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Two Kings One Prince

#1 of King

            Building set aflame, people running and screaming as they tried to run from the monsters that they had been at war for many, many years. The city that was burning belonged to the human king, a man that cared not what happened to the lesser class of the ladder, which the beast who held blades in hand and shot fire from their jaws; did not know. Grabbed in sliver armor that covered their chest, legs, and arms the dragons that ran like humans roared as they slaughter the humans that tried to attack to keep their homes safe. One lone dragon, whose scales shone a deep yellow, much like god, made his way into the gates of the city with three guards on each side of him. His horns curling back and then up a bit, a red cape fluttering behind him as his tail with many scales thumped on the ground behind him. He did not usually attack human cities for he thought it was beneath him, even though he did rule over the dragons, he wanted to make a example, to show that maybe the two races could live in peace. But weeks ago, when the humans attacked and killed his mate and son, weeks of him grieving over their deaths; he wanted revenge and to show the human king how he could end him in a flash.


            His gold eyes watched as many of the humans ran screaming, the dragons only attacking those who attacked them. One of his guards, who ran off ahead to scout the area returned and bowed his head to his king.

            "Majesty," he said still somewhat bowing before looking up. "We have done what you asked and slaughter all of the males of the city," he spoke in their own tongue, the king only nodding as he looked around more. "What shall we do with the women and children?"

            "Kill the ones who are still here," he only muttered. "These are mates and children to the men of the kings, they will feel the wrath of what befell this to happen!" the guard looked up slightly confused, but nodded all the same. Barking his orders, any dragons whose hands were free started to slaughter the children and women, the screams cut short. The king made his way slowly though the city, he didn't like the view before him, death and crumbling buildings; but he wanted his message to be brought out, and he knew this would do that.


            One home stood out among the rest, it was not burning like the others around him, and it bore the flag of the dragon clan. Wondering why a human would bare the flag of their foes, he remembers a human woman would speak for the human king. This was the only human that the dragons thought as a friend, for she always tried to help the dragons, the king did not know that the human women lived here or he would've sent someone to get her to safety, walking toward the door with a long gold plated sword drawn, he made his way in.


            Everything was already broken, and it looked like maybe hours before the dragons had already came, for no claw marks or sot were seen hanging on the walls of the home. He heard a slight gasp of pain, looking over to see the human he grown fond of as a friend as he walked over and knelt down. Her face pale with blood lost as her arm drenched in blood, her hand held a dagger, her unharmed arm, a bundle of something. Her hair was mostly ripped off, no doubt whoever did this wanted her to pay for something, and the smell of sex still lingered in the air. With a shaky breath, she opened her eyes to look at the dragon as she smiled softly at him.

            "Hello," she spoke softly, bits of blood on her mouth her dried. "The one's attacking the it your doing?"

            "Yes it is," the dragon answered looking back seeing his guards as he waved them off. "What happened to you?"

            "The king..." she coughed slightly. "He wanted me to kill you the next time I came to you for a dinner meet, I denied him that offer, and death was my reward for defining him."

            "Alice..." the dragon breathed looking down at her.

            "Zaptor," she breathed lightly, her body shaking as she uncovered the blankets showing a small babe in her arms. Hair curls and black and eyes a deep blue. "Please...a favor to me...please takes care of my child..." the king Zaptor looked to her then to the same human baby. "Or find someone who can...but please," she begged softly. "Let him live...please..." the King moved closer, as she nudged the child into his arms, somehow the baby fell asleep even wit all the noise outside as he looked to him then to Alice. "I named him Brandon, meaning Sword from my old land," she spoke with each dying breath.

            "I will care for him as if he was my own," Zaptor bowed, he never bowed to anyone but to who he though earned it. "Your name will go down in our history as a friend to the dragons Alice, and one day, I'll allow Brandon to see what his home was like...though it will pain me when he finds out it was me who caused this..." Alice gave a smile.

            "A rage of a dragon is something to fear..." and with that, she brought her eyes to a close, head dipped sideways, letting one more breath fall from her lips, before staying still.


            Zaptor stood up holding the child in one arm as he turned to leave, looking back once at the human he called friend before walking out into the still fighting grounds. The guards saw what he was holding but dare not question him with why he was with a human child.

            "I want this house to be left as is," he spoke. "Guard it well while I retired back to the castle."

            "Yes sir!" they bowed their heads and stood by the home.

            "And one last thing," he looked to the guard beside him. "Bring the human who lies there, and bury her in the royal resting place."

            "You majesty?"

            "Do as I asked!" the guard shrank back and nodded. "And do not defaces her body, or I will cut you down with my blade." And with that, he walked out of the city, holding the child in his arms before taking to the skies.


            Once landing, he was greeted by his subjects with bows and good will; he nodded to them and wished them the same will as they to him; seeing a massager hatchling telling him to find a dragoness that use to work for him and to bring her to his castle to speak to. The young dragon nodded and ran off as Zaptor made his way to his castle which could be seen for miles ahead. Once walking in, he seated himself on his throne, Brandon still sleeping in his arms as he wondered how a child could sleep so much. The doors opened, allowing a dragoness near the age of the king himself walked in. scales as white as snow and eyes blue like the human in the king arms. She wore a long blue robe and bowed before the king as he stood and started to walk.

            "Walk and talk to me Zel," he told her as she nodded and followed.


            They made their way down the halls with no words exchanged for a while, until the king stopped and spoke. "You took cared of my child for many long years Zel," he spoke looking ahead, keeping Brandon hidden. "I thank you for that."

            "There is no need for thanks king Zaptor," she answered with a bow. "I was more then happy to care for your child."

            "And again, I thank you,"  the gold dragon turned and moved both his cape and his wing to show the young Brandon rested in his arms as Zel looked form him to the babe and back with a shock look. "Do you remember Alice?" she nodded her head and then gasped.

            "No..." the king nodded slowly at what she now knew as she held the child in his arms.

            "I do not know how to care for a child myself, and I know I will be busy a lot, but if you may, can you care for him, and also teach me?" the white dragoness looked up at her king and then back at the child. She never did like humans, but Alice was something else, since humans killed her family, she swore off all other humans but Alice once she saw how kind hearted she was. And now her dear friend was gone, and her child before her. Holding her arms out, Zaptor brought the child into her arms as she cradled him lightly. "Your old quarters are still where it was before," he answered walking away. "You may stay here or stay at home like you use to, but Brandon stays here."

            "May someone be sent to gather my things so I can stay here then my lord?" she asked as Zaptor nodded. "But...if I may ask, what are we going to tell Brandon when he asks in the later years why he is so different?"

            "When he comes of age of ten," spoke Zaptor. "I will tell him myself, and show him his home." Zel nodded lightly at this. "And Zel, I know you have wielded magic before, when he is older to understand the way of magic, may you teach him as well?"

            "I can," she answered.

            "Thank you," he told her lightly, and left.


            Years had past since that day Zaptor brought Brandon to his castle. All dragons from the land knew him as the king son and heir to the throne. Some thought it was crazy, a human ruling over them; but as the years grew by; they saw how the now ten year old human grew to be a fine young man.

            "Just think hard Brandon," Zel told him in the dragon tongue which he had learned over the years; even the human way of speaking as well, as the four foot tall human closed his eyes and held his hands palm out before him. On his hands rest a rock, and try as he might, he could not lift it with the spell he had learned. He was gifted in magic, able to only think the spell and it would work, this skill took many years for one to master it, and yet he could do it at a young age. Making fires and healing was his best so far, but lifting things were a little hard for him. The human wore a deep red noble suit, a small cape that would cover his right shoulder which was black. His eyes tightly close as the rock wobbled a bit and started to float, but once he let the air out of him, it fell into his open hands, panting lightly. Zel took the rock from him as he sat down, wiping his head with a cloth and pushing the hair from his eyes, which had grown past his ears.

            "I just can't do it!" he whined softly. "I've been trying to lift that stupid rock for weeks now and it can't do it!"

            "Hush now," his nanny and mentor in the way of the magic spoke in a deep voice to him causing him to flinch back. "I understand that it is hard, but once you master it, it will be like making fire or healing."

            "But those were always easy to me," he moaned and pouted. "Why can't I go outside today anyway?"

            "You know your father is looking for your Guardian," she told him. "Your Guardian will keep you safe when you walk out, and will also teach you in the way of the blade when you grow older, for today will be the day you will train for the first time with weapons!" he smiled at that, having always thought of running into battle with his father to stop the human and beat this war. He had never seen another human before in his life, so he didn't even know what they looked like, and when he notice that he was different from his father, he asked him and he told him it was because he was gifted. He didn't believe that, but he didn't wish to push it on with him.

            "I hope I don't get some old grumpy dragon," he muttered as Zel laughed and hugged him softy.

            "How about we go see if your father needs us right now alright?" she asked as he nodded, as they went to the door, he looked back once more at the rock and stopped as Zel looked back. "What is it?" she asked as he walked back over and held the rock in one hand and breathed slowly and closed his eyes softy this time. Zel watched as his hands glowed a soft blue, as well as the rock as it hovered eye level. She had never seen anything like this before, and once the human opened his eyes, he smiled as the rock fell onto his hands again.

            "How did you do that?" asked Zel going back to Brandon as he smiled lightly.

            "I don't know," he answered, and walked away down the hall, with Zel looking confused but followed him all the same.


            "Thank you for choosing me as your son's Guardian," as Zaptor made his way down the hallway, a dragoness near the same height as the king looked ahead. She bore blue scales and deep gold eyes. She bore only small horns on her head, but did have horns on her elbows which made them deadly. Sliver plated armor and two foot and half long blades strapped on her back as they clanked hitting her back, she bore no wings, since cut off in battle when she was capture, but what she lacked in flight, she made up in speed on the ground.

            "You're skills were remarkable," he answered her still walking ahead. "It was not a hard choice to make. Now as you know, my son is..."

            "Yes I know," she answered. "Word spread quickly the first week you told your subjects that you took the child as your own, but may I ask why?" Zaptor stopped for only a moment, until walking again.

            "A favor to a friend," he only said until they heard the sound of running feet behind them.

            "Father!" Brandon ran down as the dragon king smiled and knelt down and hugged his son tightly as the Guardian smiled slightly.

            "Hello Brandon," Zaptor smiled rubbing his head. "Did you get your lessen done for today with Zel?" Brandon nodded then saw the dragoness behind his father and gave her a wide eye look.

            "Who's that?" he asked as the dragoness brought an arm over her chest, which were pushed out like the females of humans; and bowed slightly.

            "My name is Nixi," she spoke as she straightened up. "I am to be your Guardian prince Brandon." The young human looked to her then to her father then back at her with a smile.

            "Nice to meet you," he beamed to her as if he had not a care in a world. "Does that mean you will teach me how to fight as well?" the blue dragoness looked form his to the king as if wanting an answer as Zaptor laughed heartily.

            "He's a one with the eye for one of those large two handed blades," he answered as Brandon still smiled. "But son, you know you'll have to work your way up before you can even wield that sort of weapon."

            "I know father," the young boy nodded. "But one day I want to help you stop the humans!" Zaptor seemed to dwell on what he just spoke of, Zel already knowing why, and even Nixi, who was one of the many guards that went on the raid when Brandon was only a baby. As the king looked between the two females, he sighed and turned to his son.

            "Brandon," he started. "You need to know something."


            Over the next hour, Brandon sat in his father study, listening to what he had to say about how he was not truly his son and about what he was. Brandon was shocked, he wanted to yell, but he knew somewhere deep inside that the dragon before him meant well for not telling him who he was. Zaptor also told him how it was he, who attacked his home, but his home he lived in had reminded untouched, and his mother buried in the royal gardens.

            "So..." Brandon looked down sighing. "I'm not really your son?"

            "Not by blood no," answered the gold dragon. "But listen to me, you are my son by all others, you will rule this land over the dragons once I past or feel the need to stop ruling, you know the subjects of both dragons and drake consider you their prince."

            "I know," he answered. "But I must you know who my blood father is?" Zaptor sighed and shook his head. His magic wielders have been doing secret test to any male human that looked a bit like Brandon to see if they were his father, but so far none came up as his father.

            "Not yet," he answered. "But Brandon, listen well, I can understand you are angry at me for not telling you what you were, but least stay until you can fend for yourself."

            "What do you mean?"

            "Don't you want to go out to find your father?" Brandon thought for a moment and shook his head.

            "You are my father," he stood up and hugged the dragon by the waist as the scale beast smiled. "I want to stay here as long as I can, learn and fight and help you still. Maybe with a human on your side, we can make the human king listen!" Zaptor smiled and stood up, placing a hand on his shoulder.

            "Yes maybe so," he answered. "It's a good thing you know both the tongue of our race, it will make things a lot easier for us maybe, and tomorrow, I will allow Nixi to train you, and when you can defend yourself, we may go see your birth home." Brandon nodded as the two walked out of the room, side by side, father and son.


            Years pasted since the day Brandon found out who and what he was, even though he knew Zaptor was not his father, he still called him father; for he was the only family he truly had know, beside for Zel his nanny, he even though of Nixi as family to him, even though she was to keep him safe and train him in the way of fighting. As the years pasted from childhood from teenage hood and from the moment he reached seventeen, he became a man. Now one year after becoming a man, the human, prince of the dragons and drakes, stood before his reflection, looking at how time had changed his body. His eyes still the same ocean blue as the day he was born, hair pushed backwards into but spiked in the front, which was as black as raven feathers. His shoulders broad and filled with muscles from all the weapons he trained with over the years. His face now squared like, stubble growing into as he just shaved days before. He wore only light armor, a light chest plate and legging to allow him better movement in battle as well as some arm guards. He was trained in ow to use spears, swords, knives and how to wield a shield, but he preferred to use his five foot long and three foot wide blade, his favorite weapon he liked to use. His arms thick with muscles from years of training as his chest stood out as well, hair growing slightly on his chest as he watched before putting his plain white tunic on as the door behind him opened.

            "Oh sorry to have disturbed you Master Brandon," it was one of the many servants that worked at the castle, a drake. Looking more like a snake with arms and legs, she bore no wings or horns like her dragons cousins. Her scales were a deep green; her eyes yellow like cat eyes as her underbelly were a light yellow. She wore no clothing, for her shame was not seen easily, only when she was aroused by heat or matting. "I did not know you were getting ready,"

            "It's quite alright Tentra," he answered with a slight laugh as he turned to face her fully. Seeing his room was of large size, not as large as the king, but still large. A bed which could hold three to four people on one side easily covered it, a nightstand with a small lamp, which fire he had long burned out before falling into his slumber. The other side stood a desk which he wrote poems or other such things that needed writing, and beside that wall, the weapons he used and still used hung up, polished and clean. The window to his room was open, allowing the curtain to flow freely in the wind as the Drake only looked down slightly ashamed.

            "Still Master," she bowed slightly. "I should've knocked before entry."


            Brandon sighed. In the family it was customary for the prince and king to have a servant to care for them once they grew old for their nannies, though Brandon did not like the idea of having a servant, making him feel as if she was his slave; he did not wish to ashamed his father.

            "Really it's alright," he went over and lifted her head with his finger. "You worry too much that I will beat you, you know I will not; and please," he smiled letting his hand drop."You don't have to call me Master when it's just us."

            "Yes Ma-," she stopped herself before smiling lightly. "Yes Brandon," she bowed slightly as he ushered her in as she walked in fully and closed the door.

            "So what brings you here today?" he asked offering her his chair which she took and looked up to him with sorrow in her eyes.

            "It's my mother," she spoke in a low voice. "She is becoming very ill...and I do not know what to do, I wish to leave, but I must go where you go and uh..."

            "You wish me to go with you to see if anything can be done?" Tentra looked away, as if she thought she was being selfish, he was kind to her, unlike her old master who they bought her from. "Well?"

            "Yes," she answered in another low voice.

            "Well, lets get ready then!" Tentra shot her head to him as he held a smile on his face. "Look, I can understand that you want to see your mother, and I want you to see her if she's as ill as you say. Nixi will also come, not that I have the choice in the matter," he rolled hi eyes a bit as he went on. "And plus, I can fight off any bandits that come our way as well!"

            "...Master..." Brandon sighed and shook his head.

            "Please don't call me that," he went over and helped her to her feet. "Now let us see if father will give us the go ahead alright?" she only nodded as she stood up, Brandon going toward one of his swords, taking the overly size one and clipping it on his back, before taking off with Tentra behind him.


            "I do not know son," Zaptor sat on his throne looking toward his son with aging gold eyes; his once golden shine slowly fading away with the upcoming years of death closing in on him. "There have been words flying though the winds that the humans have been over the lands, as if looking for someone. Out spies had yet to find out what he is after, but if these many men are out looking; it can't be good."

            "I understand your concern father," Brandon answered back with Tentra beside him looking down slightly. She could never look the kin gin the eye unless he wished to. "But Nixi will be coming with us, I know because I have no choice in the matter for she is my Guardian, and she said herself my way of the blade and fighting is just as good as hers'; maybe better!" the dragon brought his claw up to his chin as he hummed slightly, thinking of what his son was speaking, he did see him grow in the way of the blades, and he could easily move out of harms way from the many times he went out on war games with himself. Though he still felt uneasy with just three going alone, even more since he knew not what the human king was up to.

            "I will allow you to leave," he answered as Brandon smiled. "But, on the note that you allow another Guardian to walk with you. He is new to the ranks yes, and Nixi had even trained him herself as well. This will give him a test of what it is to be one of the Guards, will you allow him to walk with you to keep you and Tentra safe from harms way?" Brandon sighed. Having another walk with them could slow them down a bit, Tentra saying that her home was a week walk, and with another it could slow them to a few more days; even more if this dragon or drake is green behind the ears so to speak.

            "This may slow down out walk," he answered back but sighed all the same. "But I agree with your terms and will allow this newly Guardian to walk with us, who knows; might be better then me being the only male around." His father shared a laugh with him as Brandon smiled lightly.

            "If I may ask Tentra," the king turned his head toward the drake as she looked up slightly. "What is wrong with your mother?"

            "She...has been greatly ill for a few years your majesty," she spoke looking back down. "I allowed myself to be a servant to your son so that I may work to pay for her medicine."

            "If I may father," Brandon looked back to the gold dragon. "May I bring some gold to buy such elixir that her mother needs? Tentra has always been a hard worker, and I know that this would be a fine way to repay her for all her hard work."


            Tentra turned to Brandon with wide eyes as he turned slightly and winked at her, causing her to look away slightly, a smile on her muzzle.

            "I don't see why not, go to the bank before you leave and take out three bag of gold, filled to the brim. Use what you need for food, and for the potion, any left Tentra mother may have."

            "T...thank you, thank you both!" Tentra went down to her knees and bowed her head low. "I can never repay the kindness you are sowing me today."

            "Think nothing of it dear," Zaptor spoke. "But Brandon, remember, you must be here by the next full moon, the ball is coming and I think the Drake lord of the north daughter has her eye for you." Brandon groaned slightly shaking his head.

            "Father, you do know the only reason many of these female pay any looks to me is because I'm to be king right?" Zaptor laughed loudly, his voice booming around the room.

            "Maybe so," he chuckled looking at him. "But it's always fun to watch them want to tear the other apart just to show they can fight along side you if the need arises!" Brandon only slightly snarled, he knew by the time the ball happened, he would have to pick a suitable mate before his father passing, and he knew that the female Drake only wished to be queen so she wouldn't have to work. Her father land of which he ruled was slowly dying away, and her being queen was the only way that land could be reborn, or her not to work. Brandon did think she was cute in a way, since he never seen another human before, always staying within Dragon and Drake land, so he didn't know what and how a human female would look compared the dragoness and Drakes. "Do you have any idea of who you would want for a mate son?" this caught Brandon off guard slightly; when he was around the age of seventeen, every day on the second month. Dragonesses and Drakes would come to him, showing him what they looked like and what they would give him to be their mates. One even went so far as to give her body to him to use as he wished. Brandon shook the image from his mind as he remembered the guards around him laughing slightly, even Nixi seemed to laugh at this which only made him groan. Tentra turned slightly to see what he was thinking, but with his blank look while he thought, she couldn't tell what the young human was thinking.

            "No," he answered plainly.

            "Well," Zaptor answered. "There will be many females at the ball anyway for you to chose from, now, are you leaving today or tomorrow?"

            "Tomorrow sounds better," answered Brandon as he turned to Tentra. "May you go and look for Nixi and tell her what is to be done, and also to bring the rookie she's been training?" she nodded and started to turn to leave. "Also, be sure to get any supplies we may need, with that done you may retire for the day.

            "Yes Master," she bowed slightly and left with hast as Brandon watched after her for a moment, until she was gone.


            Zaptor saw the way he was looking at her as she left, and wondered if he truly had feelings for his servant. It didn't seem uncommon; his own mate was his first servant before he was king. Brandon sighed loudly as he turned to his father and walked up to him as Zaptor looked up slightly.

            "Father," he spoke in a voice he only spoke when he spoke true or wished to. "May I speak to you about something?"

            "You know you can," the dragon answered as Brandon sighed.

            "Do I really have to pick the dragonesses or the ball?"

            "What do you mean?" Brandon sighed and took his seat next to his father, leaning on his elbows which rested on his knees.

            "I mean...what if I like someone already...that is not or lord or royal blood?"

            "A subject?" Zaptor no doubt knew who he was talking about, but deiced to play dumb for his son sake.

            "Yeah," he answered. "I mean...I see her everyday when I walk outside the castle," he seemed to pause before saying outside. "And me and her get along pretty well, I mean. We can tell each other mostly anything, and when it's just me and her, I feel like I'm not your son, not the prince...just Brandon."

            "I understand what you speak of," the gold dragon spoke with a nod. "Just do what your heart tells you my son," he placed a hand on his shoulder. "Just know this, I will not always be around, and I want you happy with the mate you and only you chose. I do not care if she is poor women or the most hated bitch to everyone but you, I do not care; only as long as you are happy." Brandon sighed and smiled with his eyes closed. "Does she know you have feelings for her?"

            "No," he answered.

            "Does she have feelings for you?"

            "I do not know," he answered. "If she does, she can hide it well."

            "Do I know her?" Brandon didn't answer at once; he had to remember if his father went to the places and met the dragons and Drakes he met.

            "Maybe," he answered.

            "Well," he answered slapping Brandon back. "If you work up the power to ask her to the ball, come to me and I will make sure she looks like a princess by the time she's done!"

            "Again," Brandon looked to him. "Thank you father." He bowed and stood up to leave, his mind racing if he should tell the one he liked, or not.


I'm counting this as a Prologue for reason ill tells. One it tell many of the ones who will be in the story, Brandon back story on how he was found so I don't have to fully tell it later in the story. And also a timeline on where he has to return and maybe work the power to tell someone how he feels, and I guess no doubt you all know who it is! 


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this is good, I'd like to see more.
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It is a good story, though needs some good revising, as there is a lot of grammar errors.
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Yeah i know, im still lookign for a beta reader so if you know one please do tell.
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Good work
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i liked it keep it going i would like to see what happens next.
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THIS IS AN INTERSTING!! i say keep it up.
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I could :3
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well if you like, look over the work and send it to me from this email.

ill replace said chapter with the one that is grammer right and also put it that you are the one that fixed it up.