16 Aug 2011

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Posted 16 Aug 2011 00:20
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tigers on the brain

#1 of tigers on the brain

   This is my first story so sorry for any mistakes and stuff. If you dont like gay stories i wouldn't read this if i were you. This story will be view in both of the main characters.




   Well it was a normal boring monday day at school. Stupid people talking about their stupid weekend and how much stupid fun they had. Sorry for the attitude but i woke up on the wrong side of the bed literally, i woke up upside down on the side of my bed. I hate that I move in my sleep. i even sleep walk, but that's story for another time. For now lets get back on track. First a proper introduction. My name is Gale Hart and I am a 5'11 white tiger. I have a slim builed, black hair with a white streak on the right side of my face. My hair usually covers my eyes but when it doesn't i have green eyes which changes shades with what I wear. What else umm...I'm hispanic D.R rules. I have a photographic memory i remember every past experiance its a gift and a curse. And last but not least I'm bi. Enough about me the school bully or should i say my personal bully is heading towards me and i don't like that death stare he's giving me.

   "hey fag what'cha doing in my spot" said Drago

   oh forgot something I'm openly bi

   "who said this is your spot I was sitting here since freshmen year. You can't just make me leave just because I'm sitting here. You just love to make my life worse don't you."

   "that maybe true but who gives a dam for a fag like you besides my new play bitch wanted to see me here, so beat it before i beat you." he repied

   "you do remember what happen last time we fought correct, i was the one who was doing the beating."

   "you just got luck thats all."

   "what ever have but you may not want to talk to your girlfriend here she might go running of ."

   "yeah thats right get the hell out of here"

   well I wasn't going to let that slide, when I rounded the tree i made sure he didnt see me climb the tree. when i got up there i made sure that he didn't here me and waited for him and his girlfriend to be together. that didn't long. before i knew it she was sitting with him right underme with his girlfriend. as they were talking i slip out my tape recorder (i have because of a problem i had when i was little and now i carry this thing with me every where i go) i tied it to a loose string i had. when i had that done i pressed play and let the recorder slide down my paw.

   "besides my new play bitch wanted to see me here"

   the best part about this littleprank was that they were about to kiss and before that happend the female cheeta kneed him right in the balls it was helarious. before he notice i brought up my recorder, jumped down and ran off, he was too occupied with the resent pain.

   i felt kinda of bad doing this to him, i kinda have a crush on him. drago is a 6'10 black dragon with two spikes not horns coming out of his head. and three smaller spikes going down the side of his face. he's well build, he once had his shirt of last summer vacation. omg he had the hardest looking abs any i ever saw but lets get back to the story.

   well after lunch and the last 4 periods one of my fellow class mates came up  to me at my locker.

   "yo you alright, i heard dat drago is going on a rampage after something you did to him."

   "really what did he say"

"i think his exact words were, ima kill that little fag and rip his little cock out for and feed it to him,"

   "holy shit, im going to have fun now"

   "yeah watever jus make sure u make it out alright i still need a totur, ight"

   "ight see ya"

   another thing, i'm a totur at flora high. out of all the pranks that i did to drago, i think this is the one that pulls him over the edge. just hope i don't hurt him to bad.....

   to be continue.......

   sorry for any mistakes, and i might continue this story if you furs like it so plz leave comments thnkx

Lilsprout 2 years ago 0
Continue. It was a good start and I want to see more. So advice, always remember periods at the end of sentences. I like how this story started, but I hope the next chapter is a little longer. :) 4/5 and a watch
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
thnkx, that means a lot and yeah i just wanted to see if it was good or not im working on the next chapter
Sir Kiba 2 years ago 0
To help you Totur is actually Tutor.
But the story has caught my attention to carry on
bolt superdog 2 years ago 0
best prank ever