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Noble six- chapter 5- Technically suicide...of sorts...

Just for the record, this is borderline clean/adult, i just put it in clean because my other ones are too...

 I can see the huge planet out the porthole thing in the side of the phantom. My home.Your home! Quiet you idiot. What is going on here? I don't understand this! Who are you? Who am i? Just give me something! Well I suppose I owe you that much at least. What do you remember of your childhood Ajay? I remember all of it. Jamie, my brother, my mum, dad, going too school, what of it? It was all fake.  No it wasn't! I remember it! No! You don't! You are so wrong! Well what then? Tell me something! Fine then. You want something? You are a sangheili. I am a sangheili. We are sangheili. You were born a sangheili. Genetically engineered to look like a canine. That is bullshit!  We retrieved the memories of a canine prisoner and implanted them into you. You spent the first fifteen years of your life on Sangheilios!  I lived in the States! The prisoner lived in the states! The first fifteen years of your life were the memories of a prisoner! You lived on Sangheilios! You trained on Sangheilios! I am that part of you! You are a different personality created when you were sent to earth as a spy!  I am not a spy! But I am! I have been spying on the humans for years now! That was my mission. To lie semi-dormant in your subconscious you idiot! I grin to myself evilly. You are such a fool. This is not right. How can this be possible? I am a spy? Most of my life wasn't real? You were put into the academy when you arrived on earth. Your earliest real memories are the ones that started there. No way. This is bullshit. Fine, I will prove it to you then. I sit back in the corner and close my eyes, and slowly, eventually fall asleep...

 I look up at the tall figure standing before me, clad in white armour.

 'What is it you require uncle?' I ask respectfully. He motions towards a young elite standing beside a fully grown one.

 'You must prove your worth Kalo-Raasei.' He tells me. This one claims greater skill and greatly dishonours your name. You now must fight in mortal combat to restore your honour.' He crouches down beside me.

 'I shall reclaim my honour uncle! I shall destroy this Cretan for his disrespect!' I tell him with a salute. He grins back at me.

 'Good child. Make me proud.' Many adults gather about us, they cheer us and yell. The young elite snarls at me.

 'I shall kill you furry one.' He hisses. I motion with my hand.

 'I fear not such Curs.' I say as a chorus of noise and yells erupts around me. The elite snarls again and unsheathes his claws. I do so also, they are much longer than the claws of a usual fox. I crouch down and stand on all fours and growl. He rushes at me. I wait. Wait until the opponent in close. I think. I plan. I am not brute. I am sangheili. I dive at the small elite and tackle him to the ground. I slash at him with my claws and jump off him. I wait for him to stand.

 'I shall not allow such filth to strike me.' I say with a vicious grin. He runs at me again. I run back and grab his arms. I kick out with my foot and hit him in the stomach. I release one arm and uppercut him, hitting him in the chin and continuing my relentless assault. I spin around, slashing him, I jump kick him, punch at him furiously. I jump backwards and perform a backflip. I charge at the dazed figure. I spin around and kick him in the head with a roundhouse. The elite hits the ground. I pounce on him and pin his arms with my legs. The adults are shouting. 'Kill him!' they say. 'Finish him!' I retract all my claws but one, and lower it to the elites arm. The crowd watches silently as I work. I finish. I get off the elite and return to my uncle as the elite clutches at his arm. The elites uncle runs over to him.

 'Move your hand!' The elite demands as he pulls the young one's hand away. The crowd gasps as the hand is moved away.

 The mark of shame adorns his arm, bloody and red...

I fought a child?Yes, we did.

Then, there was my mission.


 I creep silently along the empty corridors. I hold the stolen key card in one hand. I approach a door on my right and place the key card in the slot. The door clicks, and with a quick glance about, I enter.  I dash over to the computer screen on the far side of the room. I place my hand on the computer screen. The screen glows brightly as electricity streams from the computer to my hand. I instantly find my mind full of knowledge, battle plans, troop movements and other data. I turn the computer off quickly and make a hasty retreat out the door. I run back along the dark corridors, evading the guards, and return to my bed, where a female fox lies naked on the covers.

 Wait, this was only a few days ago!Exactly. I stole your precious information without you even knowing. You bastard!Oh, and you know how the humans said they rebuilt you? That was a lie. The COVENANT rebuilt you. Their technology keeps you alive. Oh, and by the way, between reach and now, there was another little extra credit mission I went on...

 I see the falcon flying in front of us, at a lower altitude. We speed up as we get nearer. The radio crackles to life.

 'This is Charlie-fiddle-foxtrot, you are on an unscheduled flight course, please provide identification.' The elite flying the falcon makes no response. We fly closer to the falcon as I load my pistol.

 'Please provide identification or we will shoot.' The elite pilots the falcon directly above the other falcon. I take a breath, and jump out. I fall twenty metres and land on top of the falcon.

 'What the hell was that?' I grab the edge of the falcon and swing down so I am hanging from the roof. I grab the surprised marine on the turret around the neck with my feet. I twist my legs violently, snapping his neck, and I quickly pull him over the edge, sending the body tumbling into the water beneath me. I draw my knife in one hand as the marine on the other turret gets up and goes for his gun. I flick my knife. It flies towards him and sticks into his head, he stumbles backwards and trips, falling into the water below. I drop into the falcon and hear an angry call from the pilot. I raise my pistol and shoot him in the head. The falcon quickly begins dropping. I turn to the last marine in the falcon. He sits calmly and stares at me.

 'Six?' No. No! No you're lying! This is bullshit! This did not happen! Not him! NO! The figure pulls off his helmet. 'Six, what has happened to you?' Jun asks. I hold my pistol up to his forehead.

 'Just tying up loose ends.'


 'Raasei, wake up.' I open my eyes to see the Kreimlei. 'We are here.' I step out of the ship after Kreimlei. All sorts of strange structures fill the spaceport, all of elite origin. I remove my helmet and put it under one arm. 'You may want to alter yourself.' I nod in agreement. I feel my skin begin tingling all over. It starts getting colder and makes cracking sounds. After about half a minute it stops. I run my hand over my now-scaly muzzle. Kreimlei grunts. 'Well you at least look half sangheili now. Come. Res-Daigee will want to see you now. He begins heading off and I follow.


 An Elite wearing white armour stands at a table facing away from me. He is conversing with a group of other elites in similar armour. One of the elites speaks up.

 'Who is this? A Field Marshall and some other strange creature.'

 'Tell them to leave.' Says the elite facing away. I shrug.

 'If you say so Res-Daigee.' His head turns up at my voice and he quickly turns around to look at me in surprise.

 'Took a little longer than expected.' I say.

 'You have returned Raasei. We thought you were dead.' He says, pleased.

 'Yes yes, how naïve of you.' I say dismissively.

 'I trust your mission was a success then?' my brow furrows.

 'Actually, I am afraid not.' Before the elite can say anything I continue. 'I will discuss the details with you at a later point, the Spartan still lies semi-dormant within me. I would prefer him not to know the details.' The elite looks slightly annoyed.

 'You have not purged him yet then?' I shake my head.

 'I have made no attempt yet. I allowed him to go through with his mission himself to allow a more convincing façade. However, I'm afraid I will need to sometime soon. He is leaking.'

 'How badly?' He asks. He is frustrated.

 'It's simply a personality leak, not a behavioural. But it is rapid, so do not be surprised if I develop a tendency to speak in a colloquial fashion.' The elite nods.

 'Has there been any leaking yet.'

 'There has been a bit, but it is not significant.' I say.

 'What kind of leaking? You know you must abide by the leaks. Not doing so can lead to self-mental damage and random stress. So what is it?' It shuffle my feet slightly.

 'Do not worry. It is silly.'

 'Tell me.' The elite demands. I sigh.

 'I have... a strong desire to copulate.' I say with a little embarrassment. The elite begins laughing.

 'He definitely has leaked then.' He laughs. 'That is not a problem. You have an energy sword don't you?' He asks. I am a little confused.

 'Yes...Is that some kind of random fetish thing or something?' I ask. The elite shakes his head.

 'Those who carry energy swords have "sword genes". And therefore, can copulate with any female they choose, married or not, to pass them down.' I take a second to think about this.

 'So I can mate any female I wish?'


 'What about consent?' I ask.

 'Females are obliged to engage in copulation with those who possess sword genes who desire it, whether they like it or not. It is their obligation to do so. Though, they often do so freely since those with sword genes are so highly regarded.' I smile inwardly. 'So go off and enjoy yourself for a while. Return here at fourteen hundred hours tomorrow and we will assess your mental condition. Do you best to purge yourself tonight.' I nod, but have another question.

 'I will require a temporary residence.' I tell him.

 'You can find common houses all over the city. Just show your blade and you will be admitted into even the highest quality of them.' I scratch my head a little.

 'I was thinking of something a little more private.' I say.

 'Ah, yes. There will be private rooms in the upper class common houses for use. They are frequently used by swordsmen. Just ask for one. I trust you still remember our transport systems and laws?'

 'Most of them. I'll get by.'

 'Good. Well I will see you here tomorrow. I have much to do.' The elite turns around and heads back over to the table as I turn and leave.


  I sit on some strange hovering bench thing scoping out the passers-by. It's easy to tell the female and male elites apart. The females jaws are not split like the males, their heads are not as elongated as the males; their scales look smoother and most obvious, the males don't have breasts. Fucking huge breasts. Probably interferes with their combat ability. Their armour is also more revealing. Most of the females armour resembles an armoured two-piece bikini. Very attractive. This is messed up. Ah, you're awake.I've been awake all this time you bastard, and that is messed up. Oh please. My attraction is coming from you. You like it. They are lizards. They are sangheili. And lizards don't have huge-ass fucking titties. See? That's not something I would say. That's something you would say.That is not!  Oh whatever. Let's just go tap some ass. Ok... that is something I would say. See? Isn't it great to get along?I hate you. Whatever. One elite catches my eye. White scales. Busty. Nice ass. I stand up and follow behind her.

 'Excuse me ma'am.' She stops and turns around.

 'Who is this? A strange young male. You probably wish to court me I assume.' She says as she looks me up and down.

 'Actually I was hoping we could skip the courting and let me mount you.' She frowns at my offer.

 'I have been propositioned by many great warriors. Why would I mate with one as small and scrawny as yourself?' I reach into my belt and take out my energy sword.



 What the fuck? Where am i? I am standing in the middle of nowhere. The ground is a consistent shade of brown. Ajay. There you are.I turn around to face my opponent. He holds an energy sword in one hand, so do i. this won't take long Ajay. Don't worry. I just have to kill you and your body, your knowledge, your skills, will all be mine.What? Fuck off! I raise my sword in front of me. You cannot beat me Ajay. I am stronger, physically and mentally. I am in control. I control your body, I control your mind. You are weak, I am strong. My mental strength is projected here. I am in control. I charge at him with a yell and swing my blade. He moves like wind, ducks around the side of me and lashes out with his blade. I stand rigid as I look down at the blade in my chest. So fast... I feel the world around me begin to disappear slowly, sucked away into the distance. See? Didn't I tell you I would make this quick?


 I slowly open my eyes. I can feel warmth beneath me. I run my hand along the soft backside of the sleeping elite underneath me, caressing it gently. I smile a little as I feel a wet, sticky patch. I gingerly slide my hand down further between her legs and begin rubbing softly. She lets out a little moan as I speed up a little, rubbing harder. She begins moving her rump up and down in time with me. I move my hand away to my mouth and lick my fingers clean of the juices. I slide one finger back down between her legs. I continue for a couple more minutes, up till the point where she makes a mess of the bed. I use my tongue and clean up, then leave the post-orgasmic elite alone in the bed. I must have been tired after that last one. It was the fourth one in a row.

 Oh fuck...Crap. You again? You are a tough bastard aren't you? No matter. I'll kill you again tonight. Fuck you.


 The white elite is standing at the table again, same as yesterday. He is standing alone this time.

 'Has the purging been completed yet?' he asks without turning around.

 'Negative. He has survived.'

 'Our research indicated one death would be enough. What has gone wrong?'

 'Perhaps it has something to do with the AI. The AI implanted a further strengthened personality in him, which is more difficult to eliminate. I will continue to attempt to purge.' The elite grunts angrily.

 'Well get it over with.'


I am back in my dream plain again. The other me stands opposite still. Let's try this a little differently.What? There is suddenly an army of covenant behind him, brutes, elites, hunters, grunts, drones and jackals. How did you do that? Simple. This is a dream. I can do what I want. My mental strength is greater than yours, so my thinking capacity is greater than yours. These are the covenant you have killed all through your life.I close my eyes tightly, trying to think. I open them. There are two marines beside me with pistols. That will not save you.A huge wave of plasma rounds, spikes, lasers and beams comes thundering towards me...


 You can't kill me that easily. Evidently not. I feel something on my legs. I lean back in my seat with a smile as I feel the elite going to work on me. It feels like every part of their body is especially designed for sex. I briefly open my eyes to look at the head of the elite bobbing up and down between my legs. I reach one hand up to the back of her head and pull her down in time. My other hand reaches down and gropes at the elites softs breasts as I breathe huskily; the pressure is building up in me. I finally pull her head right down as I release myself. I collapse back in my seat, exhausted.

 'Yeah... that a girl.' I croon as she cleans up the mess. I try to ignore the incredibly hot elite's tongue as I think to myself. I can't win like this. He's too strong. He has more control than me. Even Jun... I couldn't stop him. I couldn't save him. I have been trying to shut it out of my head, but it comes back so vividly. The look on his face, the pistol... what happened next? I shot him... I find myself unable to imagine the shot. Wait, why is that? Why is it that I can remember all it so vividly except the shooting? Because he didn't show me the shooting... why not? Can he hear me thinking this? No, he's probably too occupied by his blowjob... why didn't he show me? Somebody so obsessed with proving others mental weakness, but he doesn't show me shooting Jun? Wait, how did the UNSC get hold of him? Maybe... he was in the falcon crash...


You know, I almost hope you survive this again. I'm really getting into this whole ritual of sex and sleeping. Well I'm not dying this time. Is that so?The army of covenant appears behind him again. I understand what happened now. Please, enlighten me.You are going on about all this this about how mentally strong you are, but you're scared. I'm sorry?You didn't kill Jun. Still in denial I see.You couldn't kill him because I stopped you. I overpowered you; I stopped you from pulling that trigger. I am stronger than you. You could have fooled me.You couldn't shoot him, you tried to but couldn't, and the falcon crashed. You were knocked out in the crash and found by the UNSC. Very good, but that doesn't mean you are stronger than me. You have knowledge and skill, but mental strength comes from belief and feeling. I'm sorry?If you don't believe in something you have little mental strength. Your mental strength is simply fuelled by your own lust for power, mine is fuelled by emotion and feeling, and I've got a hell of a lot of that right now. Do you understand what you are saying or are you simply making up heaps of metaphysical shit? I am pissed off. That's just another name for anger. Who are you? This again? I am you.What else are you? I am covenant.Exactly. I see him step back in shock. I hold my arms up, regarding the army behind me. You see this? This is every person the covenant has killed. I look over my shoulder. An army of silhouettes stands, armed with all sorts, pitchforks, assault rifles, wooden boards, grenade, all kinds. What they lack in arms, they make up for in sheer numbers. At the front of the silhouette army stand another four figures. I'm sure you know these guys. I call them noble team. I must admit. I am impressed. I hold one hand up in the air, then drop it. My army of shadows morphs itself into an epic rolling wave of black, millions of unknown civilians and soldiers become one powerful wave. The wave transforms into a horde of soldiers again as it approaches the covenant and opens fire. The air is filled with the sound of battle. Hunters fire their cannons; soldiers fire their assault rifles, everywhere. But there is only one target for me. I duck and dodge around the combatants from either side, looking desperately for him. Meet you in the middle. I run in the general direction of the middle of the horde. I find a relatively large clearing where I wait. He ducks around the side of a hunter and stands opposite me. We both have our swords ready. We charge at each other without a word. I quickly dodge backwards as his sword comes arcing through the air.  I swing quickly and our swords clash in mid-air with a blue flash. I jump back.  Be careful, you wouldn't want to die, cos' you only have one life. I only need one life. I am more powerful than you, my strength is greater. You cannot defeat me.I slowly walk towards him with my sword ready. I hold my arm out to the side, standing at two metres distance, and drop my sword. What's this about then?He smiles. I cannot defeat you. You are too strong. Your strength is greater. So what is it you are doing now?Cheating. His head explodes in a cone of red. The droplets of blood stop in mid-air. His body stops falling, the fighting stops. I look at the figure standing behind his body and salute.

 'Thanks Emile.'


 I lurch forward out of bed. The elite beside me jumps, startled. I immediately jump out of bed and start pulling my clothes on.

 'You do not wish to mount me again?' the elite asks with lust. I look over at the naked female before me.

 'You have no idea how much I want to tap you right now, but I can't.' I say with a hint of regret as I pull my armour on.  I'm free! I feel so much stronger now. I feel like I have control of the other me's skills now. I can also remember. The falcon crash, the pistol, Jun, crawling away from the wreckage. Alive. I also remember where the phantom is. I run out the door of the common house into the city. I understand the way the city works. The directions to the spaceport... I run off in the direction of the spaceport with my helmet under my arm.


 There are a dozen phantoms in the hangar I am in. I spot one in the same spot I arrived in and run for it. I jump into the grav lift and float up into the phantom. Kreimlei sees me and gives me a confused look.

 'Raasei? What are you doing here?' he asks.

 'Going back to new mombasa.' I say to him.

 'What? Why?' he asks me.

 'Secret. Spec-ops.' I inform him as I sit down.

 'Huh, I haven't heard of any trips to-'

 'Kreimlei!' I say in with the same authoritive tone. 'Are you going to believe me or those shoddy navigation guys?' Kreimlei thinks for a moment.

 'Good point. I hate those unreliable bastards.' He mutters and walks into the cockpit and starts the phantom.


 'There it is. New Mombasa is just down there.' Kreimlei calls from the cockpit. I look down through the porthole at the magnificent blue-green orb.

 'What are our co-ordinates right now? I mean, if we dropped a plasma grenade towards earth right now, where would it land?'

 'Somewhere in Egypt I think.' Egypt. Better than nothing. I put my helmet on and seal it. 'Why do you ask?' He calls back.

 'Oh, no reason.' I slap a button on the wall. The door of the phantom swings down and depressurizes.

 'What are you-' I jump out of the phantom towards earth. The frag grenade i dropped goes off behind me, propelling me through space away from the phantom.

 I activate my emergency armour lock as I start speeding up through the vast emptiness of space. My body is frozen by the energy shield enclosing me. It is a strange, tranquil feeling. Also lonely. I begin falling faster and faster through the atmosphere. I can see the flames about me as I fall. I watch the earth slowly getting closer and closer. I eventually reach the point where I can see the sand of the desert beneath me; it comes closer as a blur. I close my eyes as the last kilometres approach, knowing I'll be dizzy as hell if I don't. I open my eyes. I have landed without realising it.

 My armour lock deactivates and I stand up again, brushing some sand off my armour and climbing out of the crater I made. I remove my helmet and stretch, running my armoured hand across my face, my scaly face. I take an emergency beacon, activate it and toss it on the ground. I look out at the distant horizon. Shades of crimson and yellow dance around each other with tinges of pink. I sit down in the sand and cross my legs as I stare into the distance, the sun sets on a chapter of my life as I wait for rescue, and the start of yet another approaches ...


Terraphage 2 years ago 0
So this is the end of the first set of stories. The next ones will be placed in the near future. Any feedback would be apreciated. Thanks people for reading.
thecakeisalie 2 years ago 0
good seris whats the continuation called
Terraphage 2 years ago 0
Deathly Tide. I've completed the first chapter but i'm holding out for some feedback on this series so i can use that to improve it further before i post it.
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
so wats next series called