Robert Baird
28 Jun 2011

The Fantastic Spring Semester of Andy and Chris
The College Life Is Oft' Distraction-Filled

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Posted 28 Jun 2011 08:22
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The College Life Is Oft' Distraction-Filled

#1 of The Fantastic Spring Semester of Andy and Chris

Sometimes, you need to finish reading a book. Sometimes, outside events, like a companion with different ideas, interfere. The college life is full of distractions, after all. So here are Christine Cowan (the distractor) and Andrew Kekkonen (the distractee), adventurers of sorts in a serial that, three episodes in, now finally has something of a plot. But no adventure. Yet. This image was created by the inimitable TsukiKitsuneTanuki (FA - now also in SoFurry flavor), to whom I am in debt for her help in settling the visual aesthetic of the characters. It is uploaded here with permission, but is copyright to her and, unlike the story series, is expressly not released under the Creative Commons.

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Riderskunk 2 years ago 0
I know such situations from all sorts of schools. Sometimes I miss those easy times ^^
cs_kit 2 years ago 0
wow, that is a huge image! awesome!
TargeT_PsY 2 years ago 0
That's a nice pic. You found a good artist. Now all I need to do is read your story.

5/5 and a fav


Blessed Be