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tigers on the brain part 6

#7 of tigers on the brain

Same thing as last chapter, gay stuff, and leave comments and vote plzzzz



   I started to lazily open my eyes to be greeted by a blaring sun on my eyes. What I didn't notice in till after 5 min of waiting for my body to wake was me being held. The thing holding me was drago. I quickly remember what happened last night. I always wake up early, but so far a big strong dragon spooning me was by far the best wake up I ever felt. I looked around and took a good view of his room. He had a pretty big room, it almost looks like the size of a small living room. His walls and ceiling are dark blue. His bed was tucked in the back left corner.  There was a dresser and a desk right next to each other on the opposite wall. There was no window but instead there was a sun roof. Which I got to admit was cool. While I was still with him in his queen size bed, I looked at the clock above his door and we had like an hour before school starts. I slipped out of his grasp and went to his personal bathroom next to his bed. His bathroom was pale blue with white tiles. It was a median size bathroom with a shower stall and a tub with your normal toilet and sink opposite of the baths.

   As I finish taking a shower I went in his room to see he's still sleeping. So I went to his kitchen made a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon for the two of us and went back in his room with the food. As I went to his bed to wake him up. He sits right up and looks at the food I made him and stare with a drooling face at the food.

   "Come on eat up, it's for you." I said with a warm smile

   "Thanks, I'm starving. Ummm gale can I talk to you about yester...."

   "After school, we're gonna be late if you don't finish up and take a shower." I quickly stopped him.

   After he quickly gobbles down his food like my daddy, he went to go take a shower. While he was showering I went and prepared our backpacks. As I finished he walks out with only a towel around his waist. He looked so hot. He had a 6 pack, strong looking pecks and arms, black fur all over his body except his under belly. Which was a light tan color starting from his neck all the way in till it disappears into his towel?  A thick tail, thin enough to move it around like mine but still noticeable thick. And his face was adorable and sexy at the same time. He had a short muzzle, round snout, again two spikes on top of his head with three smaller ones going down those spikes on each side of his face. The coolest part about him was his eyes. He had a bluish purple eyes, it was just memorizing.

   "umm" drago said while he blushed and I stared at him. Even with his dark fur, I can still see the blush.

   "What, I can't help it if your hot. Besides hurry up and get ready we gots ta go." I said

   "Yeah can you leave for I can change."

   "Fine, I'll be waiting in your car k. So hurry up." I said while I gave him a quick look which made him blush again.


   "Did he just licked me, does he really like me." I said to myself as I rubbed the spot he licked. As I started to dress, I was going over what happened last night. What he said, how jealous I was before he told me he cared. The only reason I was jealous of him was because he was popular, he got loving parents and sibling. That's all I really wanted someone who actually cared, unlike billy, and my parents.

   By this point, remembering all these bad things got me tearing up. I should probably finish before gale gets angry. I put on a red sleeveless shirt, and short jeans. When I finished and grabbed my stuff I found gale in my passenger seat of my midnight blue mustang with a neon green racing stripe. I got in and stared the car and started to drive to school.

   "Took your sweet time didn't you." Gale said as I got in.

   "I got distracted" I said


   "I'll give you a hint. Is someone I really like."

   "Is it your parents?" He said not knowing that it was a sore spot. After that last remark I started to remember the horrible memory about my parents. This started to make me tear up again, the worst part was that I was crying in front of gale again. I don't want to show weakness in front of him. I want to be the one he can come to not the other way around.

   "Drago, what's wrong? Was it something I said, is it about your parents."

   All I could do was nod at the question.

   "That's it stop the car we're talking now." He said in a soft but still tern way.

   "No it's okay, I'm fine."

   "NOW." He said in a more stern voice but still soft.

   I did as he told and pull over. And as soon as I do that he got out and went to my side of the car.

   "UP and out. We are switching, and no excuses."

   I did as I was told again and now I'm at the passenger seat. He got into the driver's seat and we headed in the opposite direction of the school. I knew where we were but when we stopped in front of the nearby forest, I got confused. But didn't say a thing.

   "Hold up let me call my parents and tell them I'm not going to school."

   "K" I said in still in a sadden state.

   He went a bit to the side, I couldn't hear him from that distance. After he finish he came back and took my hand. We started to walk in the forest, I have no idea where I was. I held him tighter. We kept walking for like 20 more min in till we came to a cave. He started leading me through the cave. It was pitch black I couldn't see I thing.

   "Where are we going gale."

   "You'll see, don't worry about it." He said

   We kept going for what seems like 5 min, I guess he could see better was because he was a cat. Dragons can only see things from far distance, kind of like eagles and hawks. After the 5 min, I saw some light. When we exited the cave, I was breath taken. In this place was a lake, surrounded by walls of rock that was like 30ft tall. And in the middle of the lake was like a little island with some flowers. The lake itself was so clear and untainted my modern civilization.

   "Wow, just wow." I said with an amazed look.

   "Come on, take your cloths of." He said. He was already in the water and I looked at the floor to see his clothes there. I started to take of my clothes, when I reached my boxers. He yelled at me.

   "And keep your boxers on."

   Damm, so close. I ran and jumped in the water. And to my surprise it was warmer than I thought. O this better not be what I think it is.

   "Gale did you pee in the lake."

   "No, why would you pee on something so beautiful like this. The water's warm because of the inactive volcano where in. Its inactive but the magma still flow through this location." He said


   "Come on and sit with me and we'll talk." Gale said on the mini island

   I swam over and sat by him, while he stared at me.

   "What?" I said

   "Start talking, why were you sad, what did you want to talk about why did you kiss me when you make it so clear that you hate me so much?"

   "I...I.. It's probably best If I start from the beginning."

   I started to explain how my life was before I met him.(note I'm making it a bit brief)


  " Mommy, daddy when are you coming back." I said as my 6 years old self.

   "In 2 months, so don't cry and hurt you self. You're already too much of pain, got it." My dad said in a stern voice.

   "oh ok, I love u daddy. Come home safe ok." I said with hope in my voice.

  Beep beep beep. Your call was discontinue.

-Flashback over-

   By that point I was crying heavily." My parents never gave me any attention, they left me as soon as I was 5. I took care of myself since I was five. I once even got a third degree burn when I was 7. The only reason my arm is ok now was because my 2ndgrade teacher notice me in pain. That was not my only mistake.  I spend every birthday by myself, I just sat on my bed every time it was my birthday. My parents then gave me a baby sitter, who you know as principle beu, said that I was pain in his ass.  Then only time I was happy is when I got attention from my classmate. But as soon as everyone left with their parents, it just reminded me of the fact my parents don't love me at all. I learned not to hurt myself, I also learned not to care about others too. I realized that if you care for someone too much, you'll just end up hurt and broken. The only reason I bullied you was because I was jealous. You have parents, a baby sister, and so many people who like you. And me I have nothing." I finished now full out crying.

   "Yea, your life really sucked." He said with an emotionless face.

   Those words hurt me, and here I thought he actually cared about me. I should have never accepted him.

  "How could you. How could you say that, I thought you actually care about me. The last 13 years for me was unbearable and all you can say is, yea your life sucked." I finished now angry and hurt.

   "Well is half your fault for it being miserable."

   "What the hell, I guessed you would never understand how I felt."

   "I guess I wouldn't since I don't have real parents. My parents died when I was 5. But even though they died and I'm adopted. There is one thing my real parents always said to me. Well they said a couple but the one that stuck out to me was, gale out of all the emotion there is only two emotion that can always make life bearable those emotions are happiness and love. So no matter what happens, always be happy and always love.  So yea I'm not gonna lie, your life suck. But you're the only one who can make it better, with a little help you can make it even better." He said then licks my tears away.

   "Now come on, since you say your parents don't want you. You can spend time with me and my family." Gale said with a goofy smile

   "Yea, I'll like that."

After that little talk, we swam back over to the other side. We dried off, and then made our way to my car holding hands. I never felt so happy in my life, and nothing can ever ruin this moment.


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Zeke De Drake 2 years ago 0
i am suprised no one left a negative ass comment bout eroors and shit, i liked it btw 4/5 for all ur effort. :)
Zeke Baltharez 1 year ago 0
5/5 and again I looooove Drago ^.=.^