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The Lost One: Changes

#1 of Chronicles of the Lost One

Okay so i am rewriting my story.  i'm going to leave up the original chapters for now and i would love to get any input as to which seems better: plot, style or anything else.  any comments are appreciated as always and i hope you enjoy the read!




You know, being a good samaritan just doesn't work these days. Every attempt at being the nice guy winds up in either: A) something bad happening, or B) you getting into massive trouble. I usually just have something bad happen to me but the last attempt made did both. I would like to just give you the nitty details of the experience but there would be a lot left out, emotions lost, and I just wouldn't be sated. It all started on a cold foggy morning on my way home from hanging out with some friends. HAH! I bet you were thinking it was going to start like a horror fic. Anyways, it was about 0400 and you really couldn't see very far in front of the vehicle, so I was just plugging along in the slow lane on the freeway at about 50. Most people jet down this road at 75+ even in the fog and even the truckers do on occasion though, unfortunately, that hadn't changed even this night.

My radio was playing lightly to keep me awake since I was two hours away from being up for 24 hours straight, again, and I just wanted to get home. I saw my interchange ramp that took me close to home up ahead when the worst thing happened; a truck going way too fast and running dark (aka: no lights at all) sped out of the fog behind me and smashed into my car pretty good. The hit jarred me and the driver, I assume, pretty good. When I came to there was some green liquid splashed across parts of me through my shattered window and I saw why: one of the chemical barrels in the back had been crushed. Thankfully my door opened and I was able to get out, albeit on shaky legs, and walk around over to the truck to see if he/she was okay. This was the fucked up part, by the time I took two steps away from my car the truck exploded and sent me flying back over my car. By this point I opted for calling 911 instead of trying to see if the driver survived the blast and stayed on the ground where I had landed until someone could get there to make sure nothing happened to me. Once an ambulance arrived I was able to get up with nothing more than a bruised spine, mild concussion, and a lot of questioning by the police who asked what happened while they waited on emergency crews. I also let them know that they probably want to go near that wreck with HazMat suits on since the barrels had some strange liquid in them. They asked how I knew and I showed them my arms, the spots where the chemical had landed were now pure white skin, which also prompted the EMT to insist I went to the hospital. I retorted that I couldn't afford an ambulance trip and said they'd just drop me off since I'm not in bad shape and they weren't up to much anyways plus they needed to wait for the fire to be put out and the chemicals to be cleared away before they can even think about removing a body from the wreck. So that puts me here, sitting in a hospital bed, waiting to be allowed to go home while they test my skin for what changed it white and make sure nothing bad is going to happen to me, and writing in a journal.

Signing out,



He put the notebook on the table adjacent to the bed and gave a sigh. Testing his limbs and tugging at the patches of skin that had deformed proved fruitless. Nothing seemed wrong and there was no pain evident from them aside from the injuries acquired from experiencing an explosion first hand. Sam was getting the feeling that he wasn't being held due to the nature of his injuries.


The click of heels outside his door announced a woman in a red suit and wielding the infamous FBI badge. She was a good looking woman and had a great body but walked with an attitude that demanded authority. Apparently she came for Sam. "Are you Sam Pederson?" the woman sounded more like she should be a receptionist than a FBI agent.


"If I say no then can I go home?" Sarcasm had gotten him out of a few situations before.


The woman looked at his charts, "no but it might earn you a 51-50. I have work to do and I would rather you didn't make it more annoying than it needs to be."


"Fine. Yes, I was the one hit in the middle of the night by a truck running dark," Sam was none too pleased with this woman's attitude.


She walked around his bed and looked at the drip they put him on, picking up the two bottles on his side table, "Morphine and Flexeril. Are you in a lot of pain?"


"Lady, I was in an accident and launched over my car by an explosion. At this point just about everything hurts. The only thing at the moment that doesn't hurt is my balls," he emphasized his point with a hand gesture to his groin.


"Well how about I fix that for you then?" if anyone could pull off a dominatrix glare, this woman was doing it right now. God it was hot. It was a shame she pissed him off to no end.


"If you don't have anything important or official to discuss with me then why don't you leave," he was using as little Morphine as he could to avoid the high but it was making him irritable.


"Alright fine, do you want to know why I am here?"




"You shouldn't have survived being exposed to that chemical and definitely not in the quantity you were exposed to. Why are you still alive and well?" The way this woman leaned over him in the bed was giving him one of the best views he's ever had of a large busted woman sporting a thin, red, lacy bra.


"I honestly have no idea what the hell you are talking about lady. As far as I'm concerned that chemical was just bleach and probably what Micheal Jackson used to turn white. Ask the doctor." Thankfully the woman got the hint and stormed off in her red stilettos and let Sam get back to his rest and relaxation, contemplating on what she mentioned. The doctor came in moments later with the lady in red following him, both rather irritated.


"Sam, you're free to go. We can't find anything that might be a problem with those abnormalities. They might go away in a month or so but we can't be sure. This is not something we have dealt with before," doctor... Singh it said on his tag, looked immensely irritated, "but if anything further happens, or anything changes, then come back in and we'll see if we can do anything to help."


After some orderlies came in to remove his medical drip he gladly changed out of his paper gown. The greatest thing about walking into the emergency room instead of being wheeled in is you know exactly where all of your stuff is. As he was pulling his clothing back on the sounds of a heated argument reached his ears. The lady said something about the nature of the chemical being classified but the doctor's reply made him smile.


"If that chemical is too classified to tell me what it does then I have no reason to hold that man here against his will!"


The lady at the front desk had some good news for Sam. His bill was being covered by the government due to the nature of the accident. That brought a smile to his lips considering just a year earlier a case of pink-eye cost him 700 dollars. As he was putting his John Hancock on the last sheet the woman in red stormed past him, slowing down only to cast a spiteful glare in his direction before barging out the doors.


Eventually Sam made it outside to sit on the curb while he waited for a ride. The sun was just peeking over the horizon and was making him pensive. Things just didn't add up. A chemical truck speeding down the freeway without any lights on, what seemed to be a self destruct on said truck, some weird chemical that he shouldn't have survived and the hot dominatrix agent that said so. It was starting to sound like a bad conspiracy plot. Against who though, he couldn't figure out. A car pulled up in front of him, breaking his reverie. He would continue his thoughts after a hot shower and a lot of sleep.


Sam woke up in late afternoon to get ready for his trip. It didn't take long to finish packing. Thankfully he felt revitalized and ready for anything, at least, until he stepped into the bathroom to take a shower and noticed his reflection. His hair was now black, the white splotches had gotten bigger, and his nails were black. The first thought that went through his head was someone played a prank on him. They must have dyed his hair and painted his nails. The only problem was he couldn't figure who would be able to. Only his mother and girlfriend had keys to the apartment. A warm shower seemed more important at the time though.


Sam grabbed his bags and took a short bus ride down to the train station. He had bought his tickets online that morning so that he wouldn't need to deal with any lines when he arrived besides the check in line which always moved fast. With the splotches getting bigger he had gotten wary about letting people see them. Long sleeves and pants seemed to be the best idea for the moment.


For the most part the ride was boring. Twenty hours of scenery without music or accompaniment. He wound up sleeping through most of the trip until he was a few hours out of his destination. It was his stomach that told him to wake up. Having missed his 'in flight' meal he was reduced to the vending machines. Though not satisfying, they were definitely enough to quiet his growling stomach for the time being. His moment was interrupted with the sounds of an exasperated crowd.


"Alright everyone, keep it moving, we want everyone in the dining car for an announcement!" a voice echoed out above the milling crowds and crying women. As if on cue the train lurched as the brakes were hit hard. He looked outside and noticed a large tank and some people in black militia gear standing near it.


The last person who stepped into the cabin was a tall, burly man whose stature demanded respect. Once he was in they shut and sealed the door. Sam stood up next to him and inquired about the situation, "I've been in here for the past hour, whats going on?"


"Ve haf been taken ovah bah pirates, eet vould seem. Dey come vif guns und threats, but ask foh nothing, bery strange," the man looked down to Sam from his massive height with a raised eyebrow, "du see anyding in here?" .


"I haven't seen much of anything aside from some guy next to the tracks. You probably know more than we do in here," Sam ran a hand through his hair hoping to think up something.


"No, we no get good look at zeez men, dey no speak much eider," the man sounded worried. He seemed distracted by something in Sam's hair, though. Out of curiosity he reached down and pulled it out.


"OWW, what the hell man, that hurt!" Sam was furious but the man seemed more interested in the hair he just pulled out, staring at it intently, "that hurt a lot you know, what was that for?"


"Your hair, eets no normal, look funny," the man handed the hair down to Sam who took a close look at it himself, getting a good surprise from the structure.


"What the heck? This doesn't even look like hair," he gave the man an irritated glance and inspected the hair closer, "are you sure this is what you pulled from my head?"


"No, zat ees vat I pull."


Sam took a closer look at the 'hair'. It seemed to be a lot thicker than a normal hair, closer to the thickness of 1.0mm pencil lead than anything. The sides seemed to be fraying off too, coming off in a flat, sparse fan that almost looked like a feather. A feather, Sam reached up and felt his hair again. All of his hair was like this now, feeling like it was gelled together which was why he didn't notice earlier.


His thoughts on the matter, however, were interrupted by several windows on one side shattering and a voice over a loud speaker sounding out, "I'm sorry to keep you all waiting. There was a few delays with the conductor that needed be taken care of but now that I have everyone's full attention," the woman speaker waved over a few men from the tank, "we are going to perform a social experiment. I regret to inform you that in order to pass this test, you must die." She had said everything with a smile, even the 'you must die' bit.


Many of the passengers began shouting, others crying. Sam and the man just looked at each other wondering what they were going to do. Two men outside pulled up what looked like a black fire hose, opened the nozzle and aimed towards the people at the far end of the cabin. Sam got a glimpse of the liquid they were spraying and noticed it was the same that had hit him the night before. He immediately grabbed the tall man and pushed him towards the downstairs cubicle that housed the vending machines before the liquid hit them. The man tried to protest but was too shocked by the blood curdling screams that came from the main lobby. Sam tried to explain as he forced the man to get up on a machine to avoid any that came down and into the room, "look, I've been hit by this stuff once before and a lower amount than everyone's being hit with right now. I was told I shouldn't have survived and I have burns across my skin now from it! Stay up there and don't touch it or anyone covered in it whatever you do!"


Sam went to the doorway right as a spray of the chemical hit the wall next to it, covering him from head to toe. He ripped off his shirt trying to keep the exposure to a minimum but more sprayed in as he turned his back, dousing his backside. The big man got a good look at Sam's front and saw the large white patches before he was covered in more of the chemical and fell to the ground coughing. He wanted so badly to jump down and help Sam but a person from upstairs fell down and landed on Sam, knocking him out. The person's skin had burned away and everything seemed to be dissolving slowly into a puddle of liquids on top of Sam. Big man's head began spinning before he puked and passed out, still on top of the machine.







Sam woke up in a hospital bed, an IV sticking from his arm and his belongings from the train next to his bed. A doctor walking by saw he was awake and came up to him, "good morning, Samuel. How are you feeling?" Sam just looked at him confused and groggy, not wanting to believe he was in a hospital again. "We are very surprised you survived that attack on your train. You and Edmond were the only two survivors."


"Whuh? Edmond? Who's that? What happened?" he muttered, barely audible to the doctor.


"Well sir, you hit your head pretty hard and you were covered in that chemical that claimed one of the rescue workers, but we were able to get you two out of there. Mister Edmond hasn't awoken yet but he was down in the same area as you and since you are the first to awaken, this officer has a few questions for you regarding what happened," the doctor waved over a local officer and FBI agent.


The FBI agent introduced himself as Terry but stayed silent otherwise. He seemed to be concentrating while the officer went through his questions. Sam stayed true to what happened even including the part of him forcing Edmond down stairs to avoid the chemical. The officer was curious as to why he survived the chemical while everyone else had been turned into puddles of organic matter. Sam was shocked, having not remembered this detail.


"The screams, I remember them but not what happened to them. You're telling me that everyone 'dissolved' while I just got these weird chemical burns across my skin?" Sam pointed to the white patches across his torso that had enlarged significantly since he last saw and seemed to be growing ever so slightly, "what about... Edmond you said his name was, what about him?"


"We had to amputate a hand that was in contact with the chemical but otherwise he's in good health, just unconscious," the doctor chimed in with this information since the officers weren't informed yet, "how are you feeling by the way? Does anything hurt?"


"ummm... no not really. My back is a little sore, probably from the fall, but otherwise I feel fine. I'm not sure what that chemical is, but this is the second time I've been hit with it... at least I think it was the same."


The officer looked at Terry but got a shrug back so he turned back to Sam, "well, we are finished with questioning and you have a friend waiting for you out in the lobby so once the doctor here says you can go, you are free to go."


"Thank you," Sam turned to the doctor, "sooo, can I go now? Or can you at least send in my friend?"


"We still have a few more tests to run before we can release you. Your friend is completely welcome to visit in the mean time seeing as you are awake and coherent."


It didn't take long after the doctor stepped out for his friend to come barging into the room. Lacy practically leapt onto the bed to embrace him. The impact jarred a few spots he didn't realize were sore until now.


"Ow ow ow. Careful Lacy. I'm in the hospital for a reason, remember?"


"Oh yeah. Sorry, Sam. So what happened? What's wrong with you?"


"What happened? Not sure. What's wrong with me? Also not sure. A few spots are a little achy though, including my head." Sam rubbed his head and remembered the conversation right before they were attacked. He yanked out a 'hair' and began inspecting it. The development had progressed to the point it looked just like a feather now. Yanking it out hurt a lot more but at least this time he was ready for it.


Lacy took an interest in the feather now, "Sam. What is that? Why was there a feather in your hair?"


Sam sighed deeply and handed the feather to her, "that is what my hair looks like now."


Lacy looked at him incredulously but he just waved her closer. As she ran a hand though his hair she picked one out and looked at it while still attached, "what... what is this? Why is your hair feathers now?"


"Your answer is as good as mine. I have no idea what is going on. I don't even know if the doctor noticed or not." Lacy was staring down at his chest and apparently not paying attention to what he was saying, "what?"


Lacy shook her head and looked him in the eye. She was slightly concerned with what she saw, "sorry, what did you say?"


"What did you see? What is on my chest?"


"I-- I don't know. This white stuff is moving across your skin. It looks fuzzy and it's crawling up your neck!"


Sam reached up and felt where she was looking. It felt like rabbit's fur and it was spreading up his neck. He tried to tug at it and realized it was attached, "ummm. Lacy? Can you go get the doctor that let you in? I think he needs to know about this."


After Lacy hurried out of the room, Sam noticed the agent from earlier, Terry, in the door way. He watched Sam's friend hurry off for a second before turning a worried glance to Sam. Sam stared directly back into his eyes. Terry noticed the white that was only in patches across Sam's skin was now covering most of it and was starting to cover his face.


"Samuel? Are you okay?"


He was wonderring why Terry seemed so edgy, "fine for the most part. A little itchy and worried about the fur growing across my body and the feathers in my hair but otherwise just peachy."


"Is there anything about your past that you think might be linked to this mutation? That chemical you were exposed to is not supposed to react in this way."


"What do you mean? Why would my past be linked to this... mutation you called it?" Sam looked at his hand and noticed the fur had completely covered it as his nails turned black.


"That chemical destroys human DNA. ONLY human DNA. When it comes into contact with anyone who is not human it either does nothing or strips any method of hiding the creature is possessing." Terry took a moment to stare deeply into Sam's eyes, "who, or what are you, Samuel?"


"I... I am me? I've always been me? Born and raised here! This is just some mistake. It has to be!" He was starting to freak out. This had to all be some bad dream. Just a really messed up bad dream.


Thankfully Lacy came back into the room with the doctor in tow, "step aside, Terry. We need to figure out what Is going on and stop it Asap!"


"This isn't something you can stop." He had said it so emotionally deadpan that everyone stopped to look at him. "He is becoming what he has always been. We need to close off this room to protect him! Let no one in to see this happen! His position has already been compromised beyond my control I do not need it worse!" Terry quickly went over to close the door to the room and lock it, closing the blinds on the window as well.


As Terry was walking back over to the bed Sam finally lost his nerve, "what the hell is wrong with you!? Are you on drugs or something? This is total horse shit! Doc, please!"


Everyone was staring at Sam. Watching as the iris of his eyes changed color before their eyes. A deep violet with specks of teal spread through them. They were so entranced by the change that they all jumped when Terry spoke again.


"The change is almost done."


Everyone was staring daggers at Terry again. Sam was about to yell at him again but a wave of intense pain flooded his whole body. From the top of his head to the tips of his toes and fingers felt like they were being sent through a meat grinder. He screamed out in agony causing everyone, including Terry, to jump back from the sudden sound. Terry, Lacy and the doctor all watched in awe and horror as Sam thrashed on the bed. Lacy heard him say he didn't want to die before he ripped the paper gown from his body, leaving him completely exposed.


Lacy had seen Sam naked before, having walked in on him while showering once before, but with the way his skin was shifting and rippling left her confused and embarrassed. The first noticeable change was Sam's ears shifting up his head and expanding. Next she noticed his form was shrinking and the layer of 'energy storage' as he called his rolls began to shrink and tighten, pulling tight across muscles that showed through the fur. The next shift was his legs as his feet and shins lengthened, femur shortened and toes reshaped and moved to form a feline paw.


Everyone jumped one last time as Sam arched his back and took a deep shuddering breath. Lacy was about to comment on the fact he had breasts now but his eyes shot open. His eyes had gotten larger and she could see the slitted pupil instead of the normal round ones. There was an animalistic quality to them now that chilled her to the bone. It all seemed to play out in slow motion as she watched him jump out of the bed and bolt for the door. He ripped it open and took off down the hall as Terry went running after him. Lacy and the doctor just stood there, completely shocked and confused at what they had witnessed.


Terry looked left and noticed men in black militia outfits running up the hall. His blood cooled when he noticed the patch that was on their shoulders, turning to where Sam had ran to, "run, Sam. RUN!"


His new instincts were telling him to run and run fast. He heard the militia men coming into the hospital long before anyone else in the room had. The voice in his head told of pain and suffering to be had if he was caught. The men were swarming the hospital, groups of men, at least thirty in total. They came with their guns drawn but held them close to chase their target who was speeding down the hall.


Sam hit the stair case hard, bursting through the door and hitting the wall. The voice in his head was screaming up and he obeyed. Two, three, five steps at a time he leapt up the stair case. His goal was the roof as the sound of men using a radio to call in reinforcements hit his ears.


His body was changing further as he ran, a tail extending out from his rear while skeletal and musculature changes finished. He reached the top with a last gasp of effort and pushed through the door. He wasn't terribly out of breath but he felt weak. The urge to vomit suddenly became overwhelming as he hunched over, spilling a gallon of fluids from his innards. He panted and gasped as the pains of his changes finally subsided, leaving him exhausted and hungry.


He stood for a moment catching his breath. Everything had moved so fast that he was disoriented and unsure of what to do. The things he had just done didn't seem possible and the things that had just happened to him seemed improbable and unreal. The moment his breathing was back under control the door to the stairs burst open, several militia men bursting out to kneel on the roof and take aim. One of them shouted at him.


"Freeze or we will open fire!" All five that had burst through the door way were exhausted and having a hard time holding up their weapons.


"What do you want with me!?" Sam's new fur stood on end at the shock of what he heard. The high pitched voice of a woman when he shouted.


One of the militia men lost his nerve and fired a round at Sam's feet, startling him. As soon as his feet were back on the roof he turned and ran straight to the edge of the roof. He could vaguely hear one of the men shouting for him to stop but his foot hit the border of the roof within seconds. He launched into the air with a feeling that something wasn't right as he cleared the eighty foot gap between buildings. He landed on unsteady feet that came out from under him as he tumbled to the edge of the building.


With fresh pains wracking his body he got up in time to see the militia men reaching the edge of the roof. He glanced over the edge of the building and saw he was about ten stories up. He wanted to roll over and sleep so badly at this point that his eyes were starting to shut. Thankfully there was a fire escape next to where he stood and was able to climb down into the alley way to find somewhere to hide. The city was too busy for him so he headed east where the least sound was reaching his ears.


After a few minutes ducking through the city he heard a radio call out the time as 12:30 in the morning. It at gave him a small token of normalcy to clear his head until the wonderful smell of Taco Bell reached his nose. Even before the changes he could find the direction of smells that were strong enough to reach his nose and he followed it just a short distance away. There across the way was the savior to his empty stomach. Once the coast was clear he ran across the way and tapped on the drive through window, getting the attention of a kid who looked to be twenty.


The kid was slightly startled by the appearance of who tapped on his window, stepping over to direct them away, "sorry, ma'am. We can't take walk ups at the drive through and we closed our floor at eleven."


Sam was moments away from blacking out and the ma'am comment threw him for a loop, "but... tired... help... please."


Kyle watched as the person he was trying to send away collapsed outside his window. Panicking he ran outside and picked her up, finding her to be very light and very naked as well. He pulled her inside and set her on one of the bench seats so he could check if she was alive. Her pulse was light and her breathing was shallow. He got the idea this person was dehydrated and filled a cup with pepsi. He held her head up and poured some into her mouth, noticing the strange teeth and protruding facial structures. He had been considering calling for an ambulance but he was unsure if he should call a vet or anyone for that matter, now. She looked more animal than human on some features. The soda went down and she seemed to calm down a little with the fluid in her as he got back to work. He kept an eye on his charge while he worked until she finally stirred shortly before he had to close the store.


Sam felt incredibly disoriented when he finally came to. The smell of Taco Bell food was overwhelming and making him hungry. The last thing he remembered was running towards the store and collapsing at the window. He ran his hands over his head, trying to get used to the ears that sat atop his skull surrounded in feathers. Someone was walking towards him now, the sound of their shoes hitting the tile echoing in the room to his enhanced hearing.


"Oh good, you're awake. I was hoping I didn't have to carry you with me. Name is Kyle. Who are you?"


Sam groaned before sitting up. Kyle had his hand outstretched to him and he took it, "Sam."


"Wow, your fur is really soft. So anything I can get for you? I'm just closing down the store and I have a few things I need to throw out."


Sam's stomach growled for him and Kyle had a quick laugh, "anything would be great. I'm so hungry."


Sam felt a pain at the base of his spine when he tried to sit up farther and realized he had a large tail. It didn't look very long, maybe a foot shorter than his legs, but was as thick around as his thighs were. It was at that moment he realized how naked he was and his apparent sex change. He took a better look at his body and noticed his new fur and feather patterned self. Complete with size B breasts and a small mound where his penis had been just the day before. He had fantasies about something like this happening before but now that it was a reality he missed his wang. Kyle picked this time to come out with a small platter of burritos for him.


"I had enough for a few bean burritos but only one burrito supreme and a grilled stuffed burrito. Hope this is enough! I don't know how much your people eat."


Sam's ears drooped to the sides at his comment. He was appreciative for the food but he didn't have the heart to tell him this had just happened. He took a tentative bite of a bean burrito to see if his stomach would accept it and was rewarded with a fresh renewal of his hunger. He quickly polished off all of the food, save one bean burrito, and leaned back with a contented sigh.


"Thank you, Kyle. I felt like I hadn't eaten in days."


Kyle was slightly amazed at first with how fast Sam was eating but eventually leveled out and just watched in fascination. "Glad to be of help. So where are you headed? And where are you from for that matter?"


"I.. err... I'm not sure. I was human just a couple days ago. I don't know of anywhere I can go."


"Really? That's cool! How did you change? Is there a new procedure of some sort to do this?"


Sam took his enthusiasm as being a furry like himself. He had planned on going to the con during his vacation to the city. Now he didn't even know what he was going to do about sleep, "I wouldn't call it a procedure. From what I understand, what did this to me would kill any other person."


"Oh," Kyle looked completely crestfallen, "so what are you doing for tonight?"


"Umm. No idea yet. I need to find somewhere to sleep that is safe. Some people were chasing me not too long ago."


"Well... if you want, you can stay with me tonight? I have plenty of space!"


"Oh no, I couldn't! You are already doing a lot for me. I wouldn't want to cause you any grief!"


"I insist! I can't have you sleeping on the streets. You need a safe place to sleep anyways. Just let me finish closing up the store and we can head to my place, it's right around the corner."


Sam smiled to himself as Kyle got busy cleaning the store. If he had run into anyone else they probably would have screamed and called the cops, animal control, FBI and CIA. Thank god for furries!

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Imminent rape in 3... 2... 1...
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*Peter Griffon laugh* Furry human rape, good one, but naw, i liked the story.