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05 Jun 2011

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Carnate Island Part 4

#5 of Carnate
Carnate Island Part 4
Rocky MT. State Penitentiary medical Center, Colorado Feb. 16, 2004: That morning instead of waking up in his cell Damitri finds himself strapped bound onto an old stretcher. Soon realized he was being moved down through a hallway.
As he was pushed through the hallway, he looked around seeing a door shouting as he passed by he yells out "Hay, where am I, what's going on?"
The thick steel blue door at the basement leads Damitri and Jessie to another cut off to a slightly shorter hallway that leads to a large room where the floor is flooded. An old electric generators, one has blown a large hole that leads to a small office with an old dark green steel desk from the war with flash grenades on some old shelves. On the desk is a time zone set of clocks above is an old news paper with the headline "US COL. KILLS THREE US MEN."
Damitri took five of the flash grenades and Jessie took the remaining flash grenades the gun from the desk. When Damitri walks out of the hidden room Jessie planted a kiss onto his muzzle.
Damitri is shocked from Jessie's smutch but can't brake the kiss, instead Damitri deepens their kiss until a large pipe blows up at a near by hallway. Damitri asks "what was that?"
Jessie said "sounds like an old steam pipe blew up."
Damitri said "let's take a look."
Once at the hallway the blow made a hole to another room but this one is bigger then the last one. Damitri looks around when he takes his flashlight off from his lapel.
Damitri said "I still can't tell, we need more light."
Jessie said "There is a light switch further down the hall, do you want me to try to turn it on?"
Damitri said "yes, try it out, keep your radio on."
Latter when Jessie left Damitri tries to turn on a flair and when he gets it on he sees the ghost of the man in the Nazi uniform. This time he doesn't look like he is beaten up and shot unlike when Damitri saw him at the first time.
The ghost looks at Damitri with a stern look face to face. Damitri is so shocked to see the wolf looking solid so he pokes him.
Damitri said "good god, your solid."
Before the German wolf can say something Jessie comes onto the radio "I turned on the switch anything happening?"
Damitri grabs the radio and said "no, nothing happened."
Jessie said on the radio "I'm coming back."
Three minutes latter
When Jessie comes back Damitri stands and waits holding a flair. Damitri said "turn off the power, I will check the generators."
Jessie shows Damitri where the power switch is and turns it off. Damitri walks to the room with the large loose where and stands on a wood chair he found near by connecting them to other thick black cords. Jessie asks Damitri "do you need anything?"
Damitri said "I need some duck tape to hold the cords together."
Jessie said "there is a role back at the death house lobby."
Damitri said "crap, we need to go back for a roll."
Project Odyssey 
Prison Medical Test Subject NO. 7
Prison Medical Test Subject Name: LaMore, Damitri 
Research Granted To: Colorado Department of Corrections 
Research Granted From: US Army/Pentagon/CDC/CIA
Rocky MT. State Penitentiary Medical Center OR 14 Feb. 16, 2004: Damitri wakes up when a large Light shine into his eyes.
Damitri tries to struggle with no prevail before someone holds down his left arm and injected something green into him.
8:30PM Back at the Death House Lobby: When Damitri got to the automatic gated door Damitri asks "Can you help me lifting that bust of Hait to use to nock out the gate?"
End of Carnate Part 4