weird dragon
17 Sep 2011

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Posted 17 Sep 2011 02:45
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name: Musica sex: Male indulgence: Loves to eat apples,being random and fluffing other peaples hair for some reason and loves to dance to techno collects: head phones,spiked braclets and coffee mugs personality:He loves to dance,eat apples and collects head phones, spiked braclets and coffee mugs,he's very shy and random with a funny sarcastic attidude and will go up to any one and fluff up there hair for some reason and walk away.The blue design on his body changes color and rythme on the type of music he listens to when he's asleep it disapears but re appreass when he's awake. ~This (c) belongs to Jones Anello~

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grin-contest|by weird dragon
Melinae 2 years ago 0
He looks awesome, neat music/color changing idea.
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
hehe thank you ^^
warrior88 2 years ago 0
totally a cute little fellow. ^_^
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
hehe thank you ^^ he has most of my personality in him excepy for going up to peaple and floffing up there hair^^ i usally ask if i know them ^^
BearBoy 2 years ago 0
Grin contest accepted icon_biggrin.gif ... after 10 min ... I can't feel my face T_T
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
*purrs* thank you ^^