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07 Sep 2011

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A Special Gift

Jadis's brother has a special gift in mind for the snow leopard...

Story commission for ghostblackburn on FA.

A Special Gift
By: Theo Winters

Written for GhostBlackburn

Jadis walked through the heavy snow as it fell over the mountain side, growing softly to herself as she put one massive paw in front of the other. The large female snow leopard was angry, angry at the people in the small village down below who were trying to keep her from eating.

Didn't they know that a snow leopard like her needed a lot to eat? It took at least a cow every week to keep her sated, and sometimes even that wasn't enough, but the villages didn't see it that way. All they saw was a fat feline killing their cattle and dragging it up into the mountains. They didn't even treat her like she was intelligent; just because she walked on all fours didn't mean she was an animal.

This time they had managed to case her off using some guns, she hadn't even gotten to take down one of the cows before they started shooting. It angered her to no end, so she had made it start snowing. Thick heavy flakes that hung in the air as they slowly sank down to the ground, covering everything. It was only a few weeks early, but it would cause them problems and maybe allow her to get pick off some cows in the cold.

For the moment she was happy just to climb back to her cave and rest against the warm rocks of the back wall. It was enough to keep away the chill, but it wasn't as good as a mate... or at least she assumed so, she had never had the opportunity to have one.

Her ears and tail drooped at this, the snow growing heavily around her as she slowed her pace. It was a bitter spot for her, she wanted a mate, someone to love and care for her and she wanted a family. She wanted a family more than anything else in the world, to feel her belly full of life, to feed her cubs, to have them there for her as she grew older. She knew it would never happen, none of the males she knew where interested in her. In fact they were scared of her, most of them running away as soon as they heard her name.

With a heavy sigh she slipped under the thick branch and into her cave, it was large, with a high ceiling and a long flat floor, a small spring of water bubbled up from the ground in the back while the whole far wall glowed with a warm orange light.

She walked up to the glowing wall and pressed her flank against it, the warmth of the magic rolling over her body and melting the accumulated snow on her fur. Her tail flicked up against her large flank as she lowered her head onto her forepaws, her eyes closing as she tried to focus on the warmth.

Jadis was just about to fall asleep when she heard a the wind howl for a moment, rushing into center of the cave, then the sound of something landing heavily on the stone floor.

Lifting her head she opened her eyes, looking over her cave. In the center of her room was a bundle of blue cloth with something flashing inside of it. With yawn the snow leopard rose to her feet then slowly stretched out her body, flicking her thick tail as her soft belly brushed over the ground before she relaxed the stretch.

She took in a long breath as she walked over to the bundle, the familiar scent of her brother hanging on the bundle of cloth. He was an interesting character, far too honest for her own taste, willing to work with the humans and follow their rules. It was foolish, but then he was a fool. Still, she loved him to bits even if they hardly saw each other anymore.

Nuzzling at the cloth, she opened it open to see what was inside. She wasn?t surprised that it had appeared in the middle of her home, he always knew where she was and had sent her a number of items in the past.  His magic had grown very powerful over the years, much more powerful than her own.

Inside the cloth was a pair of simple gold rings, each one a perfect size to slip onto her tail. Jadis nosed at them, smelling his scent on them as well. They were pretty, but she normally didn't wear jewelry, it looked odd on her quadruped body. Even so, she wasn't going to turn down  a gift from her brother.

She twisted herself around the rings until her tail was resting against her forepaws. Gently she picked up one of the rings and slowly threaded it half way down the length of her tail. She picked up the second one, slowly working it down as well until it slid into place between the first ring and the tip of her tail.

Leaning back she flicked her tail, feeling the weight of the rings as they shifted and settled against her fur. They moved a little bit before stopping, the fur holding them in place. The metal was warm, tingling slightly as she felt them starting to contract until they were a perfect fit on her tail.

She laughed softly to herself, the voice echoing off the stone walls of the cave, of course they would fit, they were from her brother after all. Flicking her tail quickly she felt the weight of them, not too heavy to be a problem but enough that she could tell they were there.

With a smile, Jadis moved back to the glowing wall, pressing herself up against it and purring softly. A gift like that was the perfect thing she needed to brighten up her day. Curling up she pressed her tail against her side, starting to drift off to sleep.

It was only interrupted by the sound of her stomach growing, sending the layer of fat and fur over it jiggling in place. All it did was remind her that she hadn't eat yet. She rubbed a paw at her belly and sighed. "Soon, I'll get something for you soon," she said, before finally drifting off to sleep.

* * *

An odd rolling her in her stomach woke Jadis from a sound sleep. She wasn't sure what it the feeling was, but she knew it didn't belong there. It wasn't like she was hungry, but something else, something she hadn't ever really felt before.

Opening her eyes she looked out over the cave, finding it empty, dim light glowing through the mouth of the cave. She hefted herself up to her feet, shaking out her tail as she felt the strange feeling coming again, this time centered deeper inside of her.

She bent down, looking past her fur and over her belly. She could see the white fur ripple under her.

The snow leopard flicked her tail against the glowing wall, trying to understand what was going on. She was hungry, she knew that, but it wasn't hunger that was digging though her belly. Reaching back with one forepaw she rubbed her belly, feeling it twitch under her touch.

A moment later the feeling came back, even stronger. She felt her belly twitching under her paw then swell out, pressing softly around her toes.

Jadis let out a gasp and stumbled back until her rump hit the glowing wall. Her legs fell out from under her as she fell on her side; the impact softer then it had any right to be. She closed her eyes as another wave of pressure crossed over her body, radiating out from deep in her belly. The feline watched as her gut swelled out even larger, the fur growing tight as its softness increased, at the same time her legs and flank started to swell as well.

Reaching up she pressed her shoulder, feeing the soft layer of fat covering her body. It was thicker then she was used to, the weight of it pressing her down as the pressure hit her again. More fat started to cover her body, her belly swelling out even bigger than before, pressing up between her legs, forcing them apart.

Then the pressure stopped. She found herself lying on her side, panting as her own body pressed down on her. It felt like her weight had at least doubled, most of it focused on her now large belly.

Panting, she ran her paws down over her large body, feeling the softness of the new weight. It was a wonderful feeling, so soft and warm. She had always wanted to be bigger and had spent years trying to add the extra weight, this was a wonderful way to cheat and get even larger.

Slowly she climbed up to her feet, her belly pressing her legs slightly apart and forcing her to waddle as she walked. Her thick legs rubbed at the sides of her stomach as it swayed from side to side, her large rump jumping with each step she took. Even her tail had gotten fatter, pressing at the pair of golden rings.

The snow leopard pawed at the stone floor as a new wave of pressure crossed through her body, this time mixed with a jolt of pleasure. She let out a surprised cry as her belly shook again, pressing herself down flat against the stone floor. There was a feeling of warmth radiating from deep inside of her, feeling it press outwards.

Closing her eyes she rolled over onto her flank, and then twisted further around and onto her back, the weight of her belly pinning her down. She flicked her tail more, bouncing it on the ground as the warmth grew stronger, feeling herself starting to swell again.

Jadis reached down and pressed her paws at her belly as it grew larger. This time it wasn't softness nor was it fat, it was something else, something firm and tight. Whatever it was, it felt wonderful as it continued to grow inside of her.

Another wave of pleasure crossed over her body, making her arch her back against the ground, her tail snapping against the stone as she clawed at the air. The growth felt wonderful, her belly swelling out larger by the moment, budging and making her belly curve outwards under the thick fat.

"What is going on," she said, gasping happily as the warmth grew in her belly. It was starting to change, shifting and growing, a moment later she felt something move inside of her, shifting and twitching as her belly grew even lager.

The feline started to rub her forepaws over her belly, feeling the warmth starting to fade as she  continued to grow under her touch. There was more movement inside of her, pressing up against her paw and down against her back. It wasn't just one weight but at least half a dozen, each one moving on its own.

Kicking at her feet she let out a low moan as she felt the warmth fade away, leaving her with a belly full of cubs. She could feel the moving inside of her now pregnant belly, all of them fighting to reach her touch and pressing at her paws.

Jadis let out a soft moan of pleasure as she felt relaxed back down against the floor. She flicked her tail, purring happily as her new children eagerly moved in her belly. She had no idea how this happen, why she got so fat or how she became pregnant, but she wasn't mad with the results. The feline had always wanted a family, almost as much as she wanted to be big, and now she had both.

She flicked her tail, the golden rings clicking on the ground once more. With a laugh she looked back at them then at the cloth they had been delivered in. Of course, this had to have been her brother's fault, not that she was mad at him, quite the opposite, but it wouldn't do to let him know about that at first.

The snow leopard rolled over and settled onto her four paws, her belly hung low and round now, the fur just brushing the stone floor. She smiled and walked, enjoying the feeling of her pregnant belly pulling her down.

It was going to be good to be a mother, and when her cubs were full grown they wouldn't have to worry about the humans anymore. With a pleased smirk she settled down against the warm wall, purring as she felt her cubs moving inside of her. She couldn't be happier.


This story was written and copyright 2011 by Theo Winters, reposting and archiving are allowed as long as this copyright notice and the author's name are not removed. This story cannot be published without permission of the author. Violators will be feed to the snow leopard cubs.