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tigers on the brain part 4

#5 of tigers on the brain

   Again, this story will have random fill in, not that good of a story etc.... also I will get into more detail of the characters in this chapter. Please leave any comments



   Well I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. Just when I was having the best wet dream about a football team orgy. But today is Tuesday and I can't just skip school. As I got up and did my normal morning ritual. Get up, shower, clothes, and make breakfast for everyone. As I finish breakfast I left a note saying I had to go to school and left my house. I always eat my breakfast first and leavebefore anyone else wakes up.  On the way to I met up with my best, best, best, bestie ever Leslie. Leslie is a very attractive lioness. She has your typical tan lion with long dark brown flowing hair up to her  mid back. She has dark blueish green eyes and is 5'8. She always fun to be around, and the only person I jock watch with. What I like a big strong man to hold me and so does Leslie.

   "hey kitty" said Leslie

   Kitty is the nickname she gave me when this cute guy ask for me to meow for him. I couldn't help it he was the cutest stallion ever. So I just meowed and Leslie so happened to be with me at the time.

   "hey leslie how you doing, didn't see you yesterday"

   "sorry kitty, but I had a cold, but to cheer you up I got something sweet for you."

   "you know I can't eat too much candy." I replied

   "don't worry it's not a lot."

  She handed me a pack of nerds. Ohhh how I love wonka candy. Well there is a bad side to this, if I eat more than one pack of candy a day I go loopy. I mean it, I literally go drunk  with sugar and start acting random. Well as I ate my candy on the way to school, we meet up with drago. And as soon as he see's me.

   "just because I have to be with you doesn't mean I have to like it got it fag." He snapped at me

   "aww, I was hoping for some me and you time" I playfully respond

   "just keep your faggit ways away from got it."

   With that said he left and headed towards the school.

   "what was that about kitty"

   After I explain to her about him and principle beu and drago to her she kinda felt sorry and pissed at the same time.

   "no fair you get to spend every day with a hotty, unlucky and lucky at the same time. But luckily he hates your guts." She said

   "maybe he won't after I'm done with him." I replied

   "ooo. What you gonna do to get him to like you."

   "please, I wouldn't go out with him with that attitude. If he changed then maaaybe I'll go out with him."

   After that statement the first bell rang and off to class we went.

   "well good luck kitty, see you tomorrow."

   "see ya"

   The bad thing about this junior year is that me and Leslie don't even have any classes together, we don't even get out at the same time. Well I hate talking about class so, class was boring as usual and I was at my final class bio. Ring ring, finally I said to myself. School is boring for me since I memorized the whole text book in each of my classes. All I do in school is read or sleep. Well that dreaded time has come to tutor drago. As I left the school and headed towards the parking lot, I found him leaning on his car waiting for me.

   "aww, how sweet you waited for me."

   "shut up and get in, and no talking, eating, or messing with my stuff in my car got." He growled at me

  I shrugged it and did as he said. The car ride was eerie and silent, I took us a while to get to his house witched amazed me. He had a beach front pent house. It was  pale white, blue roof, and look to be two stories.

   "wow sweet house dude."

   "shut up and don't tell anyone I have a beach front got it." He growled again

   I nodded and followed him in. his house was even amazing on the inside. Baby blue walls, a marble floor and kitchen. One of those couches that look like an L, he had it all.

   "so where do you want me to tutor you."

   "nowhere do what you want, I'm not gonna listen to anything you teach me."

   "you know that's not gonna happen. How about a deal, if you can beat me at least on in three contests, then I'll just up and leave and tell principle beu that I won't do this any more. But if I win you have to let me tutor you, lose the tude, actually try and learn. Deal" I finish while reaching out my hand for a hand shake.

   I can see he was thinking about it, and after about 5 mins of thinking.

   "Deal, but I choose the challenges."


   Now lets see what this dragon can do.


Leave any comment plzzzz

Zelosh 2 years ago 0
Not bad ^^ just keep working on grammar. Actually, having someone read over your story and point out mistakes would help you learn.

Still, the story appears to be your strong point at the moment, as I've yet to feel bored.

Now time to read on~