your's and now this is just gorgeous!
The scales are just god like!
And yeah, there sure are a lot of stepps but the seconed inking, seconed coloration and how the oroginal scan came out after the highlights sure was what gave the picture life.
I am really happy you decided to do another one of these pic's, for they are a marvel to behold and an inspiriation.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
^__^ That's really appreciated, thank you!!! It's been about time to draw my "old" scales again...... ^^
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Indeed it has.
And it now has a fave! X3
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Oh, almost forgot, really liked the musik you gave the short video, good rythm and feeling.
Making me feel inspiration of something of a native from either america or here in sweden the natives called Samer.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thanks, but that music is not by me! :P It's from the "AVATAR - The Last Airbender" (Cartoon) Score. ^^
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Now that you mention it, I actually recognice the sound.
Silly me.
Elsiep33 2 years ago 0
Great work! Thanks for the WMV-- I'm always interested to see how an artist creates their work. (maybe someday, try it myself? after I retire I'm afraid....). This guy's muscles are soooo cut!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thanks and you are welcome! :)
Behemel 2 years ago 0
Beautifully drawn, and i always enjoy a picture with a story attached to it. Nicely done.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ^^
Sonic Fox 2 years ago 0
Love the muscle and scale detail in this pic!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thank you, buddy! ^^
Pfhor 2 years ago 0
Simply amazing! I love seeing your art ;)
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
^^____^^ THANKS
Eric and Kimahri 2 years ago 0
Like the story development here.
Bear-Paws 2 years ago 0
You have -beautiful- scales. I can see myself beside them >;-} Is it emasculating to use beautiful as an adjective toward a male lizard? I hope not, for those are beautifully large muscles and such a fierce face, I could fall for you so easily. You're just the most wonderfully balanced combination of reptilian power, ferocity, and attractiveness I've seen in a humanoid my size... Hoka hey, Reptile. (Tis a battle cry, meaning "go get `em, go gut `em, whatever is appropriate for the situation.)
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
^__^ Thank you very much. And I think, you can say "beautiful".
Glad you like the balance between... everything. ^_____^
Grey the Floydian Sergal 2 years ago 0
Very good. I do love your work. You can almost touch the scales. I seriously want to stroke his leg!! *he chuckles* Well, not at the time this was made obviously. The emotion in his face is clearer than crystal, it is superb. Faved & voted
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Hello and thanks a lot for the comment. It's really appreciated! ^__^
I'm glad you like my scale-work, hehe. Yeah, I can still DO it! :-) Even if I have little time to do such grand works... I mean, the "traditional ones". But hey, it's good to do it from time to time!

Keep stroking him, he likes that......... XD icon_biggrin.gif
Grey the Floydian Sergal 2 years ago 0
Ok *he grins back as he strokes his leg* Wow, so scaly *he chuckles*
SwiftWindSpirit 2 years ago 0
You can just tell by the look in your face you are dreading reading the note.