12 Aug 2011

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Posted 12 Aug 2011 18:15
Last edited 12 Aug 2011 18:15
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Ozone 2 years ago 0
I'd buy it. =D
Vitani 2 years ago 0
You'd just make her day! She dreams of being a famous dog-artist!
Flite 2 years ago 0
so cute and adorable! (:
Arkona Kothe 2 years ago 0
so cute!
The Puffster 2 years ago 0
NicodemusMountainWulf 2 years ago 0
So cute.
Lwolfeh 2 years ago 0
Been so long since i saw your art X3 if i remember she's called vitani too? So adorable, 5/5 and a fave for sure! ^.^
Vitani 2 years ago 0
This is my fursona, named Crimes! On every other site I go on, I go by Crimes or a variant like CrimesHazard/Hazardhound. I joined this site before I was a real 'furry' and made a fursona. I just chose my favorite animal character for the username (:
I love the color choice :)
Nice work :)
Very amazing )