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Redemption (Chapter Five)

#5 of Redemption


                                    Chapter Five

After the fiasco with the last two chapters I've been doing some thinking. I'm not ending the series, but I want to make them better. The last two got such bad receptions I felt like I disappointed everyone who wanted to read it. I was confident, and when I get confident I get stupid. So I can't afford to be confident. Sorry for it taking so long, but the whole fiasco deal, and I've been very.... busy.

I open my eyes slowly looking around the room. As much as I want to believe I am back in the store, in the small broom closet that served as my home, I was here in the hospital. Looking to my right I silently watch as the sun made its way over Mount Coronet illuminating the broad snow capped forest below. It was such a beautiful sight when I woke early sometimes and step outside to watch.

But now here I was stranded in the hospital recovering from my injuries. How long has it been? A week, or has it been two weeks? I still remember that day. I don't want to remember but every night I would try to stay awake. When sleep finally manages to overpower me that memory would replay itself over and over.

I could feel the irritating itch of the foul smelling burlap sack over my head, the feel of sweat running down my face. The strong grasp of their hands on my arms. My body aching from the repeating blows. Every time I would tell myself it wasn't happening it was a dream, just a bad dream but it felt so real. Then came the familiar feeling of the cold glass counter, and their grips tightening. It seems like forever, then the feeling of the head of the sledge hammer striking my valuable limb.

Every time I would awake screaming, sweat running down my face. Every time Nurse Joy would come in wearing her night dress trying to calm me down. She would sit down next to me telling me it was alright and I was safe. After a few minutes I would calm down and apologize. She would always say it was okay and wrap her arm around me saying words of comfort. We would sit there for hours. The light from the hallway illuminating part of the bed and us. Finally the familiar annoying sound of her bedside alarm would fill the hospital and she would ask if I wanted something to drink. I would nod and she would leave. After a few minutes, the familiar smell of ground coffee beans and the sound of brewing. A few minutes later she would come in offering me a cup of water. I would take it and set it on the bed side table and she would leave. A few days ago the nightmare stopped and for the first time since that day I managed to get a somewhat restful sleep.

Hoss came in a week ago and said that since I couldn't work anymore he couldn't keep me hired. Same old Hoss, he was forward with it and thankfully didn't sugar coat it. I understand though, with that new department store being built on the other side of town he didn't need accidents from a one armed clerk. It was how ever disappointing. I lived there for three years, it's the only home I had. All I've ever know since I found myself here.

I clench my left hand and sigh. If I ever get my hand on those people responsible for this.....

"Good morning JD."

Blinking I look over to the right. Nurse Joy smiles and walks into the room to my bed and stops. I faintly smile and nod.

"Thanks, you too."

I turn looking back at the window.

"Another beautiful morning isn't it."

"Yes it is. I have some news for you."

I turn looking at her. She had news for me?

"What news?"

"Well I have monitored your recovery. Your physical condition is fine so we don't have to worry about it," she stops and sighs.

My arm was okay, that was good to hear but why did she stop and sigh?

"What is it?"

"Your mental condition... I'll have to keep you until your mentally stable again."

"I'm not mentally stable?"

"It's nothing personal but people who suffer through this take time to mentally recover. A few weeks to perhaps a few years to fully recover. That and the risk of something happening if something set you off."

Set me off? What is she talking about, what in the world would cause me to go off? I place my left hand on the bed and sit up.

"What are you talking about? Set me off?"

"There are some sorts of triggers that can cause you to have a relapse. You'll remember what happened and might do some things. Other than that it's just a precaution."

"A precaution? Look at me what the hell can I do with one arm?"

She sighs and sits down on the bed.

"Listen JD, I understand," she stops then looks at the hallway, "My dad was like you. All he did was work and it cost him a limb. He was working with some heavy machinery and he made a mistake and it cost him his arm. Ever since he wasn't the same. He missed work and would find things to occupy his time. But some good did come out of it."

"Like what?"

"I got to know my father. Ever since the accident he spent more time with us, and I got to know more about him. He turned out to have some hidden talent."

Hidden talent?

"What kind?"

She looks at me smiling.

"He was quite the good with Pokemon," she laughs a little and smiles, "I remember he would use his prosthetic limb for their training."

"A prosthetic limb?"

Looking at me she smiles, "It's a fake arm or leg. It's an arm that is completely useless other than a comfort for the person." (NOTE: not always, most prosthetics nowadays can grip/hold things, and can be used in the same way a hand can, it just takes extra effort) A fake arm, but completely useless.

"Is it possible for me to get one?"

"If your insurance pays for it."

I look at her. Insurance? What's insurance? She cocks an eyebrow, "You do have insurance right?"

I move a little to the other side of the bed, "I...uh..."

Shit, I don't think I have insurance and she knows, what am I going to do.

"Excuse me, but are you talking about prosthetic limbs?"

I look up over Nurse Joys shoulder. In the door way stood a tall white man in an even whiter lab coat, he had shoulder length brown hair and a pair of glasses showing from the coats chest pocket. Next to him stood a tall, slender woman with red lips and long curly bleach blonde hair, wearing a red dress that stopped at her knees. In her arms she held a small Eevee with a collar embedded with several glimmering jewels.

I look over at Nurse Joy. She stands up, readjusting her hat and dress, "I don't mean to be rude but who are you?"

I watch as the man walks into the room, stopping a few feet from Nurse Joy and bows, "Please excuse my lack of manners. My name is Imrand Ikaive, a cybernetic researcher," he motions to the women with the Eevee, "And this is my lovely wife Sophia, and our Eevee, Rose."

The women walks in, stroking the Eevee's fur. Something about the Eevee seems off. Squinting, I look closely at the tiny Pokemon. Light brown fur, small body, looks likes it wants to play, emerald green eyes.




Green eyes?

I look at the man, Imrand, "Excuse me, but does that Eevee have green eyes?"

Imrand, Sophia, and Nurse Joy look at me. Nurse Joy looks back at the couple direction. Sophia smiles and nods, "Yes she does. She's quite rare."

She places a hand on the tiny Pokemon's head and the Eevee tilts its head back, I hear a slight purr.

"Rose is from a rare lineage of Pokemon that possess rare abnormalities. Different fur colorations, rare eye colors, and others such characteristics."

I watch as Nurse Joy approaches Sophia and the Eevee and looks at it.

"I've never seen a Pokemon with such unusual characteristics. I'm familiar with delta types, and albino, but I have never seen a Eevee with green eyes. A lineage of rare Pokemon you say?"

Imrand nods smiling.

"That's correct, these pokemon are quite different from shiny pokemon, Delta types as you said. Both of Roses parents possess different colorations then their normal counterparts. They are quite rare and only one of every species has been recorded."

I look over at the little Eevee, then back at Imrand. This was actually fascinating, a rare type of Pokemon other then shinies. I've seen a shiny Zubat once before, when it and others inhabited the stores attic. It was green unlike the other blue colored Zubat. I look up at Imrand.

"So why are they different, other than the fur and eye colors?"

He looks over at me.

"I believe they are a somewhat successful attempt at reproducing shiny pokemon. A shiny, and a regular attempting to create a shiny offspring. Well that's what I believe, my colleagues believe the opposite. They believe they are the failed result of a shiny and normal pokemons union."

I look at him, then at the little Eevee. It was looking at me, a wide grin on its kinda cute face. I look over back at Imrand, wait.... didn't he say he was a researcher?

"Mr. Imrand, didn't you say you were a researcher?"

He looks over and me and nods, "Yes, as a matter of fact I'm a cybernetic researcher." I look at him. A cyberwhat? He shakes his head and looks down."A cybernetic researcher, I explore the world of machines, and try to see how they can help humanity and pokemon."


He looks up at me again, "Anyway, a few weeks back my wife was doing some shopping here in Snowpoint when the store was robbed, and she was taken captive along with everyone else." I look at Sophia. A jewerly store robbery... "She and the rest watched as they robbed the story, then one of them came in with a man with a bag on his head." He looks over at me. "This man was severely beaten when he risked his life the stop them from harming my wife, I wanted to find this man and thank him. Until recently I've had no luck in finding him, then I learned that he was in the Snowpoint Pokemon Center recovering from the ordeal. I believe that man to be you."

Everyone looks at him, then at me. He's been looking for me since the robbery, to thank me? He must be very good at detective work.

I lay back and place my right arm on top of the bed sheet, "I see. And you believe I'm that man?"

He nods, "Yes, you're the only one that fits the criteria of what my wife described when she got a good look at him. She's very good in describing people. Tall, medium light built, a black T-shirt, with blue wrangler pants. A slight barely noticeable limp in his walk suggesting he was in a accident. His arms big enough to carry a heavy object, and not notice its weight. Selfless, and willing to take any punishment then see others hurt."

I look at him, then at Sophia. That was quite impressive. Not only describing my looks, but the way I think, "Okay, but if I was this man you speak of, how am I to know you're not working with the people who put me in here in the first place?"

He raises an eyebrow, "Well then I cannot prove I am or am not working with them. Seeing how we just met, I could be a grateful person who's willing to help you in your condition, or I could be one of the people responsible for taking your arm."

I stare at him, and then advert my gaze to Sophia. They could be with those robbers, then again they could be honest people. I look down at the little green eyed Eevee. It smiles and looks at me, it seemed to like these people. The way it's being held shows that Sophia cares deeply for it, the happy smile on its face, the collar. No evil person would give an expensive looking piece of jewelry to a little pokemon.

I look at Imrand and Sophia, "Ok. I can see your good people." I reach out offering my left hand. Imrand grabs my hand and shakes it.

"I'm glad you see that Mr."


He raises an eyebrow and looks at me, "JD?"

I nod, "John Doe, but everyone calls me JD."

He nods and releases my hand, "Well then it's a pleasure to meet you mister JD. So your..."

I nod, "Yes, I'm the one who got injured in the robbery."

He nods, and Sophia walks over smiling at me, "Thank you mister JD. I can't ever repay you for what you did, I sorry you lost your arm for saving me."

I shake my head, "Please, I wouldn't stand there and let them harm a woman, or anyone. Besides I'll get them back one day."

They laugh and smile. Sophia nudges Imrand and he looks at me, "Anyway, I wanted to thank you for saving my wife, but we lost our money to the robbers....but I know of a way to help you." I raise my eyebrow and look at him. What can he do to help me? "Me and my colleges are working on a cybernetic arm, fully operational. But it hasn't been tested in the field yet. I was wondering if...."

I look at him. A cybernetic arm? Operational, but never tested.....

"It would be a huge step in medical technology if we got it working, but we need someone to test it on, and with your condition we-"

"I'll do it." Both of them look at me. I look back at them, "I said I'll do it."

Imrand smiles, clapping his hands together, "Wonderful, at last we can test the arm. I can't wait to info-"

"Now wait one minute!"

I turn and look over at Nurse Joy who had her arms crossed in front of her, the friendly smile she usually wears replaced with a dark scowl. Damn, I forgot she was standing there the whole time. She walks in between me and Imrand.

"I'm in charge of this Pokemon Center, and its occupants. Nothing happens without my consent or approval," she turns and looks at me, a huge fire raging in her eyes, "Plus I told you, you are mentally unstable. You can't even get through a single night without a nightmare."

I move back into the bed, further away from her. In three years of knowing her, I've never seen her this upset.

"I'm really sorry Nurse Joy, I didn't know he was mentally unstable. Hm.... that's a problem..." I look at Imrand. WHAT? He couldn't be serious.

"Hold on a second," I look over at Nurse Joy, "Listen, I sorry. I forgot but I want to go back to work. I can't stand being here and do nothing. I want to work again, do what I know to do." I look at her then gulp. Damn it, I don't want to but.... "Nurse Joy please let me get this, I can't stand being in this hospital for much longer doing nothing but lying here all day."

All three of them look at me. The little Eevee in Sophia's arms lying in her arms, looking innocently at us.

Nurse Joy looks at me, after what felt like an eternity, she sighs and readjusts her hat and apron, "I must say JD. I never would have thought you'd be a person to swallow your pride and ask for something." I bite my lip as I look at her. "I have an idea."

She looks at Imrand, then at me, "If you can prove your stable enough for this treatment, then I'll approve it. But only until I'm certain you're stable and if Mr. Imrand approves it."

I look at her, she seems dead serious about this. God I hope I can pass this, I don't want to be stuck here for the rest of my life. I then look over at Imrand who had his hand to his chin. After a few moments he looks at me then over to Nurse Joy.

"Well I can inform my colleagues and we'll discuss it. When we get to an agreement we will let you know. I do hope this works Mr. Doe, erm I mean JD. Good bye JD, and Nurse Joy," he says.

Sophia nods, "Good bye JD, and thank you. Good bye Nurse Joy, say bye Rose."

The little Eevee lets out a small cute, "Vee." I smile and nod. They turn around and walk out the door and leave. After a few moments I feel the bed shift and see Nurse Joy sitting on the bed, her head tilted down. I stare at her for what seems like an eternity; finally, she looks at me and smiles.

"I say that went pretty well JD."

I slowly nod and lay back in to the bed, "It did, other than a few parts. long till I can get that arm?" I look down at her as she sighs and looks at me.

"I said until we can confirm you're mentally stable, something is bound to give you a relapse of what happened. I want to know what it is and how we can avoid it. We'll do some tests for a few weeks and see." My eyes widen and I sit up in the bed. What did she say?!

"A few weeks?! I can't wait that long. I want my job back, I want my life back, I can't stay in here for that long!"

She stands up and pushes me back down onto the bed, "It's just some testing, don't worry about it. In no time, we'll have it done and you can go back to being a store clerk again."

Sighing I nod and relax, laying my arm over my mid section, "Okay. I just really want things to back to normal, I hate it when things change.."

Suddenly I feel something touch my cheek, looking up I see her smile, but something was different. It wasn't the same friendly Nurse Joy smile she always gave, this one was different somehow.

"Don't worry JD, sometimes things change for the better. Just remember the story about my dad. Now get some rest," she smiles again and turns around and walks towards the door, stopping in the doorway she looks back and flips the switch on the wall and the lights go out. She then walks out of the room, leaving me alone.

I watch the doorway for a long time, after what seem like an eternity I lie back and close my eyes.

If I was mentally stable then I can go back to my life............My life.

I roll over and sigh.

What was my life before this? Who was I, what did I do for a living, and that voice. Who was she, and why did I let her go? And why haven't I been having those dreams?

My eyes start to grow heavy and I rest my head on the pillow.

Nothing I can do now, I guess I'll just sleep.


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First! Also, welcome back. Certain people have been looking for you. Notice the 10+ messages a certain person and myself sent...
Kyler The Umbreon 2 years ago 0
Ya, I've been back. You must be refering to the 2 week missing period. My mate was SO upset during that. 20 PM's, 90% hers. You sent a message? I don't think I got one from you.
ShadyDANIEL 2 years ago 0
Check again. We had a "Discussion" about you...
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Well, good to see you again lad.
I look forward to more chapters.
Also, what does this arm contain?
Any secret ultimate gadgets that can blast
an entire building up?
Kyler The Umbreon 2 years ago 0
I must of misses this at some point, sorry about that.

No, not really. It's basically a metal arm with wires and stuff. Nothing fancy.
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I cant wait for the next part, Im really loving your stories
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well with this one i have to say i can't wait for the next chapter.
for something born from a dream and the last chapters rather... amusing turn and then this i'm impressed pleased and amused
you have two story series i look forward to their continueation. :)
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I read your profile page, and you think that this is a failure????

THIS..... *ahem*..... this is one of, if not THE, best first-person stories I have read. This includes here on SoFurry, and books written by professional authors who write this sort of thing for a living.

So, even if it takes you months at a time, please do not abandon this or your other story. please?