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tigers on the brain part 5

#6 of tigers on the brain

Here's another chapter. I tried to make the spelling better, same stuff as the other chapters. Leave comments, gay stuff, etc.... back to the story



   Tch, three challenges and I get to choose. This guy has no way of winning. Now how should I beat. I know how I can beat him, the little bastard won't be so tough afterwards.

   "I know, let see who can break the bigger rock." I said with a chuckle

   You see I chose this challenge because I have a lot of anger issues. I would break the nearby boulder  on the beach near the cliff. I always do so I definitely can win.

   "Sure I'm down with it." He replied

   As we head toward the area where the boulder was, I started wondering why gale is still even here. I thought he hated me. I always bullied him at school. Why is he going through so much trouble just to help me with school?

   "Earth to drago we're here." Gale said while waving his paw in my muzzle.

   " oh right, just a bit out of it. K this is how we gonna do it. I brought my chicken timer with me. The person who can break the most boulders before the time runs out wins. I'll set it for 15 min."I said while handing him a mallet.

   "Cool, big hammer." He said with a sly grin.

   "What ever, get ready 3...2..1.0." and with that we both started breaking as much boulders as we can.

   I was the one who was in the lead. Like I said, easy win. Even though I was ahead, gale was still right behind me. I knew he was strong but this strong. He is actually keeping up with me.  But before I could get any more worried. Ring ring.

   "I broke 5 boulders, how bout you drago." He happily said

   "I broke 13 boulders." I replied with pride.

   "Ok you won the first challenge, what's next." He said

   I thought about the next challenge. It had to be something that I always do, something that I  know I could do with ease. And it came to me when I looked at the cliff.

   "A race to the top of the cliff and back. First one up the cliff and back wins."

   "K, just remember that..."

   "Shut up, I always jog up there so don't lecture me." I snapped at him.

   "fine fine, I was just gonna warn you but do what you want." He replied

   "In 3....2...1..0" I said then we both bolted.

   Again I was in the lead, but when I looked back he was just smiling and running right behind me.

   "What's *pant* with that *pant* stupid smile." I said while still trying to run.

   "Nothing just trying to enjoy the jog." He replied

   The way he said that was incredible to me. I'm running at my top speed and yet he thinks it's a jog. He was toying with me; he doesn't even look like he's trying to beat me. While I was thinking these thoughts, I didn't even realize that we started the incline to the cliff. At this point I tried to do everything I can to lose him. While I was pushing myself harder, he started to yell at me.

   "drago stop the cliff its..."

   "no way you just want to catch up and beat me, that's not happening...."

   Before I knew it I felt like I was falling. I literally saw my life past before my eyes. And that made me even sadder that I'm leaving this world before I did anything that actually meant anything to me. I could hear gale yelling my name. Gale, the only person who actually gave some interest in me. Before I could think or say anything else, something hits my head and I blacked out.

   "Drago, drago can you hear me."


   "Drago come on, a little bump can take you down right."

   Gale, I see only black but I can hear his voice. I feel weird; you know the warm fuzzy kind. As I started to gain feeling in my body, I opened my eyes a little by little to the point they were fully open. And the first thing I saw was gale.

   "See. I knew a little bump can take you down for the count." He said softly, must knowing that I have a killer head ache.

   "Wha....what happened." I said with a weak voice

   "Well I was trying to warn you that the cliff was slippery, but you didn't listen. I saw you started to fall so I literally dove for you and grabbed your ankle before you fell. But as you motioned toward the ocean, you swung all the way down and hit your head pretty hard on the side of the cliff. I had to pull you up and carry you all the way back to your house. I took care of you while you slept it off."

   After he finished explaining, I started to tear up and cry. Why, why did he save my life? All I did to him is bullied him. If it was anyone else they would of let me dropped.

   "Why?" I said again softly

   "Why what?" he said plainly

   "Why did you save my life, I bullied you. Tried to beat you. Why didn't you just let me fall?"

   By this point I was sitting up and staring right at him still crying. And while I was talking to him, that fuzzy feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. Was this love I thought to myself.  Am I falling in love with gale? When I said that sentence, it actually felt right to say it.

   "Because I would care if you were gone. Because everyone needs to live their life to the fullest. And because I still need to tutor you." He said with a smile that just made me feel happy. I haven't been happy like this in such a long time that I, I. Before I could make out these feelings I grab his shirt and pulled him to a passionate kiss. It was the best kissed I ever felt. I opened my maw for our tongue can go into each other's maws. The kissed lasted for a min, but it felt like years the kiss lasted. When we finish and parted I hugged him close.

   "Thank you, thank you so much."I said while still crying

   "For saving your life." He said

   "No, for caring about me."

   "Can you stay with me tonight gale. Please."

   "Sure, I would love that."

   With that said, we walked up to my room and we both went under my covers. Both of us smiling and drifting off to sleep.

To be continued......


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Levvi Kroll 2 years ago 0
U still have grammar problems. But I see improvement.
Zeke Baltharez 1 year ago 0
I love Drago he starts out mean(but cute) and turns into a sweet heart awwwwwww ^.=.^