07 Aug 2011

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Posted 07 Aug 2011 14:34
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A Fox Amongst Wolves Part 1

#1 of A Fox Amongst Wolves

 This is my first story so be honest, and tell me how I can inprove and if there are any errors.


As I sit here in the dark forsaken basement with cold steel attached to my wrist and ankles to make sure I couldn't escape I sit and wonder to myself how I got where I am now. My name is Dereck. I'm an average fox. My fur was short with the usual coloring, red body with white belly, inner thighs, and tail tip  With black gloved hands and feet. I always thought of myself as boring since I looked like any other fox, but that all changed a few months ago when I met Him. I guess I should start from the begining. Not like I have anything better to do down here.


The music of the club was loud and intense, always changing to a different beat every few minutes. The Tail was the loudest and largest gay Bar in town and was filled every night. I sat at the bar watching from the distance as all the other furs danced and had the time of their life. This was my normal Saturday night. I would come here sit and hope to find someone nice. It never happened because everyone here always had one thing in mind. They would do their best to try to seduce me into coming into a backroom with them going as far as to almost drag me there. Luckily my small size of 5' 5 would help me slip away. I was done for the night after having been hit on by seven or so guys. Having gotten off the bar stool and walked to the exit. I was about ten feet from where I started when I felt a paw land on my shoulder and a smooth voice say "Where you going foxy? You wouldn't want to leave without at least talking to me?"

"I'm going back home so if your even thinking I'll do anything with you you're... "I stopped dead when I turned around. He was easily the biggest wolf I'd ever seen, standing about maybe a foot over me. His fur was dark gray with white blotches all over his body. When I looked into his eyes I saw was an almost feral need to mate.

   "AWW. Do you really have to go? Maybe you could stay a little longer" I started to back away at that point only to hit something hard. I turned around to see another wolf, almost as tall as the first. He had glossy black fur that almost hid him completely I again decided to look into wolfs eyes and I saw the same lust as I did in the first only this time it seemed stronger. The black wolf put both his paws on my shoulders holding me in place as the gray wolf began to speak again.

"I'm sure my friend David here could convince you to stay awhile longer. Can't you David?" I felt David's chest against my back and then a deep rumble. "I think I can." Said David "I can be very convincing." I was getting scared now. The smell of their musk was driving me up a wall, but I didn't want to stay and see what would happen if I stayed there. I ran a few feet away from the two wolfs, hoping to get away from them and loose them in the crowd. My plan didn't work as I ran into another wolf who instantly wrapped his arms around me. As I struggled against the new comer I heard his voice as he said "Come on foxy. Why don't you show us a good time. Then you can worry about getting home" as he finished his sentence I felt another body push against my back. I heard another new voice say "I'm sure you want to show us a good time. That is what foxes were made for. They were made to give us bigger, stronger wolves a fun time right".

I looked up at the two new comers and was shocked when I saw the same face on both of them. They both had chocolate brown fur with a white patch over one eye, the one holding me on his right eye the one behind me on his left.

"Please just let me go" I said as I began to struggle. I then realized that all four of the wolves had surrounded me. They were a pack and they had just caught their newest prey." I don't know foxy; we've seen you here for some time now. Sitting on that stool so lonely, turning down anyone who wants to give you a wild ride." Said the gray wolf, clearly the alpha of the pack. He bent down to give my neck a quick nip which made me yelp.

"Why is that foxy? Why do you turn everyone down? Did you know we were watching and saved yourself for us? How sweet of you." I began a violent struggle again. Doing anything I could to get away. My struggles ceased when I felt Fangs against my neck.

"Pl-pl-please j-j-j just let me go. I'm still a virgin. Please I just want to go home" I said weakly as I started to cry. I closed my eyes and began to sob. I knew no matter how many times I begged they wouldn't let me get away. Once wolves saw what they wanted they went for it with full intentions on getting it. Rather whatever IT was wanted to go along or not. My only chance was to get the alpha to tell his pack mates to let me go, but since he was the one who started the chase I doubt he would. Thats when I heard his voice for the first time. It was scary but only because it was full of Anger.

"What the hell are you doing to the little guy Mason?" I looked up along with all of the other wolves. We all stood staring at a tall white wolf. Even through his shirt I could see his muscles move. They moved with such a fluent motion that even though it was several small different movements to me it seemed like one. The gray wolf, apparently the one named Mason spoke again, "We were just about to take our new friend here for some fun in one of the private rooms." " Oh really, then why is Jason holding him still and his face look like he's been crying enough to fill a water park. I told you Mason if you're going to get any action then it's with a willing partner. Do you understand me?"

Mason mumbled something but I couldn't understand it at all, and neither could the white wolf either for he said "What was that Mason, I can't hear you." "I said Ok. Sheesh can't have any fun around here. Come on guys." Mason motioned for the other three to follow. Jason let me go and I hit the floor hard.

"Oh no you don't, before you get anything tonight I want you to show me who and I want to hear from them that they are willing got it Mason. You may be the packs Beta but that doesn't mean you can do you want after I said otherwise." I looked up in shock at the white wolfs statement. So he was really the alpha of this pack.

Mason just gave a grunt of acknowledgment and left. The white wolf walked over to me and helpped me up "Hey little guy you going to be ok." He said is the most caring voice I've heard in a long time. When I was on my own two feet I said "yea I'll be fine. I'm just got a little scared there. Thanks for helping me" I looked up and saw his piercing green eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of green I'd ever seen. They were a dark emerald. I could have melted into those eyes if it weren't for him saying "Well look why don't I get you a drink. It's the least I could do to make up for my packs behavior my names Alec by the way what's yours." I nodded blankly to answer his question and said "My name's Dereck"

We walked back to the bar and he ordered two drinks. We sat for what seemed like hours talking to each other. He was mainly apologizing for Mason's behavior. I learned that the two brown wolves were named Jack and Jason (Jack having the white on his left eye Jason with his right), and that David, the black wolf, was their current omega. After some time I started to feel drowsy but I didn't say anything because I wanted to continue talking to Alec and I haven't even gotten his number so I did my best to stay awake. My attempt was pathetic at best as I fell asleep right there as my mind began to fade I heard Alec say" There, there my beautiful fox just sleep and let me take care of the rest" I wonder what he meant but it didn't last long as I felt his arm wrap around me and drew me into his chest while his other hand started to gently pat my head.

Alec looked down at the cute little fox as he started to fall asleep. He was glad to see the little extra ingredient he added to Dereck's drink took full affect. He slowly got up and picked up Dereck's limp body and threw it over his shoulder. He had been eyeing him for a long time now and he knew he would get the fox. After all that's how wolves worked. When they saw something they wanted they went for it with full intentions on getting it. Rather whatever it was wanted it or not

AmberWolf 2 years ago 0
Good job, its an interesting story so far ^^
My only friendly suggestion is to clean up spelling and grammar, it makes a story seem messy and rushed even though i can tell you tried hard on this. I'll be looking out for the next one :3
Dfox789 2 years ago 0
Yea spelling and grammer wernt always my strong point. I ran it through a checker in my micrsoft word and it came out ok so i figurred it was. i plan on having part 2 up soon. it helps since this story has been on my mind for some time now I just need to fix a couple of things so it makes sense
FroYote 2 years ago 0
This is going to be a fun series for sure.
Like Amber said, clean up your spelling a little its nothing more than minding your 'p's and 'q's but other than that nice job. ;)
Dfox789 2 years ago 0
Thanks this series will be great. It helps since i'v had this story on my mind for about a month now. I just need to work on deatails about the events and charcters, and tweak a few things so they make sense.
FroYote 2 years ago 0
well you're off to a decent start then. :3 also, Microsoft's Spell Checker is ok but it fails because you can post one word that spells ok but you meant something else. Trust me, I'm not good on spelling either. XD
Dfox789 2 years ago 0
Honestly my biggest cocerns are the later yiff scenes since I'd be going off what i'v read in other stories and what i need to do to make the events flow from story from story
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
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Dfox789 2 years ago 0
Has anyone told you that you could be the next Billy Mays
Sifter 2 years ago 0
Really. You going to advertise darkmoon. Show some respect, Dfox is, so far, an excellent author. Im not even sure why some troll is making me angry, but you managed to pull that off wolf. Show some class, if you wana advertise click that add that tells you to in the top right hand corner.

Sorry about my little rant fox, excellent story by the way. Cant wait to
see it progress. You had a nice orriginal twist right there. Haha, I love a good hipocrite. I think this story is in fact deserving of a watch, fav, and 5 star. Keep em coming. I want MOAR!!!!
bahamut6sic6 2 years ago 0
I did not see that coming! Fav+
Dfox789 2 years ago 0
If you thaught that was a twist wait till you see what else I have planned for this story
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
will it help you or not and hi hi hi funny i give chapter1 a 98/100 loved it
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
and i tell all my friands that hive stories and need help and hive no time to do them of the dragon software .
Dcmsmax 2 years ago 0
Definitely an interesting read 8D

Like everyone before me, spelling and grammar =p But it's really not as bad as I've seen some other stories posted. It's not enough to pull me completely out of the story, but it does slightly interrupt the flow of it.
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
So twisted He gives. The poor foxy the idea that he's some gallent white knight, when he's really just the instigator of the whole thing just to get his quary right where he wanted him. It's quite despicable of him really, but it's sure to make for a most interesting read.

I'll be heading off to chapter two now. Oh but before I go. What they said on the spelling and stuff. (and between you and me I've got the exact same problem.) But that's what editors are for.


Fruanc J.H.