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tigers on the brain part 9

#10 of tigers on the brain

Hey srry for the long wait, I wasn't in the mood to write latly but im up to it now. im running a bit low on idea's, so if you have any don't be afraid of pming me. Same thing as the rest, gay stuff, my characters, borrowed wes and blake they are not mine they belong to komatose. Story time



   So many things was going through my mind but the biggest is how the hell am I pregnant.

   "Hey drago, you ok." Gale said with a concern look. I held up my hand telling him to give me a minute, I had to think. First was to make sure I was a boy, not the thing that's in between. I thought about it and I only had two holes below the belt, ass and slit. Second was' how was gale not freaking out', and third was how the hell am I pregnant. I looked up into gale's eyes through his bangs, I could tell he wasn't bothered with me being pregnant as much as I was.

   "Want to talk now." he said with still concerned eyes. I nodded.

   "I want to know how I'm pregnant, I know for a fact that I am a boy not a person in between."

   "You mean a hermaphrodite," replied the doctor.

   "A what?"A hermaphrodite is when a person is born with your normal and the sex organ of the opposite gender. If I am correct, you have a womb in you vag, right doc." Gale replied

   "Very impressive, you are absolutely correct. There is a small opening in his vag that leads in to a womb." The doctor said while showing me an x-ray.

   "Some of my cum must of slipped through in to the womb."Ok I get that but how am I a hermathing and why aren't your freaking out gale." I replied quickly

   "Let me explain that." Said the doctor. "You see back when there was only humans living in the world and no anthro. Our feral selves, you know the flying burn down the village dragons from the medieval times, was going instinct. We went through an evolution allowing 2 dragons of the same sex to have a child together. That trait is not as common today but still exist." He explained."And the reason that I'm not freaking out is that I'm too optimist. I'm barely ever stressed or upset."Ok, ok, one more question, why did I pass out."

   "That's easy, after the first night of sleep your body started the reproductive system in you womb. When dragons become pregnant their bodies need more fuel for the upcoming child. Gale told me that you didn't eat yet this morning; you passed out from the fatigue. You have to start eating immediately after you wake up."

   When he finished his sentence, my stomach started growling. It was your regular growl but there was a sharp pain in the pit of my stomach with the hunger. It was true that it would be painful, but this is unbearable. I held my stomach tight to try and make the pain go away, but no dice.

   "Your food is on its way don't worry." The doctor said before he left. I just groan, not just from the pain but also from the fact that hospital food is just as painful to eat as the pain in my stomach.

   "Don't worry, I told gave the nurse the wrong room to deliver the food to." I heard gale said near the window.

   "But wait, what am I going to..." I answered my own question when I saw gale smiling wide with Wendy's in his hand.

   "Three orders of chicken sandwiches, and fries with a large coke and cookies. Enjoy." He said giving me the food.

  "You know you're the best boyfrie..."What's wrong drago?" I just stared at him for like 5 min."If you don't hurry your food will get cold."

   "Gale, I just want to tell you that whatever happens from here on I will never ever stop loving you. You are the only thing in my life now that I truly care for now, and I would do anything I can to make you happy."And why are you telling me this now, shut up and eat your food." He finished with a goofy and playful grin.

   Heh I laughed to myself. I started eating my food, I must have been hungry because in a couple of min I finished. Gale just looked at me smiling and laughing at me.

   "What?" I said.

   "You're just like a little kid. You even have crumbs on your face." He said coming to me and kissing me on the side of the muzzle.


   We was stayed at the hospital in till it was around 7pm. I left him around 5 and came back at 6. I still had to go trick-or-treating with jesse, I came back with candy for him. When we were cuddling in his hospital bed, I started to think that I forgot something very important. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

   "I'll be back gale I got to use the bathroom." I heard him said.

   "k" he went in.

   I was still thinking in till a very large bull terrier came bursting through the door.

   "Where is he, where's the fucking bastard." I heard wes said.

   "Daddy!" I screamed at him. And with bad timing, drago came out of the bathroom. As soon as he saw my dad giving him a death stare, he ran to my side hiding behind the other side of the bed.

   "Stop hiding yuh little bastard. I muh kill hog yuh."Daddy, Daddy calm down. Now before you try and kill him, can you tell me why your attacking my boyfriend." I said with my hands raise trying to calm him down.

   "HE got yuh pregnant, I don't know how but that basturd got my little darlin' pregnant."

   "Who told you that."

   "I...huff.....told.....him....huff. Gosh when did you get so fast babe." My other dad came sweating and huffing through the door.

   "I followed wes when I accidently told him about you and drago having a baby. As soon as I said baby and your names together, he ran right through the door. I have to replace the door now."

   "Get over here yuh little basturd." My dad really has to know how to finish listening.

   "I'm not the one pregnant, drago is the one pregnant." As my daddy stop to digest the words, his anger changed to relief.

   "Thank god muh little buy isn't pregnant, I was bout tuh strangle drago." I explained the thing about dragons to them. My dads weren't mad about me having sex with drago, but was a little upset that we were having a baby at my age.

   "So are yuh keeping the baby cuz I hope so, don't want tuh end a life before it starts. And I always wanted tuh be a granddad." Wes asked drago

   "Yeah, it will probably be hard but I won't give up on it."

   "When will you be leaving the hospital." My dad ask

  "The doctor said I will be able to leave at ten." Drago said

   "The doctor also said that since he's a dragon, the baby is going to come out in an egg."I said


   They starter to talk about what the baby might look like, names, and some other stuff. I just kept pretending to listen. I just kept listing and listing, how they were acting like a real family. The more they laugh the more I was getting sad because of the fact my parents can't even spend one day with me. I always kept thinking that I was just the mistake that they never wanted, and that's not even the worst part. I couldn't take much more I started crying, I went to rub my eyes but when I looked back up I saw everyone staring at me.

   "Drago you ok." I saw blake said

   "....."I just nodded

   "Stop lying drago, I can tell if you're telling the truth." I just nodded no, trying to hide a bit in gale's shoulder.

   "Drago, come on. We're basically family now that you two are getting a baby, all that's left is getting married." Blake said with a smile similar to gales, now I know we're he gets that smile.

   "M...m my parents disowned me." Now I just started bursting with tears.

   "They said they're not coming back, they won't even care that I'm having a child. They just told me never to speak with them again and to go hell. They never liked me, I'm just one big fucking mistake to them. I'm just worthless, I'm...." before I could go on I was slapped in the face by gale, and pretty hard too.

   "Never speak like that, you are not worthless. The people who are worthless is those bastards you called a parent. They are the ones who should go to hell with the way they are acting." He screamed at me. He's too nice, it's kind of infectious.

   "Ok, Ok. I'm sorry, them leaving got me really upset." Great now I'm getting to be more like him, I don't mind but I think that's the fastest I ever been from sad to happy.

   "And come on everything isn't so bad right." He said trying to make me smile.

   "I guess not, at least they're not total assess, they said that they will continue to pay for the house as long as I live there and they gave me my college money they saved from my account. It could have been worse."

   "Are you kidding you call this bad, you have everything you need to start your life without your parents." He said while hugging me.

   "Umm excuse me, but drago may leave now. Just make sure he eats more than 4 times a day." The doc said from the door.

   "Great, now we get to go to your house." Gale said with excitement.

  "Don't you mean our house, I want you guys to come live with me. If you guys want to." I started to blush.

   "Well that's mighty nice of yuh, but will it be big enough to fit all of us." Wes said

   "Of course, it's bigger than your house." 

   "Well sugar, what do yuh think."

   "I'm ok with it, but on one condition. But that will come later." Said blake.

   "Sure, anything."

  "Lets go then."

   We left the hospital and headed to our new home, with our future ahead of us.


Ok I don't know if I should continue this, im getting kind of tired  of this story, so again leave a comment anything would be nice.

Ceron 2 years ago 0
Continue. I wanna know what happens to their baby! D:
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
i'll c wat i can imagine