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Whyte Yoté

Hello everyone!

In this issue of Yiffstar's Artist Spotlight, we will be taking a closer look on Whyte Yoté, one of Yiffstar's high-profile writers and author of gems such as "Horsepower". So without further ado, let's start the interrogation!

What is your name?

My furry name is Whyte Yoté, but I have a character that represents myself in the world. His name is Hector LaTrans. Not really that imaginative, but there is a complicated story behind it.

Please do tell!

I'll give it my best shot. Isn't it odd that for all the stories I've written for other people, and about other characters, I've never approached the subject of my own creation? It is a story that I want to get right, and there's no doubt that it will be a long one, so I've never gotten around to it. Well, Whyte Yoté/Hector is an amalgamation of many things in my human life. I'm fluent in French, so I made him born in rural French Canada. He was born on October 4, 2001 because that is the day I officially came out to myself. His coyote part stems from the fact that I grew up in South Dakota, whose state animal is the coyote. I put a little wolf in there because I love wolves. I mean, who doesn't like a little wolf in them, huh? As for his body type and looks, he mirrors my human build and endowments. I just made up the coloration because I wanted to be original. For the story, this is what I've made up so far: the story opens on Hector's fourteenth birthday. The celebration is going as planned until some men storm into their little hut, scaring the bejeezus out of the little coyolf. Words are exchanged, and these funny-looking pale-skinned soldiers (Hector has never before seen a human) wearing clothes inject him with some substance to determine if he has any powers. All of this is very confusing and very frightening, but Hector's mother cowers powerless and Dad is out retrieving something or other. You see how skeletal this story is so far? Nothing happens after the injection, so the soldiers get mad and start to force Hector to mate with his mother. During this, Dad comes in and sees the horror, starts yelling, and quickly gets blown to pieces in a very graphically gory detailed paragraph. Hector's just in shock now, and, never having been sexual even with himself before, can't process the feelings from one of the soldiers preparing him for mounting. In a nutshell, Hector is forced to mount his own mother, and after the deed is done they try to kill him but somehow he gets away. His mother disappears. As the story goes along, somehow Hector finds out that he was part of an inbreeding experiment to extract a latent psychic powers gene from his species. He finds out that his mother IS his mother, but his "father" was really his brother, and he is the third generation of a forced incestuous family. As his journey goes along (here's where I have no idea where it goes), Hector finds his mother in a lab, meets friends, loses friends, and discovers his psychic abilities. He also is forced to adapt to the modern world of 2015, discovering things like cars and electricity with the innocent ignorance and fear of a caveman. At the crux of the story, he uses most of his powers to defeat the scientists/bosses/people responsible for this egregious bastardization of nature. Oh, yeah, Hector gets his mother pregnant and watches in secret at the lab as his son/brother is born, only to witness the murder of his mother seconds later. Drama abounding! Told you it was complicated.

What species is your fursona?

My species is a hybrid: 75% coyote, 25% wolf. I call it "coyolf." I know of only two other such hybrids in the fandom. It basically combines characteristics from two of my favorite canid species.

Male, female or hermaphrodite (it had to be asked)?

Male all the way.

How long have you considered yourself a furry?

I would put my entrance into the Furry fandom around 1995, when my parents bought our first computer and introduced me to the Internet. I subsequently introduced myself to pornography, cybersex and photo galleries. So that would be 12 years and counting, since I was 14. But the more I think about it, I was interested in furry things much, much earlier than that.

Given the way the media and politics react to the idea of minors on the internet, pornography, etc. - what are your thoughts on this? Control yes/no? Informational dictatorship? Cheesecake?

Based on what I've seen just from growing up and being a watcher in the world, if teenagers want porn, they're going to get it no matter how many walls are put in place. People argue that we are oversexing our teens with media imagery, movies and the like, but at the same time we can do real damage by protecting them too much. It is up to parents to educate their kids as to how the real world works with the right mix of "what you can do" and "what you should do." No matter how many V-chips, site blockers and techno-nannies there are, people will find loopholes. The point is to expose children to the right aspects of sexuality before they can delve into it themselves the wrong way. As for me looking at porn at 14? I had no problem with it. It enriched my adolescence to a degree I can't estimate, and it's formed a great part of my life for the last 12 years. It isn't looking at it, or pleasuring yourself to it that's wrong, it's the way you take that information in psychologically. If you can't separate fantasy from reality, you have a problem. That's what "To Catch a Predator" is for. You can let pornography influence you, just don't let it control you. But freedom of expression is still a much stronger force than informational dictatorship. Oh, yes, and I like cheesecake. Godiva swirl, anyone?

How did you first come across the furry fandom?

Said Internet let me to many interesting websites, where I discovered fetishes I never knew I had. I had a tendency to click my way into trouble, and one day I happened to stumble across the art of Tim O'Rourke. After coming across the website (both literally and figuratively, I'll be honest with you), I naturally went clicking around and found the VCL, which was my formal introduction to furry art. It was like something clicked inside of me, saying, "I had no idea there was so much to this!" And another furry was born.

You mentioned Tim O'Rourke... any personal favorite picture that "turned you"?

I do have a very strong memory, one I think I'll never forget. The picture is called, "Draft On Tap," with a ram giving a blowjob to a stallion. I remember printing out that picture (clandestinely), taking it into my room and doing you-know-what, just looking at it. The facial expressions, the anatomy, everything. Even though I've come across (there's that innuendo again) more talented artists since, I've never forgotten TOR and the first real furry images that gave birth to a side of me I never knew existed, but what dying to get out. And to think I'm not even into rams OR horses.

Incidentally, it was TOR's picture called "Ram" which turned me... but I agree, your favorite is very stimulating as well.

/></a><br /> <br /> <br /><br /><em>Do you own a fursuit?</em><br /><br />Not right now, but God willing I'll soon be able to save the money and commission one for myself.  There is a whole separate side to the fandom in fursuiting, and I'd like to explore that avenue.  It also has its fetish attraction, in a way.  But for me, most things have a fetish attraction.  <br /><br /><br /><em>Have you ever attended a furry convention?</em><br /><br />Anthrocon 2004 was my initiation.  After that I was hooked.  I've so far attended AC in '04 and '05, and Further Confusion in '06 and '07.  At the moment, flying to Pittsburgh is a bit expensive for me, but since I can drive only two hours to FC it's much easier.  When I go to a con, I usually plan to spend about $1200 above the room and food costs.  I appreciate furry art, and make sure to let my favorite artists know that.<br /><br /><br /><em>And of course, the unavoidable question...<br />If you were given the chance, would you want to become the physical embodiment of your fursona?</em><br /><br />Absolutely.  The reason we're all so caught up in pictures and stories is because we all have in common the desire to become something more than our earthly, human selves.  We aren't satisfied with things as they are, and that gives us the opportunity to fantasize about what it would be like to be the characters we dream about, carry a spiritual connection with, or just plain masturbate to.  There are myriad reasons, each different depending on the furry.  But most of us, I think, would at least like to try it on.<br /><br /><br /><em>...even if it were something other than a canine species?</em><br /><br />It wouldn't hold as much of a sexual power for me, but if I had the choice to turn it off I think I would.  It's a romanticized thing, the transformation or alter-ego.  But becoming something other than yourself has always, I think, been a favorite dream of mankind.  See a cheetah running through the savannah, oh, wouldn't it be cool to run that fast?  Wouldn't it be cool to breathe underwater?  To breathe fire?  To fly?  Or just be different?  Part of man's existence is his desire to either be more than what he is, or improve who he is.  It still doesn't change the fact that even if you could become the physical embodiment of your fursona, you would still have bills, a mortgage, a crummy job, not to mention watching what you eat.  The real world doesn't go away no matter what you look like, but at the end of the day at least you still have a knot. <br /><br /><br /><em>When did you first start writing?<br /></em><br />This one is hard to pin down.  I mean, I started writing when I learned way back in elementary school.  My first short story (four pages of handwritten scribbles about a haunted house) dates back to the age of seven, maybe?  My first true story, which was erotica, I wrote when I was 14.  I suppose I was looking for an outlet for my emergent pubescent sexuality.  It wasn't furry, but suffice it to say there were animals involved.  My mother subsequently found it on the computer (it auto-saved, dammit!) and we had a family

Do you ever create non-furry stories? Or is the fandom your only creative 'outlet?'

It comes down to a matter of priority and preference for me. I love writing furry stories because human emotions, while complicated, are so subtle that I find it difficult to describe something even as simple as a blush without seeming boring. For example, when a wolf blushes, his hackles may stand up on end, his ears go back and down, his tail lowers and his scent changes. For a human...they turn pink and look away. I mean, it's so much more visceral with furry characters, and I love to exploit everything I can about their advantages over us. Especially when describing erotic scenes, there is so much more to work with. It's like setting your computer from 16-bit color to millions. But, to actually answer the question, I could try my paw at it as a challenge.

What, if any, famous author do you consider the greatest influence on your writing?

I don't like questions like this, because it's not something I conform to. I consider myself a creature of experience, riding along my life as a passenger more than a driver. I don't play favorites with many things. My favorite author is Stephen King, and I do some Clive Cussler as well. I've read my fair share of classics, and I've also delved into the world of "Volle" and "Blue Forest." I take inspiration from all sources, and I do believe that while reading is critical to being a good author, lending your own style to your work is more important. If it sounds good to you, and you're happy with it, you can't go wrong. Everything I've ever read (even Automobile magazine and "The Eye of Argon") has influenced me in some way, whether I'd like it to or not. But, in the end, each story is a reflection of me and my experience.

And overall, what would you say is your favorite book or story series?

I think I pretty much answered this one with the previous question, don't you? Like what you like, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise! you've not been influenced by Frank Herbert? Come on, you can admit it! ;)

I actually had no idea who you were talking about until I plugged the name into Wikipedia. And then I almost gagged. With all due respect to Mr. Herbert, Dune has to be one of the most colluded, hard-to-follow and overhyped books I've ever had the displeasure of reading. Oh, yeah, a bunch of people wander the desert mining spice and run into some blue-eyed freaks. I don't see the big deal. Not only did I have to force myself through the overlong and soupy writing style, the plot held little to no interest for me. This is one of the books I try to repress when I'm writing. Thank you for making me have to remember. Now I get to see how many furries hate me now.

I'd rather say that tastes differ. But... soupy style? Gah! ;)

Anyway, would you ever consider doing commissions of stories for people within the fandom?

I already have, though I would consider most of it gift art. I see a character I'd like to write about, or a situation I'd like to put someone in, and with their permission, I go to town. With "Getting Off on the Right Foot," I was actually paid to write that one for a very good hyena friend of mine. But I didn't do it for the money; I wanted to write the story. But what ultimately makes me feel good is when somebody reads a story of mine and says, "OMG that was soooo good I came all over!" Because that is the purpose of many of my stories, having fulfilled that goal is success for me. *winks at Toumal* Intricate criticism works just as well, though.

Would you ever consider writing a book in the hopes of getting published?

I've actually already been approached to write a book, by Alex Vance of FANG! fame, for publication through Bad Dog Books. I've considered the idea multiple times, but admittedly, a fear of both commitment, failure and success have stymied my motivation. I like the short story because it fits my attention span, and I like to take snippets of life and tell them, then leave them alone after I've had my say. I do have a couple ideas for novels, and they have that 350-page potential, but I'm worried the editing process would dilute what I wanted to say in the first place. But I am confident that, at some point, I will get off my lazy phobic tail and write that novel...even if my parents can never read it. Bad Dog Books waits patiently for my eventual breakdown.

If yes, would it have to be a furry book, or would you go for a more 'mainstream' subject?

It would flow much more smoothly if it were my ideas only work in the anthropomorphic context. I want to contribute quality fiction to the fandom, and a well-written novel, with real characters and real drama and not just chapters of yiff, would add a positive spin to what is sometimes considered a cult of sexual deviants. I try to say there is more to us than that shallow perception. My expression is erotic, but even erotica, if done well, can change minds and hearts. That sounded philosophical enough, right?

Right. You wouldn't survive the pitchforks of Fox News for trying to warp our minds by telling us that porn is not evil, but I guess you tried. Then again, hardly anyone seems to complain when they see a "classic" piece of art depicting a swan having intercourse with a woman. Hmm. Maybe if you had swans in your story, your works would officially fall into the "art" category as well...

Maybe, just maybe, if you paid me, I could find a way to use an anthropomorphic swan in a story. The Ugly F*ckling, anyone? I don't do the "real" art scene as other people do. I can't stand and look at a canvas with a bunch of splotches on it and have someone tell me why I should like it when all I see is splotches. This is not to say that all splotches are created equal. Jackson Pollock is an example of abstract beauty for me. But, it all comes down to personal opinion. You can hate a painting like Van Gogh's "Starry Night" from afar, but if you get a chance to be real close to the original, so you can see the lines in the brushstrokes, you have a different understanding of what the man went through. I like what I like, I keep saying that, but it's true. And NEVER let anyone tell you you're supposed to like something! Otherwise we would be Borg. All your penis are belong to me.

Where do you do your best thinking and writing?

It's changed over the years. I've written in class, on planes, in hallways, cars and bathrooms. I've written entire sex scenes in a local Christian coffeehouse without guilt. I'd have to say I'm a Starbucks guy, all told. Sit me down in a comfy chair, with an outlet, my iced venti nonfat no-whip light ice one Sweet N Low tuxedo mocha and soft music, and I can stay for hours. Now, if you can find me time to do that during the day, you will perform a miracle. But I have my moments.

What inspires you to write?

Everything. You wake up in the morning and take a shower, that's three pages. You're late for work and your boss yells at you, that's two pages. You're walking along and bump into a fox who just happens to raise his tail on command, that's twenty pages...yeah. But seriously, I get inspiration from anything and everything. I write stories because I want to use a specific species for something. I write stories around one word, or one fetish, or a name. I write because I'm depressed...horny...angry...hornier. If you're looking at the right places at the right times, you can write a story around any little thing you find interesting. That's how I'm able to put so much variety in my work. I've got 44 on Yiffstar as of today, and I have another 50 or so ideas waiting. There may be writer's block, but there's no shortage of fodder.

What, if at all, is the longest writer's block you have suffered?

Speak of the devil. 2006 was a very hard year for me. I wrote through it all, but it wasn't until this January that I truly suffered a block, or an unwillingness to write. I had (and still have) unfinished business in at least four stories, and it was the motivation to finish them that was missing. I don't like that about myself, that I take so much pleasure in writing yet can find millions of reasons to procrastinate. It took me maybe two months to get back into the swing, and still it didn't feel like I was putting out anything but crap. Yiffstar readers obviously felt differently, as I am encouraged by their kind words. It really does work to just bear down and do it even when you don't feel like it. It's the only way to jump-start your muse.

Finally, who is your favourite author here on Yiffstar?

Again with the favorites. I can't give you a favorite, but I will give you a list of my top authors: K.M. Hirosaki, Kyell Gold, Swamprat, NightCat, Lykos Bane, Jonathan Ford (CJ Cloudkicker), Riff, Kuma-Kun and Tym-Tim. Shameless plug: check them all out, and comment like hell!

Drat, I'm not on your list. :P

To be completely honest, Toumal, I've never read one of your stories! Shame on me! I'm so busy in my own life sometimes that I don't get a chance to read near as much as I would like. You've done so much by commenting on my stories, and I've never even returned the favor. I shall print your works immediately, and try to get to them at a decent pace. Fear not!

Are you currently in a relationship?

Yes I am, to my wonderful fiancé Tym, who is one of my fav authors listed above.

What sort of relationship is it?

We have a committed but open relationship. It is hard to explain to people who don't understand, but we have rules about playing on the side. Always use protection, ask permission first, and tell all when you're done. It works for us, on a surface level and on so many sublevels, that all I can say is that we're both happy with it and it makes us stronger as a couple.

What qualities do you first look for in a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/mate?

All I can say is, I like what I like. I value personality and intelligence over physical and sexual beauty. I need someone who will listen to me, someone whom I can engage in conversation with who is on my level of intelligence. Someone I can debate with and share opinions, even differing points of view, and still love at the end of a friendly argument. Tym and I are dissimilar in many ways, but it's the working out of these dissimilarities that's the challenge and fortification of our relationship.

What qualities do you think you personally can bring into a relationship?

Jeez, I don't think about that much. I'm a great listener, and a sympathetic ear. I'm a logical thinker and useful as a third-party drama mediator (my family knows this and exploits it, to my chagrin). I am anally organized and obsessive about clutter. I have an aptitude for following directions and not getting lost. I don't know about emotional stuff. I'm too humble to brag about typical things, but I am playful and can bring sex into the game if it's warranted. I like to play.

Aside from traditional relationships, would you ever take a master or a pet?

Actually, I happen to be somebody's pet. I probably shouldn't divulge who my master is, but I consider it a relationship beyond its sexual implications. It's deeply personal, spiritual and defines a part of my life I'm still trying to figure out. There really is a lot more to it than mere role-playing, especially in the fandom. I don't know how well I'd fare as a master, submissive puppy that I tend to be.

Public displays of affection. Yes or no, and why?

Personally, PDAs should be expressed according to the comfort level of the individual combined with a sense of decorum for the situation and public scrutiny. Tym isn't much on the PDAs, but a little lick or nibble in the checkout line is fine by me. Butt-cupping and skritching is okay too. But I would be uncomfortable about open-mouthed kissing in public unless it was in a club or at an orgy. To a person, it all comes down to where you draw the line and if you care about the potential for disapproving stares. Just don't break any laws.

Sex before marriage. Yes or no, and why?

That is a more religious question than you think. That's also a personal preference, but religion seems to have invented the whole sex-before-marriage conspiracy. Being a theist/deist, I am not constrained in my thinking by the Bible/Talmud/Koran/what have you, and therefore don't really see the point in no sex before marriage. Ignoring the fact that gay couples can't really marry in a whole lot of places, how are you going to know if your relationship is going to work if you can't f*ck your partner first? Just as much as anything else, the sexual health of a relationship is one of the things that makes up the core attraction between two people. If you don't need sex or don't view it as contributory, then bollocks to you. But humanity, as a species, is just as sexual (and often more so) as any other animal; why deny it and screw yourself up in the head? All in all, it's not a big deal unless you make it so.

And what are your thoughts on casual sex? Do you think that only serious commitments should lead to sex, or are one night stands okay?

This is where I differ from a lot of people, not necessarily in the furry fandom, but in general. I distinguish love and sex as two completely different things. I love my mate. That is my commitment and my heart belongs to him. But sex doesn't make our relationship work; it's on a different level. Furries, as a community, tend to be more open toward casual sex, and can view sexual behavior as less than the life-changing experience people often make it out to be. Call them "friends with benefits" if you want, but I have found that my friendships and relationships, if they lead to playing around, are more solid and intimate than a "normal" friendship. It gives you a deeper understanding of that individual if you can open yourself up to them, body and soul, beyond the "Can I tell you my problems?" level. I am very casual about sex, and believe that is as natural a behavior as anything else. It's up to the people involved to take the step forward if they want to expose that part of themselves and be that intimate. But I am saying, from my experience, that I am a more well-rounded and expressive person having done what I have done with people I've known. Pardon the vulgarity, but...rather than be awkward about it, after you've sucked each other off, isn't it easier to talk about everything else? That feeling of ease and acceptance is my point. But that's my personal experience. Where do you think I get a lot of my story ideas? Many of my works are based off of my real-life experiences.

So, what about yiffing or 'cyber-sex' as it is more commonly known in the mainstream?

I'm just going to call it RPing, for the sake of brevity. I used to do that more in the past, before I had my relationship. I was late to the sexual game, having lost my virginity at the young age of 23. Before that, there was only the computer and my cyber-friends. There was a time when I was addicted, but it passed as my tastes changed. You'll find that, if you talk to me online, I'm a cheeky little tease, but you'd be hard-pressed to get me into a full RP. Time is a factor, as is my tendency to start writing full fiction in the IM window. But, like most everything else, it has its place in the fandom and society in general. Nothing wrong with it unless you're trying to get on To Catch a Predator.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Incompetence in general. People who can't do their jobs right, people who can't drive, people who don't know the proper use of grammar, things like that. "Professional" websites and publications in which I find multiple spelling errors. Things in general that make you wonder how people can get paid to do such sloppy work. It doesn't take much effort to do a good job.

And your deepest fear?

Wow, personal. I don't know. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being out of control, fear that I'll wake up someday and I'll be fifty years old and wonder what the hell I've done with my life. And if I had as much fun as I wanted to. But the point is to do what you think is right, and have no regrets. Worry is a waste of time that could be better spent fixing the problem.

Now for a few less intimate questions!

Your favourite meal?

Once again, I don't play favorites. But I am a big fan of sushi, I enjoy a good Pizza Hut pizza now and again, and I could list a favorite dish from any number of restaurants. Food is my biggest vice, but I do love it so!

Your favorite dessert?

Olive Garden tiramisu sends me to absolute heaven. But every once in a while, I like to sit down with a good movie and a pint of Häagen-Dazs chocolate chocolate chip. It's over 1,200 calories of goodness, baby! Just working on a respectable belly, I always say.

Ah, remind me to get you some Neuhaus chocolates from Belgium. Beats Haagen Dazs.

As a self-proclaimed chocophile, I would love to try this Neuhaus that you speak of. I'm always up for new gastronomic experiences. But I have to warn you, the more cocoa, the less I'm likely to like it. I guess I'm too Americanized already, huh?

Your favorite drink?

I don't imbibe much in the way of alcohol, but I alternate between Midori sours and DiSaronno sours. Scooby Snacks are good too, and if you don't know what it is, you don't deserve to try it. You can always Google it.

Your favorite console and game (PC/Mac does not count)?

This is where I differ from a lot of furries. I don't do much in the way of technology. I don't even own an MP3 player. I have a PS2 I haven't touched in two years. I hate LOTR, Star Wars and comic book superheroes. But, to answer your question, I don't play video games. They just don't interest me anymore. Sorry. But I still write kickass porn!

Your favourite TV show?

My tastes tend to change with time, but currently I'm all over Discovery Channel and TLC. Mythbusters, How It's Made, Unwrapped, Modern Marvels, Law & Order, and Family Guy are all on my radar.

No Babylon 5? No Trek? No BSG?

Aren't you supposed to avoid BSG because it comes in Chinese food? I fear I'm going to alienate a lot more furries here. I do like "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but I stopped watching it about four years ago. Never liked the original, or any of the other ones save for a "Deep Space Nine" or two. I just don't watch it currently. (I watched an episode last night while doing laundry, incidentally) I wouldn't touch "Babylon 5" with a ten-foot pole. Just doesn't interest me. Same thing with "Battlestar Galactica," which I also had to look up on Wikipedia before I knew what it was. You may guess that I am not a big fan of sci-fi. This is true. I like what I like, and shows that appeal to me do so in the way I am immediately attracted to certain people. I can't explain it; all I know is that it happens and that's that. This is why I sometimes feel like an outsider at cons or local furmeets. What I need is a group of writers, an intelligent discussion about fiction, and no techno-speak or geekery. But, in a fandom like this, that is prohibitively difficult to find. I just nod and smile and have no idea what's going on. But I still write kickass porn!

This is your chance to tell the readers about the piece of work you are most proud of. We'll stick a link in for you, all you need to do is give them a little commentary about it in your own words!

This, actually, wasn't a tough one to answer. Out of all my stories, in my mind, only a few stand out personally. They carry more meaning than the others, for me and in their subject matter. But the one I chose, "
Blindsight," is one not many people have read or at least commented on. Sometimes I get into a funk, or get depressed, and out pops something a bit negative in its message. In the gay community, what can be more depressing than AIDS? I created a character whose profession, his bread and butter, is infecting people with his virus...for a fee. To think there could be a market for this is unfathomable, but rest assured that somewhere, somehow, it is going on in the world. Its tone is first-person present-tense, which makes it as close as you can get to a character's thoughts. His typical day is featured: the people he meets, his current bedmate, past clients who have gone on with their own lives and whose circles intersect his own. The imagery and tone are those of a defeatist and jaded personality, of a person who lives instead of being alive. There isn't much sex, and the drama tends to turn people off, but when I reread it recently it blew me away that it came from my mind. In its pages is a powerhouse of emotion and, dare I say it, hope? It doesn't always have to be rainbows and roses, and likewise, angsty stories don't always have to be LOLZDRAMA all the time. Take time to read it and understand my intent, and maybe you'll be impacted. That's what I would like my readers to know.

Now, out of the stories you've written for YS, are there any characters which you can relate to on a personal level? If so, which one would you say this is truest for?

I can't really answer this one in a sure sense. In a way, all of my characters are a mirror for different aspects of my personality and my life. I love the way that I can go back to, say, "Returning the Favor," and read it, and say, "That's what I was like back in 2000!" I can compare that story to my current WIP and see just how far I've come in terms of writing style and complication. Some characters are directly taken from myself in real life (even if they're not represented as me specifically), some characters represent a fetish I like or a childhood sexual fantasy that never came true. Sometimes they represent hurdles I've had to overcome in life, or societal arguments I'd like to make. Everything I am goes into my work, every single story, in one form or another. What people don't realize is that everything they read about is ME. But that's what makes it so interesting.

And if you could inherit a single personality trait from one of your characters, from who and what would it be?

Honestly, I don't wish to inherit qualities from my characters. They're fictional, and not always what I would like to see as myself in real life. There are things I want to change about myself, my human self, but that battle is completely unrelated to furry fiction. Contrary to what I said to the last question, not everything about my two selves is interchangeable. I want to be more sympathetic. I want to be able to show my emotions more openly. I want to play a more active sexual role with others. I want to be more financially responsible. But those are goals for myself, not the goals of some random furry character. They're just too separate entities.

Our interview is almost over, but there's just enough time to quiz Whyte with a few more random tidbits. No, these questions don't have any relevance to anything in particular, but dammit! I think they're fun!

Tentacles. Yes or no?

I really don't see the importance or hotness of tentacles. I don't even know how they became a fetish in the first place. For fear of making a fool of myself, I'll just say no. Not for me.

MACRO, micro, or Mid-Size furs?

Another fetish I'm not into. No for macro, no for micro. I'm not into size difference, but age difference is a total turn-on for me. If, by mid-size, you mean normal, then yes. It is possible to have a meaningful sexual story without stepping on your partner or eating them, inflating them or turning them into appliances. Give me average guys in average situations I can turn into above-average situations, and I'm golden.

Fox, Fennec or Kitsune?

I'd have to go with Fox all the way. Fennecs are cute in their own way, but not as attractive. Kitsunes are okay, but they're just foxes with more than one tail. But if you're going to give me a fox, make him chubby and soft and you've got one happy coyolf! Pudge is always sexy.

1337 speak within the fandom.

It's disgusting. It's like people can't even talk normally to each other anymore, like they have to hide behind acronyms and retarded words like "1337" and "n00b" and such. I don't see what the big deal is, I prefer not to even touch on the subject. I don't get it and never will. I am low-tech and would like to remain so. The geeks can have their language, but I won't be a part of it. To each his own.

Congratulations on surviving this interview. Any last words before you meet your ma... your audience?

Not really, no. I've given you so much information, I can't think of anything else to say. I would like people to contact me, though, if they're interested in learning more about me. I'm not this untouchable mogul on a pedestal that a lot of people seem to think. Just because we're good at writing, or artists are good at drawing, doesn't mean you can't come up to us at a convention and say hi and ask questions. I love to talk and just shoot the shit with random furs, and make inroads and friendships with the people whose lives I touch (and stroke, and finger) with my work. I want to be the easy-to-speak-to author, the recognizable author, and I have a feeling I'm moving in the right direction. Hopefully people will have read this interview without either falling asleep or going crazy.

That's it, we're all out of Yote for now! Thanks for the interview to Whyte, and I hope you enjoyed this issue of the Artist Spotlight!

fox god 6 years ago 0
That was alot to read. But I liked it!
Eldyran 6 years ago 0
Certainly more open than I would have been, but then again I have had the pleasure of talking to Whyte Yote on a few occasions, and he's every bit as personable as this interview made him out to be.

We yotes in wolves clothing have to stick together after all!
Jeeves 6 years ago 0
Fifty ideas in the works? And I thought I had a backlog with ten! A wonderful interview there Toumal, and some delightfully insightful responses from Whyte to boot!

Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only fur who has never seen an episode of Battlestar Galactica. The only reason I even know the identity of Lorne Green is thanks to Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.
nickk 6 years ago 0
Another great interview! ^_^

Okay, now that I know how the interview goes and what the questions will all be, I wouldn't mind being interviewed myself.

greywolfe 6 years ago 0
that was excellent, thankyou toumal for asking the questions and whyte yoté for sitting in on the interview.

some very interesting answers there - it's been a pleasure to get to know you better.
Pad 6 years ago 0
very interesting, and very personal. I had to think while I was reading of how I would answer everything myself, though I wouldn't have any reason to be interviewed like this. I haven't contributed much to the fandom and have only been involved for less than a year but it has become an important part of my life. I say only part because I don't personally know anyone else involved at this point (OC i mean). Also conventions and such are somewhat out of reach for me at this point. Someday I will find a way to the freedom of spirit I feel I would gain through such an endeavor.

Allester Darkflame 6 years ago 0
*chuckles* FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me about that stupid "1337" spelling style. Goddess bless all I can't stand it, and what's worse, is it is becoming an epidemic. Soon our children will be speaking "1337 Pwnz Biotch!" from the womb... oh wait... that's already happening with the new ultra sound tech... *looks around shifty eyed* Damn, I've been discovered... *scampers off into the shadows leaving a little note saying "Good Read" on a tree*... =^^=

~ Allester E. Darkflame
Lykos Bane 6 years ago 0

Shameless plug by a great author! *winks*

Good job on the interview! This has been very revealing, but i must admit I wasn't really surprised by any of it. Then again, we've been talking for a few years now. =)

Keep up the great work yote!
Toumal 6 years ago 0
It's not a shameless plug at all, considering the fact that your "Wolf Prey" series is simply awesome and dripping with coercive dominance. ^_^
Whyte Yote 6 years ago 0
I agree. I wouldn't have mentioned LB if I didn't take personal inspiration from his work. He's got a unique voice, just like the others, and I cherish the meeting of minds we've done over the years. If I had more money I'd spend more weekends in L.A. talking shop

...just don't take me up driving in the hills after chili fries again!
Toumal 6 years ago 0
Whyte Yote 6 years ago 0
You get in a VW with that wolf and you'd understand. DEMON PASSAT FROM HELL!
Lykos Bane 6 years ago 0
Awww...hehe...geez guys, you're makin' me blush. =) I'm glad you've enjoyed.

Hey now! You can never get too much information about chili fries, Toumal! *Grins* And it was quite hard taming that demon Passat, but it's a worthy steed.

Now...shhhhh, or you're going to give Whyte Yote another idea for a story. =P

At least we can hope, right?
Whyte Yote 6 years ago 0
*sounds of gears running in his head*

Rest assured, I'll figure something out...something that involved a certain wolf on the bottom, against his will?

I already have a title: "Taken On Mulholland."
Lykos Bane 6 years ago 0
*snickers* Hey! No tormenting wolves...especially a certain wolf being taken against his will.

*thinks* Well...maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea. icon_biggrin.gif And with a title like that, if you don't write it, I will.

I'd probably change certain things between a certain wolf and the certain yote, who would certainly be going along on the ride.
Whyte Yote 6 years ago 0
You know I don't torment unless I'm planning on following through with my tease. Email me with specifics if you want, otherwise I'll do what I will with a wuffie.

And you'll STILL be on bottom...somehow. ;)
Toumal 6 years ago 0
Get a room, you two! Er... a chat-room ;)
Whyte Yote 6 years ago 0
Fine then, I WON'T post the story to Yiffstar, party-pooper.

*knows he will anyway*
Glane 6 years ago 0
I would just like to say that you seem to be a very intelligent guy, and it shows in your work.
Shaddow 6 years ago 0
Never seen Battlestar Galactica either and that 1337 speak crap just confuses the hell out of me^~^
khakidoggy 6 years ago 0
Très sympa, et merçi pour the mention!

While we at BDB have been proud to publish your stories in every volume of FANG so far, and do indeed wait patiently for your eventual descent into madness and novel-writing, you do understand that it's all a trap, right?

Five hundred rewrites! Deadlines up the pole! We'll work you till you're a burnt-out husk, Whyte. Oh yes, everything is going according to plan :)

Seriously, though: thank you for the insights, you're well-deserving of the spotlight.

And folks: don't forget that some of Whyte's finer work can be found in FANG Volumes 1, 2 and now also 3, which came out at Anthrocon. Has anyone read these? Hmm? Anyone?
Anatomically Incorect 6 years ago 0
Why doesn't Whyte have an account anymore...?
Jeeves 6 years ago 0
If I may ask, what do you mean? He does still have an account on YS. The link is at the top of the interview.
Toumal 6 years ago 0
...and in his comments, and his stories, and his userpage...


(Gee, I gotta fix URL hyperlinks in comments sometime soon...)
Anatomically Incorect 6 years ago 0
I swear, Toumal, two days ago it wouldn't let me see it. It kept insisting that the user couldn't be found because it wasn't there.
Anatomically Incorect 6 years ago 0
I dunno. Two days ago, when I posted that comment, the archive said that that person doesn't exist. But now that I try it now, it is working... I'm very confused at the moment...
Windrider 6 years ago 0
Another amusing and informative interveiw. I just love getting into somebodys head and rootign around >.
Lyran 6 years ago 0
I just love reading these interview things! Like on a movie or a newspaper or anything where an author or actor is interviewed. I want to read that first story you mentioned. I just love to read about a person, and compare myself to them. See the differences and similarities. Man, there's so many artists on here! It just blows me away.