14 Jul 2011

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Posted 14 Jul 2011 06:23
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An art done like a month ago for an event, but I took it up because I kinda unsatisfied because the pose is kinda weird, so I submit another art for that event =3= Kinda Kingdom-Heart-ish XP (Not only kinda :p)

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Gigi1t 2 years ago 0
I like this, the swords are creative
Dextor 2 years ago 0
i want to cuddle him xD
Tieria 2 years ago 0
That's iT QoQ the expression isn't menacing at all!!
Dextor 2 years ago 0
I want to cuddle everything... XD this picture is really good! I love it <3
Astral The Dragon 2 years ago 0
This is my favorite style of art. This picture only reminds me as to why it's my favorite. I love the bright colors and light hearted feel. Plus the swords are pretty badass.

Love it man, I'll be looking out for more of your work.
Tieria 2 years ago 0
The weapon is badass but the expression isn't Q.Q
Expect a badass-er pic in like 2or3 weeks (the one I submit for the exchange of this one) though the weapon isn't as badass as this one's I think
Astral The Dragon 2 years ago 0
Well, I like it. His expression is really "Chilled". He's chillin.
Cyrusfox 2 years ago 0
i like it. he is very cute looking has kind of a sad look to a upcoming fight to me its nice ^_^
Alekzei The Husky 2 years ago 0
He looks sad because someone stole his cookies.
novize10 2 years ago 0
Kingdom Heats is my Favorite game ^^