10 Aug 2011

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Posted 10 Aug 2011 07:46
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Razen Hashikado

This pencil drawing is a birthday present to my friend Lari!

The picture shows his character "Razen Hashikado", a blue-skinned anthro dragon warrior.
It was the FIRST time for me to draw a picture with coloured pencils (and acrylics) on a black canvas paper... and I LOVE the result!

Happy birthday, buddy! hugs

Media Used:
Colour pencils, acrylics

Working Time:
9 hours

Character © RazenHashikado
Art by Patrick Reichel aka ReptileCynrik

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Baelfor 2 years ago 0
this is madness dude

first time and have such a result...i have no words

the word masterpiece should explain everything
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thanks very much! ^^ But... "Madness...? THIS IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Astral The Dragon 2 years ago 0
Wait? Pencil art? ...How could...

ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
It really IS! ^^ Coloured pencils on black paper, yepp. ;-)
Astral The Dragon 2 years ago 0
I... Am speechless. Damn... Pencil art... Wow.
nik2525 2 years ago 0
amizing! i cant belive that is on pencil!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Well, I'm known for my traditional art, anyway. ^^ It's where I came from, so to speak.
Potter 2 years ago 0
Can't watch it too long, i have a fear that hes gonna start to move
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
I missed this?! How could I?

I like it! It nice and pleasing to the eye. The lines flow, like water, in and out and around--swirling, smooth. And the soft blue color...
It's almost counterintuitive to what one would expect a warrior's face to be representative of. There's no scars, it's not a tired, worn face, and there's no rough, jagged edges or falibilties that come with so many years of battle.

ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
And once again, you excel with a large and sweet comment! ^__^
Hehe, glad you like it. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!