Raventhan Vaeltaya
18 Sep 2011

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Posted 18 Sep 2011 16:53
Last edited 08 Jan 2013 14:00
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I will be your Nemesis

Don't worry, you won't even feel...

Commissioned from Faint
Original art:

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Bloodscale 2 years ago 0
"No heretic is as fortunate as the one that draws my eye. His last moments are not the pain of interrogation or the heat of battle. He sits on his liar's throne and dreams his liar's dream and then it all simply ends.

What I like most about this picture is how skillfully Faint managed to display an expression of blank focus on a reptilian face.
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago 0
Yes, that's true, he did amazing job with it. Just pure focus, no other thoughts except his mission
Jasonix 2 years ago 0
Is he camping... I mean "tactically defending" that area??? X3
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago 0
No, he's waiting for his target to eliminate ^^
Razgriz1032 2 years ago 0
I like all of these!
Lazz 2 years ago 0
My goodness you have so many skill sets... How many more can you accomplish? The expression the stance and the background just fits beautifully.
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago 0
It's not drawn by me, put link to original art in description ^^
Lazz 2 years ago 0
Well I already know that ^.=.^ I'm pretty much saying that you really got your moneys worth.
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
awww man this is soo freakin awesome. i wanna be your ally.
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago 0
You are a Dragon so... you are ;>
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
yay ims your ally sweet thanks
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
is there anything your dragon character cant do.