29 Aug 2011

Midnight MightyenaHer forest -Looking for answers..Bored..Hold Her Close~Hangover x_xResbonsibilitiesCome here boy~More Woofs!Breeze~Getting cold?For My FluffieBeach

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Posted 29 Aug 2011 17:07
Last edited 29 Aug 2011 17:10
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Her forest -

#2 of Anthros

So don´t touch anything! ;D

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LucarioFan692 2 years ago 0
what a pretty picture, very nice
Hawkshadow741 2 years ago 0
*touches her* sexy~<3
Darian The Neon Wolf 2 years ago 0
very nicly done ^^ ur art always brings a smile on my face and a boner in my pants =3
cyraks 2 years ago 0
vary nice my new desktop BG =) for now
Sylvr 2 years ago 0
Now, you never said anything about not touching her...*pokes...* ^.^
Smexy Oryx 2 years ago 0
WOW, that's just...BOWCHICKAWOWOW! Nice work!!!!
Wolfgunman 2 years ago 0
Damnit, Tucker! :j
Toumal 2 years ago 0
Nice! Consider yourself watched <3
kimo 2 years ago 0
taken out of context, that could have sounded very VERY creepy
kimo 2 years ago 0
excellent work!
Ma An Tiao 2 years ago 0
WOW! Reminds me of Eve.
FurryDragon9000 2 years ago 0
Beautiful! :) I can look at it all day.
AmberWolf 2 years ago 0
wow this is beautiful ^^
Flite 2 years ago 0
So cute and adorable :]
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
I love her body, her shape. I think this is expert and judicious use of the blending of both human and animal features.

As that is the very soul, the essence, the core of anthropomorphosis in my eyes, I think this picture is a resounding success.
Kyler The Umbreon 2 years ago 0
There are no words to describe this picture. NOTHING can describe it's awesomeness and beauty.
Wolfgunman 2 years ago 0
Nice Pic, Love the expretion, with a very god like pose. Well done!
Alucai 2 years ago 0
Is it possible to fave every single thing of yours at once?
BlueSerperior 2 years ago 0
Wonderful piece of art. One can really see the emotion brought out in this drawing here. ^^