25 Jun 2011

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Posted 25 Jun 2011 23:19
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A day at work

Now today i shocked myself, looking into my works folder i found this sitting about all finished just not uploaded aparently from 26/10/2010 XD

all well here we are then i suppose, my first pliable micro story following a day at work for Matt that goes slightly wrong

ummmm it has some pliable micro stull, some soft vore (chewing) and a happy ish ending... again these maybe off i needed to quickly look over the story to know what it was about :3
A day at work
6 AM and matt is woken up by a text message "alarm system defective at unit 22 Boongate industrial estate" he says sleepily reading out the text message to his self as he pulls his self out of his warm bedding quickly putting on a plain looking black shirt and a pair of jeans pocketing just his phone everything else he needs being in his company car with "Longwood security" plastered over the side he has to be ready all the time tonight being on call.

And less than 15 minutes later the canine mix pulls up outside, the building looking a lot more different than any other of the jobs he has done but he just shrugs getting out the car bringing along his tool kit heading to the entrance and buzzing in, all rather normal and boring, just a new day in his boring life he thinks to his self.

Over the day matt finds his self in a few places all over this rather clean looking facility having to leek in almost every room just to find a simple fault. Looking at his watch he grumbles "7 damn AM" he says to his self as he moves a few things in a utility he now finds his self in just like the last four or five, on the outside quite a bit of movement as the building starts to come alive with workers not really paying attention as he looks for the electrical fuse bored "damn it why isn't it here! Stupid piece of shi" then shuts up as the sound of smashing glass hits his ears initially perking them up a odd smell hitting his sensitive nose as he starts to feel light headed, his vision going black quickly as his stiff body falls forward hitting the floor with a bang.

What feels like a few moments later Matt opens his eyes slowly a hand reaching to his head and rubbing over the fir checking for any damage giving a happy sigh not thinking a thing, then looks about the once light room now completely dark and oddly seems to be filled with his own scent now, standing up feeling the odd floor under his bare paws his ears pressed against his skull as a huge blanket rests on top of him "w, wait! Firstly where are my shoes!" he looks at his wrist to see the time "and where is my watch, and my clothes!" grumbling to his self as he walks about under the sheet , then he sees a light again making him smile for the first time today, getting close to the light source Matt almost leaps out of what seems to be a tent in to almost blinding light compared to the darkness.
Squinting his eyes the canine looks about his surrounding ears perked high over his skull firstly not understanding it at all, then in a moment of realisation his jaw drops, eyes wide and his ears pinning back against his skull, the tent he can't out of being his now huge shirt his watch seemingly miles off to the side, trousers flat on the floor behind his shirt shoes standing up with his socks hanging over the sides, to anyone else's view point it looks almost like a murder scene but not a white line but his exact clothes laying across the floor.

Shocked looking about Matt breaths deeply trying to stay calm his ears picking up the odd set of footsteps outside trough that now huge door behind him the roof high over him, shelves seeming just as far up to his self everything around him just mind bogglingly huge looking at the door again he sighs seeing it slightly open estimating he must be about 3 inches tall from feet to the tips of his ears. "well maybe if I get outside I can get some help from someone" he says to his self along with a sigh the trip that would of taken only half a step now takes a good ten minutes, slowly down as he gets close not hearing footsteps for a while he leans against the door not even moving it with his entire body weight now.

Then taking a deep breath he whips his head around the side of the door only seeing a vast expanse of white breathing out with a happy sigh he starts to step out of the small room his head almost constantly switching from side to side watching for anyone taking large steps "must be lunch" he says to his self quiet quickly getting to the middle of the white floor of the hall way with his day dreaming taking in the size of everything now "damn I would love to see som" is all he says to his self once again as a loud creaking hits his ears making him spin his whole body towards a door watching it crack open quickly, now totally lost for words as a large form of a fur slips past the doorway dressed in a pure white lab coat black trousers and a pair of large black shoes, each easily the size of a house to the now tiny mutt as they pace towards him, his self keeping motionless in the middle of the hall with a mix of fear, sock and awe of this stranger keeping him still.

Boom, Boom, BOOM the steps work closer to him as the fox pads on uncaringly to his break the almost doomed little snapping out of his trance just as one foot leaves the ground again, rushing towards him then stopping over him everything seeming to go in slow motion as the shadow encases him looking up to see the huge treads rush down at him knocking him to his front just as he starts to run far too late, the shoe hitting the floor with a small bit of resistance the canine forced flat with the godly amount of pressure is pushed on top of him, everything keeping black the pressure hellish on his form as he thinks his life is over, the pressure lifting with a new step the little dog's form now totally flat crushed lightly into the treads of the shoe like a piece of chewing gum, slowly opening his eyes once again to see the floor now rushing at him quickly impacting as the pressure returns fur picking up a layer of dirt on his back from the show and slowly picking it up from the floor with every step.

Soon each step turns into just a blur as the hours go by in the day Matt soon finding his self drifting off as the fox carries on his day totally unknowing of his little carry on even if he is now a sleep the dirt still works its way into the thick fur.

"Right I'm off Steve!" wakes matt up once again far bellow in total darkness not feeling any pressure but knows he must be forced into the ground now "all right Ed see you tomorrow as always" is all Matt hears of the muffled talking then once again his world brightens around him as he looks right down onto the floor the first few steps being a nice clean tiled floor suddenly turning into tarmac as he is forced down onto the much dirtier surface, Ed quietly humming to his self once again as he walks to his car looking at the parked car outside seeing the name on the side he chuckles to his self "ha-ha... Longwood" as he gets to his car unlocking it and settling into the seat with a sigh starting the car and backing out then back out, matt's word vibrating along as the engine starts up and is forced onto the gas pedal now knowing that he will be taken to some home as well being a very displeasing thought as his mind wheals over all of the outcomes.

Getting home Ed takes the short walk to his house locking the door behind and walks through the living room making sure to kick of his shoes with a loud sigh and a wiggle of his socked toes near the shoes before padding off to the kitchen. The canine far below snapping out of his thinking trace as the shoes are kicked off feeling the wall of rubber shake behind him already feeling his self loosening a little bit as he is forced to look at the huge socked paws just ahead of him the smell of musk hitting his nose like a wall, making him squirm seeing the huge socks walk off into a different room, his body slowly starting to reform its old shape, pulling inwards from a large flat wall of fluff back to his original form with a small push he falls the short way from the bottom of the shoe onto the soft carpet floor looking over his self and trying to dust his self off only getting a tin bit of dirt off, the once light brown canine now pretty much totally black with grime from a day's worth of being stomped on.

Looking about to assess his situation carefully "right, I'm in some ones house, about the size of a common bug, clearly for some reason I can't be killed by getting stepped on" he talks to his self once again while looking about the huge living room, dirty socks scattering the floor around him the large shoes he just got off behind him, sofa in front of him looking as tall as a sky scraper, and for now alone.

Once again like a all imposing god the form of the norm re-enters the room not looking at all like he did a few hours before all dressed up as he walks into the living room with a glass of water his fur swaying in the air freely as he walks in without a single item of clothing, this isn't odd for furs to go around without clothes but when that fur is easily 200 times your size everything just looks so huge.
Ed getting un dressed as every day after work getting a drink and flopping down on the sofa just a head of the tiny canine switching on the TV ready for the long night of relaxing ahead of him slouching back on the leather sofa his feet slipping forward over the carpet coming to a rest just near Matt, causing him to take a few steps back watching the wall of toes rushing towards him the strong musky scents greeting his nose and hanging heavily in the air as he looks up at the god like fox now sitting almost lifeless with only a slight move of his foot paws now and again

Then with taking a deep long breath inwards of the musky air thinking Matt sighs walking straight ahead towards that left huge paw stopping each time it moves just a little bit, then he is at arm's length his arms reaching out and trembling towards it, first feeling the ever so soft if slightly damp fur his hand shoving down into the thick coat and tapping that the skin just under it making the toe move a little, Ed feeling a itching at his toe leaning forward seeing a small bug right near his toe making him grin and silently lift his right paw over his left quickly moving the lift out the way and slamming down his right in its place crushing that little bug flat, Matt taken by shock at all of the movements at once suddenly feeling the huge amount of pressure once again and darkness feeling the warmth of the paw all over him taking a moment to notice he may have been crushed once again but is still totally fine, but to the large fox there is no satisfying crunch like normal making him tilt his head and wiggle his toes about seeing something almost spreading between them like some chewing gum.

Giving a grunt as Ed lifts his foot from the floor still feeling the fur like substance coating his toes feeling oddly good but still wants to check putting the paw just over his leg at a angle leaning over and looking closely only seeing what looks like a large pelt of fur making him tilt his head a tiny bit and look closer "the hell?" he mumbles the pelt of fur quickly starting to puff outwards and almost in the blink of a eye it takes the shape of a anthro canine only a mere 4 inches tall his ears perking up quickly hearing it shout at him "help yes I'm here!" it seems to scream at him as it slips lose of the bottom of the ties and lands on the sofa next to one of his thighs matt getting his bearings as he drops onto the cold leather spinning his self around to look at the huge face leaned down "yes please thank god!" he says as he drops to his knees

"Who or what the hell are you" is the first question that comes to Ed's mind a finger swiftly coming down to matt shoving him on the chest knocking him onto his back on the sofa the finger moving and resting on the little canines chest keeping him pinned in place as the warm slightly bad breath washes over him with each word, Matt squirming about like mad before calming for his own well being "I'm Matt I think somehow I got shrunk when I was working where you work" he shouts quickly almost tripping on each of his own words breathing deeply afterwards. And with a grin the large fox moves a second finger to matt resting it near his waist before moving the second on the other side and pressing together lightly lifting the little form upwards hanging him as he squirms about with the pressure just over his large wet nose "so no one knows what happened?" getting a instant response with matt stopping his struggles and shaking his head about slowly "no you where the only one and when I tried you crushed me but somehow I was stuck on your shoe for the day"

Giving a genital grin and holding back a laugh Ed nods slowly "well I'll tell you what Matt is it? I will take you back tomorrow and try to get it sorted?" his mind already wheeling away with all of the possibilities "ohhh thank you so so so much!, umm I didn't catch your name" cuts Ed's thinking making him shake his head about "you can call me Ed... or sir" he adds onto the end quickly moving the little canine backwards and downwards slightly now hanging just ahead of his muzzle as he parts the large wet lips warm humid breath washing over matt "wait what?! no" is all he can get out before the huge fox carelessly tosses the tiny form into his wide open maw with a flick of his wrist quickly sealing his lips as Matt is greeted by the slick and firm tongue under him as everything goes dark every breath he takes getting filled with, now much muskier danker breath in the maw squirming about like mad.

Murring to his self the large fox starts to push the little form about now and then pushing him between his teeth and giving a few nibbles on the firm body, only making the squirming increase, then shutting his eyes thinking Ed finally slams his jaws together feeling the resistance of the little dogs form till his teeth flatten it slowly starting to chew at the little section of fur in his muzzle also filling it with a rather nice taste oddly only making him chew quicker as he enjoys the taste as all Mat can now do is take the pressures all around him as the jaws get to work on him, saliva soaking deeply into his fur with the teeth only assisting it in getting in deep, but it is cleaning up his fur again none the less, the fox just chewing away as he watches a few films uncaringly enjoying his treat, soon looking at the clock as it hits 12 AM, the small chewed up mutt long since passed out from lack of energy.

Ed slowly padding off to bed, his chewing stopped on the way allowing the little form of the canine to reform on his tongue the very odd feeling making him giggle a little bit as he lays on his large bed two fingers slipping into his maw to pick out his little toy still a sleep as he moves him towards the floor his hand greeted with warmth as he carefully places the unmoving from at the bottom of one of his old musky boot the little form shivering in the bottom making the large fox smile and pick up a sock carefully plugging up the end keeping the little warm in the warm musky space "sleep well" is all he says before falling fast asleep his self...

A few weeks down the line and Matt has noticed that it isn't so bad being a so called micro, no cares about jobs, about paying for things, getting fed, its all done for him. And all that is needed is a little bit of playing with by his owner Ed and its really not that bad in fact he has come to quite like it now.
And how do I know all this? Because I am Matt sitting at Ed's computer speaking into a microphone as big as my head The fox I now call owner just at work for a while, the first time I haven't come with him inside the musky shoe since thate first time, and I miss it to be honest I hope he gets back soon.