Raventhan Vaeltaya
24 Sep 2011

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Posted 24 Sep 2011 22:46
Last edited 08 Jan 2013 13:59
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Death comes from the shadows

Commissioned from Paxilon
Original art:

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valereth 2 years ago 0
This reminds me of Deus Ex
Crystallos 2 years ago 0
i was going to say the same thing
valereth 2 years ago 0
I used to own that game. It was stolen from me by my ex room mate. Fucking junky. That game was awesome. I want to play the new one
will contact police 2 years ago 0
Damn, more sexy and deadly stuff, BUT now silent!
HatoThePuppy 2 years ago 0
Very well done, I really love the shadowing.
Surasshu 2 years ago 0
An hight-tech assasin :D
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
yay another sexy pic of you raventhan
OSTIC Predator 2 years ago 0
Wuv it