18 Sep 2011

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Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:55
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*Curls up in his corner, doodling in depression.*

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Highbreedhunter 2 years ago 0
So basically Tao pwns ya.
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
I feel like I only succeeded in drawing it as some British golfer-dude fresh from a convention. Knobby-knees! DX

Knew who Tao was, though. You're just using it as an avatar -- or a million -- so I drew that.
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago 0
well I have had the tao is your fursona pitch hit me quite a lot, And this isn't the first pic like that.

And to be fair, Highbreed would be a nightmare to draw.
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
I can only imagine, from what I'd seen of the picture you have on your user-page. Drawing stuff like that wears my patience down really fast.
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago 0
That one only took me two days. This is worse
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
Oh Luci; the lines...
the lines...

... the liiiines...

It makes my arms hurt just looking at it. >.
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago 0
Highbreed itself is fairly simple. But the problem lies with it wearing something like this.
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0