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28 Jul 2011

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Posted 28 Jul 2011 22:33
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Revised Folseh in a One piece Swim Suit

Drawn by Synxirazu-niam of Fousen works We are currently revising the Herm Version of Folseh (yes there is different versions, currenlty 3 are active), we also decided to put hir in a one piece SwimSuit as those are far sexier than bikini's We are also testing out a new coloring and shading works and yes we already know about that leg being shorter, his perspective work is still in a bit of works and the shading under the arm.

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Dizzer 2 years ago 0
nice work but..... how is she a herm????
Fousen Works 2 years ago 0
*wishes they could smack you* cause I said shi happens to be a herm -_- right the description.
Dizzer 2 years ago 0
...... sorry doesnt do it for me but I well take your word lol still A nice work tho great job