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21 Sep 2011

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Posted 21 Sep 2011 20:47
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Night Of The Brothers: 'Always Yours'

#3 of Night Of The Brothers

Night Of The Brothers: Always Yours

This part is a non-yi...

Night Of The Brothers: Always Yours

This part is a non-yiff one so I apologize to those who expected some sex scenes. I wanted to focus more on romantic and emotional side of Tyler and Emjay instead of the physical parts.

I was lying on the floor... People started to crowd around...


I got up... fearing of what I am about to see... I started to understand what happened...


I don't want to look... I fear the truth... But I must... I must know.


I look at the road... No... It's as I feared... Emjay... not you... He's looking at me... helplessly lying on the asphalt... blood coming from his nose.


He's closing his eyes! No!  Don't do that! Emjay, please!


*Tyre squeal.*

I woke up with cold sweat dripping down my entire body. While looking at the clock I cursed the nightmare... same one I had last night and the night before... It's been two days since the accident. Even though it was 6 in the morning I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep.

My name is Tyler. I am 21 years old and... I wish Emjay never saved me there... He nearly died and he's still in a critical state... It was all my fault. I angrily hit the wall and went for a walk until 9am which was the time hospital would let visitors in. Without greeting anyone I went straight into Emjay's room. I owe him that. Every day I'd come here and spend entire 10 hours next to him. I kept on crying every time I looked at him... Apart from breathing he had no signs of being alive... I know it's stupid but I wanted to scream into his ear to wake up... to stop torturing me...

Another two days later at around 5pm my parents visited me and Emjay. I could see it also pains them to see Emjay in this state. I simply looked at them for a second before resting my head back on Emjay's bed as I always do with a tear running down my cheek. Mom rested a paw on my head, lightly petting it... It didn't calm me down... the only thing that will relieve me is Emjay waking up.

"The two kids responsible for this are not saying anything... If they carry on being silent then their parents will have to pay quite a lot." - Said mom with her voice breaking every now and again. I didn't reply... The silence was holding me together... If I said something right now then I would start screaming in fury. Mom attempted once again: "Please, don't be mad at yourself... You would do the same for your brother. I am sure Emjay wouldn't want you to-" I interrupted her: "Mom, please... I really don't want to talk..." She doesn't understand how I feel... I didn't feel so much love for any of them as I did for Emjay... A calm, fun, smart, sensitive, friendly brother... and a perfect lover... I started to understand I didn't even feel this way for Jack. Mom sighed and went out of the room. Dad is a quiet person and he understood me more. He simply ruffled my headfur and followed her. I tried to hold in tears as I frowned and leaned over the bed so that my muzzle was next to Emjay's ear. "No matter how awkward people would find it... I love you... I will always be your's to love..." And then I kissed his forehead.

Throughout the next week Emjay's state was getting more stabilized. The doctor was so sorry for me and he secretly allowed me to spend nights in Emjay's room. There was something about him that creeped me out a little... as if he was holding back to tell me something. I didn't care. I took Emjay's paw in mine and once more ended my day next to him.


*Tyre squeal.*

I woke up with a short scream. By now I got used to having this nightmare every now and again but the waking up moment feels almost as if it was real, physical pain. The first thing that scared me was a medium strength grip on my paw... It was Emjay's. His paw is actually holding mine. I can feel him holding it. I looked at his face but he was still as motionless as ever. I never cried this much in such small period of time... Tears once more formed as I thought of the fact he even shows love while not aware of it... It's as if his body knew I was holding his paw...  I nuzzled up to his shoulder before kissing the said paw. I felt as if something lifted from me. I had to catch up with what I left behind over last 2 weeks. I knew he's getting better. I got up and looked at the time before deciding it is finally time to get a grip.

For the next couple of days I started to look for a normal job. I wanted to finally be able to move out of my parents' house and soon found a good full-time job because I was a good student back at the university. Work kept my mind off Emjay a bit. One part of me said it's okay since it really puts me into depression but the other part is saying I owe Emjay that.



2 Weeks Earlier

Tyler wrapped arm around me and we headed out of the school. Just before crossing the road we spotted Jack walking up to us. He laughed and asked: "You had a shit or something?" Tyler rolled his eyes and said: "Go ahead, I'll explain it to you in a sec." And so Jack shrugged and crossed the road, giving me and Tyler some privacy. Tyler looked at me with worried expression. "Are you gonna be alright? If you see that hyena then call me straight away, you understand?" I nodded. He ruffled my headfur and started crossing the road and that is when my heart started beating faster.

I saw a car going at high speed straight in Tyler's direction... The driver was some fox and on the passenger seat was... that hyena. I had only a few seconds to react. "TYYYYLEEEEER!!!" - I screamed and charged at him, successfully getting him out of the way of incoming car but... I knew not everything went well. This last second seemed like eternity. I looked left to see the car before darkness took over me. I felt vibrations going through me. After a moment my entire body felt as if I was beaten with baseball bats for at least an hour. The pain was so intense that I needed to use all courage I had to stand it and breathe. After another few seconds my hearing started to come back.  Worried voices around me. I heard these voices as if someone slowed everything down.

"Call 911."

My vision slowly started to form... The pain... It's driving me insane... I see Tyler lying on the road and looking at me with pure fear in his eyes... The pain... I feel sick... My eyes are closing as the vision loses it's sharpness.

"No!  Don't do that! Emjay, please!"

I knew it was Tyler's voice but I didn't understand him... The pain was gone. I saw darkness but I knew I still exist...

"Prepare the equipment. We have to take care of him immediately. Move!"

Wherever I am now... It's so peaceful... No worries... No pain...

"Emjay! Look at me... Stay with me, Emjay!"

I can hear voices but I don't understand them... Why can't I understand them?

"Don't do this! Hey! Keep on looking at me!"

The pain... it's back... I don't want to look at you... the pain is back...

"No matter how awkward people would find it... I love you... I will always be yours to love..."

I love you too, Tyler... I can feel you... Your paw... Can you feel me?

I open my eyes. Everything seemed blurry and white. I could hear the beep noise along with my heartbeats. This is when I realized I am in hospital which means I was still alive. The pain in my chest was almost gone. Soon enough my vision started to get sharper and sharper until I realized I was looking at the ceiling. I don't know for how long I've been lying there but it helped me with getting my memory back... I felt as if was born anew.



Few hours after I started the first day at work my mobile rang. Normally I wouldn't pick it up to give a good impression of being serious about the work. But I had to know. It could be from the hospital.

"Tyler Winterson?" - It was a female voice. I was pretty much sure it's about Emjay. "Yes. Did something happen?" - I had to know. Her answer was soothing like a water for dry throat: "Indeed. Emjay finally woke up so I immediately called you after seeing him looking at me. We've been waiting for this moment along with you."

I thanked her for telling me. I gave a quick explanation to my boss. He understood it's an emergency but even if he didn't I wouldn't care. Emjay is the priority. I arrived at the hospital in less than an hour and ran straight into his room... The joy hit me straight away when I saw him sitting on the edge of the bed as his doctor checked Emjay's eyes with a flashlight. I stood there, stunned. Tears formed in my eyes again... this time these were tears of joy.

The doctor switched flashlight off. "Well. As you may know sleep is one of the best natural ways you can recover. You slept for 2 weeks so I guess tomorrow you'll be able to walk once again. Just make sure to take it easy after you are let out of here. You might feel dizzy in random moments of your day." My brother's eyes were full of hope as he asked: "So I can go home and see my brother?" The doctor shook his head. "You don't have to go home yet. Your brother came here to see you." He pointed at me and Emjay turned around. I couldn't hold it any longer. I ran up to him and started hugging him, making sure not to hurt him though. I didn't see the doctor having something between smile but at same time frown as he walked out of the room.

I don't know for how long we've been cuddling. He buried his cheek in my chest as I kissed his head. He would then look up and kiss me on the muzzle. I placed paw on his cheek and started crying once more while mumbling: "I am so sorry, Emjay... You should've never suffered because of me." He nuzzled me sadness and passion at same time and said: "If I didn't do it then I would never forgive myself..." We then once again hugged. How I missed that feeling... his warmth. Even his cuddles were full of passion as if he tried to tell me how much he loves me.

I heard my parents outside talking to the doctor. I let go of Emjay and asked: "Mind if I leave you for a minute?" He shook his head so I went out of the room to share the happy news with my parents and Jack although I knew they already got told and that's why they came in the first place. Before I got a chance to actually say something the doctor asked my parents: "Mind if we talk? Just three of us?" My parents agreed and left me and Jack with worried looks. Now that Emjay is fine I started to worry about that doctor's behavior. We knew what to do. We simply nodded at each other in approval and went over the corner of the corridor to listen to what my parents are talking about with the doctor.

"Now that Emjay is fine I believe you two are ready to hear something." -The doctor started. Now I was scared. Is Emjay going to have a disability of some sort? My parents seemed to be afraid of the same thing. Since they stayed silent the doctor continued: "Not long ago after we operated Emjay... we found out his underwear was soaked with semen." My heart skipped a beat and so did Jack's. We looked at each other with pure fear in our eyes. The doctor continued: "At first we thought he either masturbated or had an erotic dream but just to make sure I checked the DNA acquired from said semen... It belonged to your oldest son." I could feel the tension in the air. I quickly made my way back to Emjay's room and Jack along with me. He knew straight away something was wrong. I kneeled in front of him.

"Look... don't ask questions, just listen. It's important. They checked DNA from the sex we had back at the school two weeks ago. There is no way for me to stay in the closet now but you... For your own safety tell them you were drinking tea with me two weeks ago and you suddenly felt sleepy before everything went black. Do you get it?" - I asked. He seemed to be shocked. "You want me to tell them that I've been raped by you?" - He seemed disgusted with that idea. I sighed and nodded. "I am sorry, Emjay." I kissed his head and walked up to Jack. "Make sure they will believe that." I hugged him and made my way out of the hospital, trying to avoid being seen.

Some time later I went to a nightclub. Only place I could relax my mind and forget about troubles. Too bad the trouble likes to follow. After about two drinks I heard familiar voice: "Tyler!" I turned around to see who is it just to get slapped in the face. It was my mom...

"You! How could you do this to me? To him!" She slapped me again. I took it like a man before looking back at her. I had to do this perfectly. I had to make them believe I am a cold bastard in order to save Emjay... I owe him that. "How did you find me?" - I asked. She looked at me furiously. "How did I find you? HOW DID I FIND YOU ?! You raped my son, your brother and you care about the least important thing?" I grinned, hating myself inside for it. "Hey... look at it from a good side. At least he was asleep. Others would simply keep him awake and in pain just to hear him moan." This time she went furious and punched me. I felt warm liquid drip from my nose. Another hit. The third one didn't come as someone ran up to her and pulled away. She started shouting: "I will kill you! You are not my son!  You are not my son! You are a shame to the family!" She carried on screaming until they dragged her out of the club. Soon enough he came back and I recognized my old friend.

"Tyler, what happened? Was that your mom?"  He was really shocked. "Hi, Josh... Yes. I did something bad and now I have to pay for it."  He offered me a seat and we were soon drinking beer and talking. I explained to him what happened through tears. I couldn't hold them back. My own mother hates me... No... hate is a gentle word for what she feels towards me: "...and I had to lie in order to save Emjay from coming out. I owe him that... first I caused him to fall in love with own brother and then he almost lost his life in order to save me..." I drank some more. The beer helped me to open up. After all I just came out of the closet to him. The crying stopped. He sighed. "I think you did well... I know it will hurt to tell ya this but... if you really want him to be free... you gotta go. Make him hate you. Hate easies the pain." I looked up at him. "I had this idea formed in my head for some time now... But... I don't know if I am strong enough... I want him. I want to be his pillar that prevents his world from falling apart and I want to make him happy... I love him." He placed paw on my shoulder. "You caused his life to fall apart, buddy. You know this... If you love him...-" He sits up, looking at me. "-...then you will let go of him and let him find someone more appropriate." I nodded with a sigh. "Thanks... I owe you one. If you believe this is what I have to do then so be it. I was selfish." I thanked him again and walked out of the bar. Few seconds later he grinned. "Sick faggot."

I took all my courage to go back home at about 3am. I had to take my stuff if I was to live somewhere else. I thanked the God that our front door are silent and went into the house. I didn't lock it in case I had to quickly retreat. My heart was beating like crazy as I started walking up the stairs. My room was just as I left it and so I've spent the next hour or so packing the most needed stuff. As I walked back down the stairs my suitcase fell on my tail, making a bit of a noise. I held my muzzle to hold in the moan of pain before staying completely silent. I could hear someone move upstairs for a second but that was about it. And so I left the house and started walking down the street.

"Tyler?" I stopped... I knew who's voice that was.

"Go home Emjay. You'll catch a cold."

"What are you doing?" He starts walking up to me. I turned around, trying not to look too emotional. He was just in his underwear. I was worried he will indeed catch a cold.

"I have to leave... it was all a mistake." I felt pain in my chest from saying that.

"All?"  His eyes widen as he starts to understand before wrapping arms around me.

"P-please... I know what you are trying to do... don't leave me... We both love each other. We should be together."

"No, Emjay..." I gently moved him away. "I never loved you."

He stared at me for a second before dropping to his knees with a shock on his face. That moment I felt as if I'd rather to face the pain of being hit by a car... Saying this hurt me almost as much as it hurt him... But I knew he suffers worse... this is the last time I will allow him to get hurt by me. I turn away and start to take my steps towards a bus stop.

He tilted head down. "I love you... I will always be your's to love... It doesn't matter if you don't love me... at least not to me. I will always love you."

I stopped. I was biting my tongue so hard I could taste blood just to keep my mind away from the pain I felt in my chest... my heart. "Y-you... heard that?"

Emjay nodded. "Back in the darkness I heard your voice... It helped me fight... I had hope... hope because I had something to fight for. I couldn't die there... ...but I guess it never mattered to you."

It took me entire 3 seconds to force myself to say the last words: "You are right... it didn't."

I started walking away, feeling as if I will never be happy again... as if I just turned Emjay down to live like a plant. I hated myself. I hurt so many people... all I wanted was Emjay but Josh was right... I was selfish.


To Be Continued...


Story is copyright © Mickey Torrento

Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Third part of my story. It is also the longest. Longer by entire 1000 words which combines to over 3250. :P I must admit I actually cried twice while typing it out. Emotional me. :3
Milo Smith 2 years ago 0
I had to hold back the tears, this is so... So wrong. How could he do that? Emjay is not in a state to deal with that and I don't want to think of what is the most likely thing for him to do. I really hope to see more of this soon because I want to know how it ends keep it up, great work
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
I am half way through chapter 4. Writing it right now. And don't worry, I am not planning on ending the entire story any soon. :3
Desimetri 2 years ago 0
Alright this is a story I'm not used to reading. I'm usually not into the whole brother, brother kind of thing, but that is mostly because I'm a twin. For this story however, I will make an "exception" for myself to read it because, the kind of emotion you have put into this story is breath taking. I Alwase love a good story; and for this one, the emotion is what " hooked" me.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Glad you liked it. :3
Slushwolfiee 2 years ago 0
omg, this was so wrong! but still loved the story! you earned yourself a watch a while ago, but i just thought id let you know now ;P
xanitosthewolf 2 years ago 0
I agree with swift.... The amount of intense emotion you put Into your writing alone is enough to drive someone to tears, but havin the story itself be emotional.. I cried for about 20 minutes
Dark shadow dragon 2 years ago 0
Oh wow that's all I can say and all I can do is let tears run down my eyes
Torella 2 years ago 0
What a cunt.
Dragoncat12 2 years ago 0
Gods I'm Gonna cry
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 0
WHY! Thats horrible I'm almost gonna cry :( You really know how to make a story.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
D'aaaw. And I hoped this story won't make any more people cry.... I mean... I wanted it to be emotional but crying makes me cry. X3
polak702 2 years ago 0
that was so sad it really got to me