Drake Silverscale
29 Aug 2011

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Posted 29 Aug 2011 20:19
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My brother, the dragon.


My Brother, The Dragon
By Drake


My name is James and I am your average 5'9" human male, and my life is a little messed up, first my father is a 8'9" tall red and black dragon, his name is Reduge pronounced Rouge, weird right?, it gets better, while my mom is a normal 5'0" human, my brother, my OLDER brother is also a dragon, he lucked out in the genetics, see we are real blood-brothers same mom, same dad, but genetic pattern is a little picky, for me I got scales for skin, EXTERMELY HOT breath, and well...other things. My brother, Lane, is your average 6'1" dragon. And unfortuneatly for me, quite the ladies man, but for some unknown reason he doesn't like them, any of them. While me, the smarter one, can't even go up to one, without being laughed at.  Great life right? Well I guess i should tell the whole story shouldn't I? Well here we go.

Chapter 1

Mom's Story

Before, you guys were even born, I was a scientist. I worked with the military, I was supposed to create a device, that if needed, could allow the entire earth to escape. Well first we, the team and me that is, had to build a prototype, and being the over achiver that I am, decided to build very large one, it was about 10 feet tall, and when it came time to test it, it malfunctioned a little. Instead of taking things in, it started to blow things out. And the first thing to be blown out....was your father. Now that I remember it, it was actually kinda funny, because when he saw us he was about a scared as us. About 23 min after the device stopped on its own, we were still staring at each other, me and your father that is, mainly because I was the only one closest to it. I believe what was going through my mind was, "Is that really a dragon?, Is he going to eat me?, Why doesn't he do something already?" I was the first to speak, "Uhhh....Hi, mmmm my my name is Lisa, what is yours?" then i notice something, his face seemed to soften, then he spoke, "Mrr, Ah hum, My name is Reduge, It is nice to meet you Ms. Lisa, I have never seen a human before" i was surprised by the fact that he knew what a human was. "How do you know what we are?" i said. He looked at me very strange then said "I am guessing that I am confusing to you, aren't I? well to us, you are fictional characters."  Then, I said something unexpected, something to this day I still can't figure out, "Reduge, would you like to stay with me?" Then eveyone in the lab just bursted out laughing, but me and him just stood there, staring into each others eyes, long after that when he was officialy no longer a threat, we got married and three years after drake was born, then a month after that you were born.

Drake Silverscale 2 years ago 0
This is a new series i am working on, it is a mostly clean series, i am working on this for inspiration on my other one.
Grunty 2 years ago 0
Good story...i would've just stared at the dragon that popped out too...and i would be thinking the same thing x3!
Drake Silverscale 2 years ago 0
Hey sorry about this, the full story has been uploaded. Oh and thank you Grunty.
Ceron 2 years ago 0
Mostly clean? >:) This already has my interest. Even if it would be m/f ( which I don't like reading much ) it seem s interesting already. :)
Drake Silverscale 2 years ago 0
Well actually, there was going to be a little action between Lane and James but ...Idk might not turn out the way i like it.
DarknessDraco 2 years ago 0
awsome dude keep it up.
Drake Silverscale 2 years ago 0
thanks, the full story is up