04 Jun 2011

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Posted 04 Jun 2011 19:44
Last edited 04 Jun 2011 19:47
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Soundtrack Medley: Style and Steel

Medley of the main themes of Naruto (anime series) and Way of the Samurai (video game series). Much Japaneseness, but I happen to like the tunes and I think they go well together. Added a bit of countermelody of my own devising. Flute and guitar played by me, everything else sequenced.

SMWolf 2 years ago 0
This is a nice piece.
Aramis 2 years ago 0
Thank you. That is a nice comment and you, by extension, are a nice person.
shironothewind 2 years ago 0
wow. Just.... there are no words for how great this is. And you are an excellent flutist! You do the main themes of one of my favorite anime's and video games a great honor mesdemoiselles. *Bow of respect*
Aramis 2 years ago 0
Well what a lovely thing to read! That'll put a spring in my step for the day.
I don't really mind it, but I should point out that I'm not technically speaking a mademoiselle. A mere detail.
shironothewind 2 years ago 0
ah. icon_redface.gif
YhokoLunaris 2 years ago 0
Very cool. If I can ever get the rust out of my fingers we'll have to do a collaboration sometime. I play acoustic guitar, but pairing the flute with it would be awesome.