21 Jul 2011

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Matteus Chap. 7 - Compassion

#7 of Mattheus


                "Hey mon, it's me Martin. Just going to tell you that I'm heading up to Bryan's house. He got hurt in his gym class and I want to make sure that he is okay. I'll talk with you once I'm back home. Alright, bye mom." Martin said hastily into his phone

                The otter called his mom to inform her of what was going on, but as he expected sher was either too busy at or her phone was turned off. Without much thought the otter flipped his phone shut, flung his backpack ober his shoulder, and locked his locker. Not wanting to spend another minute in the school, especially after the terrible day that he had, Martin sped for the nearest door without looking back. Once he reached it; his paw shot forward, flinging the doors open. The frigid January air blasted through the young otter's thick brown  fur, hardly fasing him as he hurried off towards the River's car.

                Martin sat down by the car and stared back at the doors. LIttle time passed before two wolves passed through the door. The larger of the two leaned down and kissed Jen softly before hurring over to the otter.

                "Hey Martin, sorry to keep you waiting," The lone female smiled brightly and got the car ready as the two boys waited outside.

                "You doing any better since sixth hour? You looked like you were about to kill someone," Corey asked looking down at the otter while stuffing his large paws into his coat pockets.

                Martin rubbed one of his paws gently across the ground "Yeah I'm feeling better, just wish that I could go to school without getting harassed. If it's not about my size or my friends, they it always seems to be something that they made up."

                The male wolf shrugged his shoulders before opening up the passenger door. "What can you do about it. It's just an unessisary part of high school," Corey said before sitting in the car.

                Martin nodded understandingly as he slipped inside the back of the car.


                Half an hour alter Jennifer pulled into her driveway. Martin quickly hopped out of the car and bolted up to the house. He waited impatiently for Jen to unlock the door. The otter rolled his eyes as he watched the she-would simply come up and open the door with  a turn of the knob and push upon the door. Martin waited for Corey to enter before doing the same and shutting the door behind himself.

                Not wanting to wait another moment, Martin made his way for Bryan's room. With a quick knock on the door, the otter eagerly awaited a responce from inside.

                "Don't worry, I'm desent." A drouzy voice replied.

                Matin chuckeld softly before opening the door to his friend's room. The big wolf layed on his bed, a cloth over the right side of his face, with his good eye focused directly on the otter. "Hey Bryan. I heard about what happened. How are you holding up?" Martin asked sitting down on the edge of the bed.

                Bryan smiled up at the concered otter. "I'm doing fine. other thatn the gash on my face and numbness in my jaw, that is," The wolf added, patting his friend on the back. "Thanks for still coming up."

                "It's no problem, after Jen told me what she knew,  I wanted to make sure you were doing okay," The otter said before getting more comfortable on the bed. "So what exactly happened? Jen said that she didn't know who did it, just taht you were wrestling in gym and got your face busted open," Martin asked curiously

                Bryan lifted one of his grey paws up to his face and moved the cloth to reveal the damage. "Dillon must have heard that I got into an arguement with hit brother, so the coward busted my head open. Don't worry though, the first thing I did after hitting the ground was, I go up and  puched him straight in the muzzle. Hope I broke something," The wolf chuckled before a smug grin formed on his face, revealing his large, white teeth.

                Martin smiled along with Bryan for a few moments, before he looked up and was about to stand wehn fe felt Bryan's other paw wrap around his waist.  "What is..." The otter barely said before the wolf's muzzle met his own. Martin's heart hammered as he felt the wolf's tongue run alon ghis cheek. Time seemed to slow down as the wolf pulled the tiny otter onto his chest.

                Martin layed down along the Bryan's body and rested his paws gently on his friend's chest muscles. Bryan greated this by pressing his paws against the otter's lower back, while continuing to explor the otter's face. Martin leaned forward and pressed his nose getnly against his friend's nose. After a second or two the otter rested his head next to his paws, listening to Bryan's heartbeat, while the wolf held him close to his chest.


Short chapter, but it is very important one. Hope you all enjoy it.

Moshoftheme 2 years ago 0
I just read through all of your series, and I want to say that I love otters, wolves, and couples. You certainly multiplied that feeling a few times over with this series! That said, here's the semi-bad news. While you have a great talent and potential, silly things like typos and grammar are way holding you back. Some easy things like taking your time, using spell-check, reading your character's dialogue out-loud, or even reading it all out loud are really things to consider. I would be happy to actually extend an editing hand, but lots of this would be easy for you to sure yourself. 4/5. And a cookie.
Rocelin 2 years ago 0
I'm not surprised by the typos and grammar mistakes. I kinda rushed this part out due to how long it's has been since I've updated this story. Thank you for the offer, but I already have someone who's been check over my writing lately. If I do find myself in an helping editor, I'll be sure to remember you.