03 Jul 2011

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Posted 03 Jul 2011 23:19
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You are jericho cross, gunslinger, renigade, outlaw, behind you is a bloody trail of robbery and revenge, ahead of you? one last train to rob, tonight your life will end..... and your legend will begin.... this is something ive been working on for awhile XP hope ya like it

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Nate the tiger 2 years ago 0
Hes not a shark, hes just a flat out vampire .-.
Jet_tail 2 years ago 0
and yet he has a tail XP
Master Sgt Duncan 2 years ago 0
I see your a Darkwatch fan. ^^
Jet_tail 2 years ago 0
the animation style might be older and less refined like today but hell yes i love the game ^^
Nate the tiger 2 years ago 0
In the game, he has no tail.
Jet_tail 2 years ago 0
this is true, but my fursona does
Nate the tiger 2 years ago 0
than its not dark watch however, unless your fursona is just dressing up or something
Jet_tail 2 years ago 0
Might I suggest taking your argument elsewhere, I do not wish to hear it. Everyone has their own opinion on things, I appreciate your concerns, but I do not need them.
Nate the tiger 2 years ago 0
how do i take my argument elsewhere?