29 Aug 2011

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Posted 29 Aug 2011 08:57
Last edited 29 Aug 2011 09:00
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Reptile Cynrik 2011

This is the current character design sheet of my character "Reptile Cynrik" in his brand new battle armor! Just in case, you forgot how he looks like... or if you'd ever like to draw him.

This time, I have NOT used any human reference model or photo - this has all been drawn from the mind. That's why it looks really like a comic poser this time, but I like it very much.

This here is his BATTLE ARMOR! The other clothing you know is his DRESS UNIFORM:

As you can see, he'd never go to battle with the dress... so, I had to come up with a cool and functional protective suit like this one. ^^

Changes in Reptile's design:

1) The bluish thorns at the side of his jaw are more "spikey" this time. Also, they might grow in the future.
2) His feet have become more "avian" - the toes are not capable of grapping on to stuff, like a branch of a tree or solid groud. Also, he might be able to use his feet like primitive hands.

This artwork is DEDICATED to my friends "SYMBOLHERO" and "DJ DARKFOX" - you guys know why! ;-)

Media used:
Working time:
6 hours

"Reptile Cynrik" is © to Patrick Reichel aka avatar?user=12860&character=0&clevel=0 ReptileCynrik

And no, I have NOT changed Reptile's genital design. ^^
Here is the latest MALE REPTILIAN GENITAL SHEET ---->

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Surasshu 2 years ago 0
That´s an good artwork, pretty nice :D but I can´t decide, which of these both poses looks hotter :3
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Hehe, thank you! ^^ But as you can see, both poses are quite alike. Just... half-naked left and clothed right. ^__^"
In any way: if you cannot decide: TAKE BOTH!!!! :D
Surasshu 2 years ago 0
Well, that´s a good idea :3 That´s like fucking or getting fucked by twins =P
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Goddy 2 years ago 0
Mmm, I love fundoshis :) And the armor looks really cool ^_^ *touchies*
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
I love em, too! ^__^ THANKS for the comment. *hugs*
Ma An Tiao 2 years ago 0
Great artwork (^_^) I think he's wearing Samurai Outfit at right.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Yeah, I've been inspired by many animes/mangas lately... ^^" And it kinda fits to his fighting style.
Ma An Tiao 2 years ago 0
Reminds me of Basara, Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), and Busou Renkin.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Well, but I checked... there is nobody wearing this "medieval asian style outfit". :P
In fact... I think this is more or less chinese fashion, after all. ^^"
I'm reading "Vagabond", "Bleach" and other mangas like that.

Never mind, glad you like it!
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Lovely as always.
But I wonder, why did you change the feet's design?
Any special reason or just wanting to try out something different?
In anycase the side spikes you mention does look better now I think. ^^
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
His feet have evolved over the past artworks. I came to the conclusion that it'd be more logical and just better to have larger toes and a grappling ability. ^__^
Aaaand... there're many "feet lovers", who kinda encouraged me to do this design. ^^"
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Hehe, well I believe you should go for what you feel most comfortable with and what expresses him the best. ^^
But a dareing angle for you would maby be a view when the camera looks down upon him from an more over view look.
Think I haven't seen one in that angle.
Anyway, laways nice to see some more reptile. :D
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Well, such angle would be a challange... ^^ Maybe in time. Good idea! ;)
Sonic Fox 2 years ago 0
Again, the tail armor is awesome, and realistically it actually works best for him due to the spikes that help keep it steady and in one place; might slip on anyone else.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Yeah, the tail armor is MY favourite part, too! ^^ THANKS!!!!!!
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
I thought he didn't like the fundoshi... :P

I do like the feet. Them being larger makes him, as a whole, look more balanced. With, talons, he looks more stable shile stand and much more agile. He can really dig into the ground to change directions.
But this is counterred by the armour. It looks less moveable than his other clothing options.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
It's horrible that I don't get notified each time a new comment reaches me. -..- Because I would really hate to miss SUCH a nice and sophisticated comment! THANKS VERY MUCH!!

Yeah, the change in feet design had to happen after some time. Sure, it's mostly to please certain "feet lovers" icon_biggrin.gif , but also admit it has many logical benefits. ^^

Don't be fooled by the armor style - it is light weight and really flexible! ;)
Arms and legs can be moved in all directions and it still provides some extra protection... not as if REPTILE needs protection! XD

DJGoo 2 years ago 0
Yes, either he doesn't scar very well or he is blessed with amazing good luck.

It is odd if you reply on 2.0 it doesn't show up on 1.0. Hmm.

I just wish I had some armour like that of my own icon_biggrin.gif
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
By the way, how was your vacation? ^^
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Thanks very much, the vacation has been nice! ^^ Now, it's over and school starts again tomorrow. ^^"
Take care and carry on!
Swordsdragon 2 years ago 0
Outstanding! ^^
Swordsdragon 2 years ago 0
Great! ^^ Reptile was given an awesome assortment of equipment: armor, naginata (seemingly) and a heavier halberd known to having been used to defeat Devon.