29 Jul 2011

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Posted 29 Jul 2011 08:33
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And he lay down ever so calm and dear And smiled to me as I came near He held my hand so soft even as I wept and drifted off as if to have slept You'll wake up come morning I know you will Because without you what heart do I have to fill?

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Neuronmini 2 years ago 0
I find it neat you are sticking with this style, do you post on FA?
call_me_doc 2 years ago 0
indeed so I do. <:3 I hold connections in many online sites.

If interested, feel free to take this link to my FA

Once more, thank you kindly for the comments~ ^-^
Neuronmini 2 years ago 0
I am on FA and you got yourself a fan on there brotha :3
call_me_doc 2 years ago 0
//>o/ thankyou!
Neuronmini 2 years ago 0
No problem i shall cheer lead you on FA :3