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Casting Call the Sequel Part 2

Casting Call the Sequel
Part 2 of 4
by Xero

"Jeeze I wonder what's taking Mike so long? I wish I could've gone too. That would be awesome!" said Grant.
    "He's probably fawning all over his favourite character." Said Tim

    "Hopefully he didn't get into trouble by trying to wear the suit for himself." Joked Josh.

Little did he know that his statement was not too far off from the truth. "I'm gonna take the train to critter country. Go on splash mountain. Text me when you wanna meet up again. It's been almost an hour and I can't wait anymore." Josh said as he walked toward the train depot.

    "I think I'm going to go back to Main Street and look thru some stores. Hey wait up I can take the train with you." Tim said running after his friend. "Let us know what happens so we can meet up for lunch!" Yelled tim as he was running to catch up with Josh.

    Just as the other two ran off out came Donald and without his host to watch him. He waddled out looking left then right. Children came running up and crowded him in a rapidly growing circle. Grant ran over to see Donald as well; wondering where the host and Mike were. To his amazement Donald spoke.

    "Hehehe who wants an autograph?" he said; in a ducky voice that mimicked Donald perfectly.

    Shocked at this fact Grant was the first to yell out "I do! I do!" Donald quickly walked up to Grant grabbed his autograph book held it in front of his eyes and signed it quickly. "To my Daisy love Donald."  The book was handed back open to Grant. He looked at the autograph and blushed a bit. Signing a few more autographs and hugging some kids.

    "Time to go for now, but I'll be back in a bit. Before I go I need a freind to come and help me find Daisy." quacked Donald. Looking around as if he was choosing randomly from the crowd he pointed at Grant. "Hehehe how about you?" said Donald tilting his head in a questioning fashion.

    "I um.....errr..." stuttered Grant. " I...mean sure why not." he said after gathering his courage. Donald reached out with his white four fingered hand. Grant grasped it firmly and followed Donald to a door that led backstage. Donald led as Grant followed almost forgetting about Mike all together; thinking about how cute Donald was waddling ahead of him slightly and how soft his four fingered hand was. "Oh yeah I almost forgot. Have you seen my friend Mike? He came back with a host to help you get ready." asked Grant.

    "Heheheh you mean my new friend? You'll see him in a bit. We are going to meet him right now." quacked the duck in reply. As they rounded the corner Grant noticed a chipmunk skipping and making random movements as if pulled by invisible puppet strings then he stopped and began to walk normally with a happy bounce in his step. "Must be new." he thought. Little did Grant know that he was a new chipmunk and soon there would be a new Daisy as well.

    Donald pushed open a door and led Grant into the same room the chipmunk just came out of led him to a bench and sat him down.

    "I want you to meet my friends. They'll take good care of you and make sure you get together with your friend real soon." said Donald and pointed off to the right as a meerkat and a raccoon rounded the corner. The duck turned and began to walk away the sound of empty rubber duck feet echoed with each oversized step. Giddy with excitement at meeting yet two more of his favourite characters Grant sat speechless while the approached. As they got closer the raccoon held out his arms as if to give a hug. Grant eagerly stood up and was about to give the raccoon the hug he desired, but the raccoon took a couple extra steps and circled behing him and reached around and held him.

    "A reverse hug? It's still a hug and it feels so good." thought Grant. Revelling in the embrace and feeling the raccoons oversized plush belly pushing against his back he wanted to swoon.  The meerkat left for a moment and hiding something just outside of Grants' field of vision returned and nodded to the raccoon. The raccoon nodded back and squeezed a bit tighter; Grant only closed his eyes in response enjoying the "hug" even more. Then the meerkat began his duty by taking off the victims shoes and socks one at a time; this did not bother Grant at all as he was so lost at the moment and didn't know what to think. Next the raccoon released his hold for only a few seconds so the  meerkat could remove the shirt. This caused Grant to take notice of what was happening, but he did not mind as the raccoon quickly embraced him once again. Now he could feel the velvety softness of the pudgy black paws, and the thick white chest fur and soft grey belly of the raccoon. Once again he drifted off only thinking about how good it felt growing a bit hard. The meerkat continued unabated unzipping and removing his jeans; quite deftly with it's oversized brown fingers; after which he went aroung the corner and wheeled over what he hid earlier.

    A duck suit with hot pink pumps hanging lifeless from one hanger, and on the other hanger a frilly dress to match. The meerkat removed the suit from the hanger while the raccoon lifted Grant off the bench positioned his legs and guided them down in. His feet slid down the silky cool legs quite easily finally winding up positioned  in the oversized shoes as if he was actually wearing the hot pink heels. The new shoes were not very forgiving holding his toes together with squishy stuffing pushing in from all directions. The thin leg lining however let him feel everything. His arms were guided down into the four fingered duck hands his middle and ring fingers were compressed tightly together as were the other fingers. This all felt so good to him his cock rock hard and twitching just a bit. The raccoon pulled upward with a bit of force on the back of the suit causing Grant to snap out of his trance, and begin to realize what was happening.

    "Oh no wait! I was just looking for my friend Mike. I didn't want to be a character." stated Grant as the raccoon zipped the back of the suit up and pushed at the zipper causing it to dissappear into the fabric. The suit full of the same material in the hands and feet pushed against him from all directions now. The belly padding puching against his belly, the tail padding pushing hard against his butt; and the soft skintight upperhalf carressing his chest and back. It was at this point that Donald was escorted back in by a Red Vixen.  

    "You see Donald. Your Daisy is almost ready. Why don't you help with the finishing touches" Said the fox as she tweaked the ducks beak.

    "Hehehe thank you mistress" squaked Donald "You are going to make me suck a lovely girlfriend" quacked Donald to Grant as he waddled over to the rack and grabbed the dress off of the hanger holding it up and shaking it in front of grants face. Grant tried to escape, but the combination of the new suits weight and the force of being held down worked against him. The pink outfit was shoved on over his head and pulled down as the two characters released him letting him stand up suddenly using the force of his escape attempt to shove the dress on tightly; before holding him from behind once again.

    Lastly came the head. Donald took it and held it infront of Grant letting him stare into the big plastic eyes for a moment.

    "No I want Mike." whimpered Grant

    "I'm right here." quacked the duck

    "Wha..." is all Grant got out before the head was plunged over his. Darkness...followed by some light. The head pushing against his; a sharp dull pain on the top of his head. Daisy....Duck it pulsed forcing images of a female duck into his head. You are a like to wear dresses more images flooded his head. You love will never leave his side. Grant fought agains these thoughts as much as he could; each time he did however they were reinforced with a sharp pain of disobedience. When he began to accept the thoughts as reality he was quickly rewarded with pleasure.

    "I love to wear dresses...I am a girly duck....I love Donald." she thought and was quickly rewarded with a flood of pleasure.

    "Now look donald is right over there go give him a hug" a thought pulsed inside her head. Finally able to see through the plastic fixed eyes she saw Donald standing waiting for a hug. She waddled ofer to him her big tail moving from side to side. She tried to speak, but was quickly punished with reinforcement thoughts.

    "No! Good girl ducks don't talk. They just obey Donald!" a thought pulsed. She looked at Donald and gave him a kiss with her oversized plastic beak as Donald laughed out loud, but she was forced to keep her laughter inside. She squeezed Donald then they waddled out together hand in hand.

     Daisy shaking a bit as the last of her free will was drained; now walking along happily trapped forever. The red fox smiled as she watched the two ducks walk away before turning attention to another matter.

    "It's time I bought a new Tigger plush!" Exclaimed the fox........

lionlover2008 2 years ago 0
do another chapter soon