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tigers on the brain part 10 next Dragon's Age

#11 of tigers on the brain

K so this is the next chapter and I'll keep going in till I can't think of anything else for this story. Same thing as all chapters, my characters, komatose characters belong to us, gay stuff yate yate ya.



   Well it has been two months since I left the hospital. I had to go every half month to check the baby, I have a big stomach.  My doctor, doctor dray, told me that dragons give birth 2 or 3 months later, and if it's ever between two of the same sex the child will be the same sex. But they lay eggs, so in December I will lay an egg and out pops a dragon, which is also this month.  The egg will hatch about a month later.  On another note, gale, wes, blake, and jesse moved in to my house. Wes and blake took my parents room while gale sleeps with me and jesse gets the guest room. It's another Saturday morning in our house with Christmas a week away. We all just woke up and was sitting in our living room watching t.v.

   "What do you guys want to eat?" Gale asked.

   "PANCAKES!!!" wes and jesse yelled at the same time.

  "Hehe, ok what else do you guys want?"

  "Eggs and backon." I said.

   "Sure, dad can you help me?"

   "Sure sweety." Blake said with a smile.

  "What kind of pancakes?" he asked again.

   "Strawberries!!" jesse yelled again

   Gale and blake left to the kitchen to do breakfast.

   "So drago, what yuh gonna call muh grandson?" wes asked

   "We don't know, we haven't decided on a name yet."

   "Name her andrea." Jesse said with excitement.

   "I told yuh darling, it's gonna be a boy not a girl." Wes tried to explain.

   "But I like that name." she fought back.

   "You know, I like that name." I started to think.

   "Yuh gonna give him a girl's name?"

   "No but how about André instead." I said.

   "Yeah I like that name!" jesse said jumping up and down.

   After 20 min of more talking about the name, the food was finished. Gale came in to get us and we all headed towards the kitchen. When I got in I was amazed, the food was prepared so well.  There on the big round table was plates for four. Big fluffy pancakes with strawberries on each plate, more for wes and I, with eggs and bacon on a smaller plate on the side.

   "Wow." Was all I could say. Then I noticed everyone was behind me. When I looked back to see why they hadn't sat done yet, again I was shocked to see gale holding a pancake with strawberry syrup on it. But the syrup was used to spell something on mine pancakes. It said happy birthday drago. I was tearing up after I finished reading it.

   "I....I..I" I couldn't even say a word.

   'I'm so happy'. I see gale mouthed to me, trying to help me speak.

   "I'm so happy." I finally said.

   "Thank you, all of you."I finally was able to have a real birthday.

   "And this is not the end, yuh gonna get more things later in the day." Wes said

  "Well come on and lets eat before I shoved the pancake in your face."

   "Yeah lets eat." Jesse yelled.


   I could tell that drago was very happy. He hasn't once stopped smiling throughout the meal. When we finished our meal, we decided to go to the movie. The four of us went to see a horror fillm, while jesse and her friend that we picked up went to see a chick flick. We saw paranormal activity, me and my dad chuckled every time something popped up or scared the audience. While drago and my supposedly big bad daddy jumped like girls during the scary parts. Those two were holding each other, while closing their eyes keeping them from the movie. I just rested my head on my dad's shoulder while we enjoyed the rest of the movie. When the movie was over, we had to pry the two apart. And let me tell you it is not easy prying to huge, strong, and very scared furs apart from each other.

   "I am not feeling so good." Drago said still shaken from the movie.

   "Come on the movies over." Dad said.

   "Maybe the baby's kicking." I said with a giggle.

    "I don't know but my arm is hurting, it's like burning." He said.

   "Should we get that checked out." My dad said again.

   "I think so, lets go." I said.

   It took us about half hour to get to the hospital; we dropped off jesse and katie (her friend) at katie's house. When we got there we were immediately greeted by doctor dray.

   "What seems to be the problem guys." The doc said.

   "My arm is hurting me a lot."

   "Oh wonderful, luckily you came when the pain started." he said.

   "How is that a good thing, muh son's boyfriend is in some kind of pain." Wes said.

   "Sorry about that but when you start having a burning pain somewhere around your body, that means the baby will come after an hour of the pain. Its kind off like your water is breaking, but less painful." he said.

   "Oh that means the baby is coming." I squeal in joy, jumping while holding my hands together.

   "Come this way to your room k."

   He showed us to the room drago is supposed to stay in. The doc said the egg will come after an hour when the pain came, but it hasn't yet. The next two days passed with me and drago still in the hospital, I woke up to the sound of drago moaning a bit in his sleep. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came out, I saw something much unexpected. Drago was holding something under the cover, I could tell because I was in that spot. When I looked under the cover, I saw an egg. No our egg, he must off laid it now. Wonder why there was no screaming, and why was it so fast. I left the room trying to find Dr.dray. I found him taking a nap on a chair.

   "Dr.Dray, hay wake up." I said nudging him. All he did was shrug me off.

   "HEY WAKE UP!!!" I yelled in his ear and made him fall over.

   "Was that necessary." He said groggy, and very annoyed.

   "The egg, it came out." As I finished he started to run to drago's room with me close behind.

   "Hey wakey wakey , time to get the eggy!"  I yelled again. When I said that drago looked up at me with fear in his eyes.

   "What, no wait I'm not ready, this is going to be too painful.  Wait I change my mind, I don't think I'm ready." He panicked. "Drago, drago calm down you already laid the egg." Doc. Dray said.

   "W-What?" He asked stupidly.

   "Only females give birth painfully, virgina are not as stretchable as slits."

   "W-What?" He asked stupidly again. I grabbed our egg and showed him. It was almost ostrich size but smaller, but what was weird about it was that it was a perfect purple with dark blue swirls all other it. I held it out to him for he could take.

   "I'm a dad." He just said tearing up.

   "Nope, we are."He pulled me near him and gave me a big hug.

   "Hey I know this is nice and stuff but I have to take the egg and check if its health."

   We both nodded and gave him the egg. We are now parents, unexpected parents, but none the less parents.


So there you go, new addition, new name, and new character. Comments would be nice.

Silnis 2 years ago 0
Yay! Congrats Drago and Gale! XD
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
glad you liked it, love ur stories too.
bolt superdog 2 years ago 0
more please make more
Zeke De Drake 2 years ago 0
yay a new bouncing baby boy, in a month =D. 5/5
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
thnkx for the comment :3
Zeke Baltharez 1 year ago 0
Gratz again guys :3 I love those two brilliant couple is what they are <3 ^.=.^