27 Jul 2011

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Posted 27 Jul 2011 08:41
Last edited 27 Jul 2011 08:42
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Forest stroll

Ty taking an early morning stroll through his forest Art by xAshelyMx on DA Ty is forever mine

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Neuronmini 2 years ago 0
Interesting concept sir
Amithyst 2 years ago 0
Very pretty taur.~
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
Very nice. Makes me want to pounce him. *smiles*
DreamGod 2 years ago 0
I'm not for taurs, but this is pretty amazing!
loboron wolfmage 11 months ago 0
looks like he is pondering something. Anyway, its so rare to find taur art in such simplistic yet natural situations. I like it.
TyVulpintaur 11 months ago 0
He's pondering how different things look from down here :3 (He's usually 150 feet tall, so being 6 feet tall instead is very different perspective-wise)