Raventhan Vaeltaya
18 Sep 2011

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Posted 18 Sep 2011 17:07
Last edited 08 Jan 2013 14:00
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Force Unleashed

Commissioned from Veramundis
Original art:

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Jasonix 2 years ago 0
Nice job! Is this character a Jedi?
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago 0
Yap, he is ^.=.^
LucarioFan692 2 years ago 0
this is awesome, huge star wars fan!
A Shady Salimander 2 years ago 0
wow! i dont like star wars all that much but i looooove dragons. this is an excellent work :) keep it up! 5/5 x
Behemel 2 years ago 0
Let me guess. You are too psyched for STar Wars Old Republic coming out too? LoL ! I like it. Shame more races arent avalable yet for the game . FYI, if you are gonna play TOR let me know. Like to know other furs into it.
whitepawrolls 2 years ago 0
Sabers should be red bladed (grins evilly) and YAY for TOR though amazon is stating a december 31 release date. I HATE waiting.
foxie_xxx 2 years ago 0
Absolutely fantastic! The details are almost perfect, including the lightsaber effect.
That's a huge coincidence because I watched the episode 2 last night
Awesome drawing, dude! 5/5
0silver 2 years ago 0
Mhm, Very nice! The clothing is flawless!
moon light 2 years ago 0
very nice.
Io 2 years ago 0
Lazz 2 years ago 0
There isn't really much to say the pic say it all ^.=.^
Pfhor 2 years ago 0
ooh very cool :O
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
2 words Flawless Victory. mortal kombat pun couldnt resist
taoaliah 2 years ago 0
...O_O....sweet pic!!
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago 0
Thank you ^.=.^
Crystallos 2 years ago 0
you just gave me a nerdgasm star wars ftw
OSTIC Predator 2 years ago 0
Skwisgaar 2 years ago 0
Que buen trabajo¡¡¡¡ y yo fanático de Star Wars