Master Sgt Duncan
21 Sep 2011

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Posted 21 Sep 2011 04:09
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Peek a boo! ^^

I saw tempest popping her head out an I thought it was just too cute! ^^

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WinchesterTrine 2 years ago 0
it's very cute
warrior88 2 years ago 0
Master Sgt Duncan 2 years ago 0
I know!
rapierdragon 2 years ago 0
What's the TY Beanie Baby name for this one? (is looking for one. I've got a red one that's pretty much identical to it).
Master Sgt Duncan 2 years ago 0
rapierdragon 2 years ago 0
ya, managed to find it on the official Ty site... but it says "Boarders exclusive" ... guessing "Boarders" is a store-chain in the U.S. (kind of like TARGET, we don't have it here in Canada... so I'm off to ebay to try to find one)
Master Sgt Duncan 2 years ago 0
Borders was a book store chain that dosn't exsist anymore.