15 Aug 2011

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Posted 15 Aug 2011 05:23
Last edited 15 Aug 2011 05:24
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Your Choking Me! Can't...Breathe...

Lineart is made by dingbat. Coloring and Shading made by tobifur on FA. Damn that Chewy, that sneaky son of a matter how strong I am, I can never shake that damn guy off. And what's worst is that he has his grip around my neck so much that I can't even breathe. *tries to throw him off to speak more but can't and struggles to breathe* Jason Werefox is me. Chewy belongs to xchewyx on FA.

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I so want to be the fox underneath :)
I love it :)
¿Can he mate with me next?
Good drawing :)
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
I don't think they're mating... although I could be wrong. :3
Oh and very funny pic. I like Jason's comic face expression.
Well it sure looks like they are almost in the right position :)
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Yeah... instead of doggy style they would have to call it a 'foxy style'. Hur hur. :3
even better :)
Jett_Alt 2 years ago 0
It looks a lot more expressive with the colours because the fur colours on Chewy make him look more 'Badass' while the colours on you make me think "I'm just a werefox, let me go!", although I remind myself afterwards that 'just' and 'werefox' don't go well together because 'just' signifies an inferior lifeform which werefoxes certainly have none of. :P Really great artwork, though, absolutely spectacular and cute, although if your face starts turning blue, I may have to step in! :o
invisibleBear 2 years ago 0
*tickles Chewy* "Run Jason, run"