28 Aug 2011

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Posted 28 Aug 2011 07:59
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The Game Screens So Far

A sample of everything so far, plus a sample of a screen that is WIP--- and the island map, of course, hasn't been finished yet. One of the overheads map in the game-- your initial location is the Island of Trinovantes. It's nnot 100% done yet, but these are the locations I have made. New Formosa is a bustling large city, which will have another overhead map for navigation. Old Formosa is a colonial type small city, and thus it is smaller-- there will be no overhead map (but the player will be able to use a map tool to navigate it if they do not wish to walk around that much) As for what the story is about? It is linked, in a way, to a certain story of an opera which features the shield of the sun, an enchanted instrument, and anthropomorphic birds. What happens after Happily Ever After?

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Leogenji 2 years ago 0
Hmmm interesting to say at least! I like the colors, lots of purples!