16 Aug 2011

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Posted 16 Aug 2011 05:46
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tigers on the brain part 2

#3 of tigers on the brain

I was about to go through the door just when

   "will Gale Hart please come to the main office"

   Damm, just by that much. Well after a 1min or 2 I made it to the office and Mary(the principle assissitent) told me that principle beu was looking for me. As I entered he noticed me and gestured with his hand to sit on the empty seat.

   "ahh, mr.Hart just the feline I needed" said the over wieght bovine

   "is there something you need principle beu"

   "why yes, there is a student here who desperatly need help boosting up his grade and I would very much like it if you were to totur him. He is sort of a bad egg would you mind toturing him. He would be here in a moment."

   Because of my helping nature a replied before even considering who this person might be

   "sure, who is he"

   Before I could get a response, the door  flew open with a heavy kick and in came the last person I wanted to see. As much as I can kick his ass, I really don't want to fight someone out of defence.

   "the fuck you want, billy" growled drago

   "how many times do I have to say this mr.Sol, do not adress faculty by their first names and to watch your mouth."replied princile  beu

   "the hell I care, what do you want from me and why the hell is HE here" drago growled putting more empthathisis on the he.

   "well mr.Sol, you've been doing so terrible in your classes I have decided to ask gale here to totur you"

   "I am not going to go and spend time with a fag like him, the hell with this im leaving"

   "oh no your not, your parents said that im am your leagal gaurdian when ever they are away and I say you need a totur. Besides I have already talk to your parents about this and both of them agreed to this."

   Just to let you in, drago is really really really really rich. Both his parents own a couple of thriving businesses, so they are bearly ever home. The only thing that surpised me was that principle beu was his gaurdian while they were away.

   "so tomarrow after school you are to head over to gales house and he will help you." Said principle beu

   Like hell that's gonna happen. Im not letting this maniac in my house.

   "excuse me sir but my house is currently being fumagated, so how about drago's house instead."

  "oh that would be okay as well"

   "hell no, I'm not letting a fag in my house why not the library or something." Replied drago

   "do you remember you are band from the public library for that party you tried to do in there. Besides im only going to be there for an hour so deal with it." I said

   That was it, after that last response drago just got up and left with out a word.

   "I will talk to him later, for know you can meet with him tomarrow after school at his car, I'll see to it that he goes through with it understand."

   "yes sir and have a nice day"

   And with that I got up and left. To tell you the truth I'm both excited and curious to see what will happen next. The only reason I'm not afriad of drago is because I'm the champion of this years world martial arts tournamnet that was held in japan. I'll tell you know eating noodles in japan was the better then any other noodles I've eaten.  I just hope that saying curiousity kills the cat doesn't apply to tigers.

Hidden Username 2 years ago 0
That grammar/spelling is REALLY bad.
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
i know i didn't spell check, i dont like spell checking
Sir Kiba 2 years ago 0
Spell check is your friend D=
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
i let my computer do that, but i guess even computer makes mistakes
Zeke De Drake 2 years ago 0
who gives a shit bout spelling errors, anyway 5/5 :P