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The Festival at Crosse Castle 2

Days into the festival find Tay, the merchant water incubus, and Raiden, his quiet forest incubus friend, wandering around town trying to enjoy the rest of their semi-vacation. Between them a few revelations are made, but just a few.

Characters © "sheer"  sheer




Tay and Raiden left their inn a little after sunrise, both incubi barely even yawning at the new day while most of the other guests were just stumbling out of their rooms. Being creatures that didn't need a lot of sleep the two of them were able to function on minimal amounts of sleep and little to no food, save maybe milk or water. Tay was especially chipper this morning since this was the third day of the Market festival here at Crosse city and the little water incubus had managed to sell almost his entire stock of merchandise just yesterday.

With the exception of a certain gold encrusted bangle and the Empress' Heart, two pieces that the water incubus was thinking about trading to another dealer, Tay had managed to pocket a wealth of almost six hundred gold coins, ninety-eight silver and forty three bronze pieces.

Tay literally bounced on the soles of his naked feet at the thought of his profits as he sashayed his hips back and forth making his tight little rump jut out deliciously as he and Raiden walked through the empty streets of Crosse. Raiden was all too happy for his friend, not to mention his back since this meant that he wouldn't have such a heavy burden to drag around behind him when they left the town four days from now. Not that the bigger incubus minded a little body work by hauling their heavy wagon, his muscles were in their perfected state because of all the exercise that he got, but at the same time the damn thing had to have weighed at least half a ton when it was strapped down with Tay's junk.

However, despite his thoughts of being the pack mule between them, a warm smile played across Raiden's face as he watched the mirth literally radiate from around Tay.

Grunting when they got to their spot Raiden waved to some of the guards on duty and received tight nods in return before looking over at what Tay was up to. The forest incubus' long canine ears swiveled forward when he suddenly heard the clatter of a lock being sprung and door being swung open. The little water incubus had already opened the wagon and jumped inside and now he was humming and doing something inside that Raiden couldn't see. Tay's long fish-like tail swayed behind him as he kept his rear sticking out for all the world to see.

"I think I need to buy some fabrics and threads while we're here," Tay's voice mumbled out loud a few seconds later. "The stock in here is about gone and I'll need to get some more before I can start on my backorders." Raiden just nodded. "Can you think of anything else we might need Raiden?"

"Not off hand," The forest incubus watched as Tay's tail swung around several times then the smaller male pulled himself back to jump down and brush his soft skin down from dust trying to cake on him.

"I see, well ok." Tay muttered more to himself as he slid his crimson eyes close and rubbed his chin.

The two incubi stood there for several seconds, the sun rising higher into the sky to illuminate the streets of the market, and warmed the two incubi in turn, before Tay finally sighed and smiled.

"Hey, do you have any place you wanted to go to today?" The quest caught Raiden off guard as he really never thought about doing anything here at Crosse for the festival.

Raiden's whole focus had been on watching out for Tay and keeping would-be bad influences away from the smaller male as a lot of people would harass the water incubus because of his smaller stature. It was surprising how many bigger males thought that because of his height and build that Tay was a weakling. Even without Raiden's intimidating presence a lot of people found themselves nursing several various wounds as the smaller incubus could give just as good as he got.

Having a smaller frame meant that Tay was adept at quick maneuvers and getting out from between holds and grapples while his supple body made it easy for the water incubus to get in close and then back out of someone's personal space without getting a finger laid on him. Anyone actually foolish enough to try to grab him around the waist to haul him off his feet would find themselves paralyzed by the spikes that would rise from Tay's shoulder as small pouches of neurological toxins were contained underneath his skin.

Skilled in their tribe's own brand of martial arts, that mostly focused on individual attributes and maximized them to the fullest to counter oncoming attacks, Tay was a force unto himself and it often boggled Raiden's mind why the other often pretended that he was a weak and gentle flower.

"Raiden, did you hear me?" Tay asked as he jumped out from the wagon then walked up to Raiden to wave a hand over the forest incubus' zoned out face.

The larger male looked blinked then looked pensive for a second as he really thought for a moment about everything he had seen from the Market festival then came to realize, "We haven't really gone to see anything of the city or the rest of the shops that are open. Should we maybe go and actually participate with everyone else?"

Tay stepped back and rolled his head skyward to watch a flock of feral dragons fly across the sky. His eyes seemed to be reading something in the heavens before he turned his gaze back down to the earth and smiled at Raiden.

"Hmmm, well I don't see why not. After all, what's the point of coming to a festival if we don't enjoy it?" Tay chirped and Raiden had to chuckle at the whimsical nature of the smaller male.

"Then I think we should wait for everyone else to rise with the dawn and open their booths before that," Raiden turned his head back and forth as various people were starting to come out and fill the quiet streets of Crosse.

Tay smirked as he turned to close up the wagon, making sure that his lockbox stuffed to capacity with his profits was stored away safely once again, and placed a heavy padlock onto the front of the door to secure it. Once that was taken care of the little water incubus stood beside Raiden, looked the other up into the face with a let's go smirk on his face, and then the two incubi made their way to the gates of the city just in time to see the lager metal doors being lifted open to admit outsiders into the city.

Taking the time to watch as several carts and wagons were wheeled inside Tay marveled as he tried to figure out exactly where some of these people were coming from as several different species of men and women ride in on all sorts of beasts. For Raiden, he got off on watching the various expressions fill the corners of Tay's lips and felt his heart start to beat a little bit fast because of it.

Though the two had been friends for years now there had never been a time when Raiden actually thought he could be falling for the other. More to the fact the forest incubus considered Tay something of a younger brother who he had to watch out for rather than an opportune mate. With his giant ruby eyes full of wild ambition, his thin frame easily made to cuddle up with and that fast talking mouth that could charm a robin out of its tree, Tay was much better suited for a best friend than a life partner.

Tay didn't seem to notice the look on Raiden's face as he surveyed the merchandise that was hanging off from several wagons with greedy eagerness. From some of the items he could see the water incubus figured that most of these newcomers had to have been from down south of the continent. It might do him well to have a look about town afterwards to see what he could barter off of the others and turn into a quick profit once he and Raiden returned home. Licking his lips, Tay let out a little hum as his mind filled with thoughts of gold and silver coins.

Behind him he could have sworn he heard Raiden sigh but he just shook it off.

Once the other merchants had piled into the city the guards began to shut the gates. Tay and Raiden decided that now was a good time to actually start their participation of the Market festival and headed into the center courtyard to decide where to start off first.

"East or west?" Tay mumbled as he spun his head left and right to try and figure out where to go.

"We should..." was about as far as Raiden got when his amber eyes caught sight of a familiar figure waving him over.

Of course said figure was several yards away but that meant little to the forest incubus' hawk like vision as he let his lips turn up into a smile before nudging one of his wings into Tay's side. The water incubus snapped his gaze towards his bigger friend and then got a shock when Raiden suddenly pointed towards the front gates. He squinted and barely made out the sight of someone bright gold seeming to bounce up and down from a booth before cocking his head in confusion.

"Is...someone calling out to us?" Tay asked with mild confusion.

"Yes, they are. Shall we go?" Raiden said with almost puppyish enthusiasm making Tay raise an eyebrow, if he would have had brows, and then shrugged.

"I'll follow your lead."

Raiden took a hand and wrapped his fingers around Tay's shoulder before guiding the smaller male's steps over to a certain harpy.

"Well hey there stranger," Miranda chirped as she flapped her wings before folding them behind her back. "I see you managed to get out and come and find me after all."

Raiden only smiled while Tay looked between the two as if he was lost at sea.

"Who's your friend, Raiden?" The water incubus finally asked once he had, had enough of the silly looks being passed silently between the two.

"This is Miranda. She and I met at the inn we're staying at on the first day of the festival." Raiden said softly while looking down at Tay. The larger incubus could see the jealousy radiating in Tay's eyes and chuckled. "She asked me to come by if I had some time and since we do..." Raiden left the sentence hanging making the smaller male nod in understanding.

"I see, well how do you do, Miranda, was it?" Tay offered his slim hand to the harpy and got a strong handshake in return from the other.

"Hello. Glad I get a chance to know the friend of friend. You're the mysterious dealer that Raiden here was talking about?" Miranda asked while staring at Raiden with a readable look on her features.

"Yep, I sell trade goods I make personally for the incubi clan. What about yourself?"

"I dabble in trading silks and cloths from the harpy clan's territory. We raise Perisian silkworms to make some of the softest robes and garments across the world. Is there anything I can interest you in?"

"Hmmm," Tay swept his gaze over the apparel that was on display and just barely managed to keep his features neutral as he did so.

Some of the bundles of silks that were neatly folded into blankets were gorgeous, not to mention the hand-woven robes that shone with a kind of luster that looked almost metallic in nature. Going over and pulling one bolt of silk from a bundle of others Tay marveled at the feel and luster of the material in his hold.

"How much for several of these." The water incubus said almost as if in afterthought.

"Well, that is some of the finest quality silk I have." Miranda hummed and turned her head slightly to look at Raiden who was busy watching Tay. Her eyes dropped down to stare at the bulge of the forest incubus' thong covered crotch and her eyes narrowed. "I'd be willing to do an equal trade for say thirty gold pieces."

Tay made a throaty noise as he thought over the price. It was a little steep but nothing he couldn't live with. Turning his head to face Miranda the water incubus opened his mouth before suddenly snapping it shut as he noticed where the female's gaze was directed.

Anger shot through him like a bolt of lightning but Tay slammed down on his feelings as he put on his best bartering smile.

"Don't try to play me off. If this is really Perisian silk then it'd be worth much more. I bet this is only casual Terrian silk."

Miranda's eyes shot wide open as he tore her gaze from Raiden and looked at Tay with indignation coloring her sharp beak. "Sir, you insult me! I would never pawn off less than authentic material to a customer!"

"So you say but really," Tay spread some of the silk and tugged at it like it was a piece of recently dried linen. "What proof do you have that this is real Perisian silk?"

And thus began what would be the next half hour between the three of them. Raiden stepped back slightly from the heated debate as he took in the comments from both Miranda and Tay as the two merchant went over the quality and pricing for the silk.

As far as Raiden was concerned it was all just pretty colored cloth to him, the forest incubus not having a head for different materials since the only piece of clothing he kept on his massive frame was his thong anyway. The difference between what was and was not was about as meaningful to him as the difference between who had greater wealth; a woman that owned a star ruby or a man that had rainbow diamond as a family heirloom.

However, that didn't mean he didn't get a small kick out of seeing Tay standing his ground to Miranda's boisterous claims while offering his own heated arguments as he picked up several bolts of silk.

"Fifteen gold goins!" Tay offered.

"Twenty-five!" Miranda acquiesced.



The two finally settled at twenty gold pieces for several bolts of gold and Tay cheerfully reached into his coin purse and slapped down the correct number of gold spheres onto the harpy's table. Miranda took one and bit into it with her beak, nodding when the metal disc didn't give, and swept the rest of her profits underneath her table.

"A pleasure doing business with you." Miranda grinned.

"Likewise," Tay smirked.

It was after that, that friendly conversations began between the three and soon another hour passed before Tay felt it was time to leave. Miranda, being the polite woman she was, offered that if the two should ever find their way near her home in the mountains to the west that they should come look for her. Tay honestly thought about it as he shuffled the satchel full of silk over his shoulder.

Maybe it might be worthwhile to keep up relations with the harpy, however, he would have to make sure that the only relations that she had were with him and his gold. Looking up at Raiden, the forest incubus waving back behind him as the two of them were walking away, Tay realized that maybe he'd leave Raiden behind when he went. After all, it would just be business when he went to see Miranda, no since dragging the other male around just for such a boring trip.


Midday found Tay and Raiden walking around looking over some of the other shops that were still doing business while conversing on what kinds of materials certain items were made from. Tay especially found it fun to walk around and mingle with some of the tourist and talk them up about their clothing and culture while Raiden busied himself with looking around at the sights of the people who were going about their daily lives despite the festival.

It was very strange to watch as the natives of Crosse seemed almost oblivious to the different species and treated them with an accord that one would usually only find amongst their own people. From his journeys into some of the villages that he and Tay had been too in the past the forest incubus had developed a sixth sense for just how hostile others could be to people they knew nothing about. Getting chased out of some places just because they were different and misunderstood as being demons, some villages had no clue that incubus were an offset of demon kind but not really demons as a dog wasn't a true wolf, but they hadn't stopped them from waving around weapons at his and Tay's face.

Here however, everyone acted almost brotherly to one another as children of various species played and ran around town like they had known the other from the cradle. Women with veils wrapped over their faces talked with women who were barely wearing clothing, not that Raiden could say anything about being in his leather thong like it was natural, which it was to him, and nobody seemed to think any lesser than anyone else. Men who looked like they had sweated pounds off of their backs from childhood and were rippling with muscles spoke casually with males who looked thinner and ganglier than Tay.

It was something otherworldly to see and Raiden drunk it all in like water from a waterfall of milk in Shangri-La.

The sights, scents and feel of the land were like a balm to his soul and Raiden would have given much to have it last for a while to come but he knew that everything was in transition in life and that this moment too would pass. Besides, if this time lasted too long he knew that Tay would get bored and need some new horizons to explore since the little incubus was a restless soul at times. Of course he would blame it on the fact that he had squeezed every copper piece out of the natives and a place without profits was like a grave to him, but Raiden knew better. It would maybe take two weeks but sure enough Tay would leave the borders of Crosse to go south to the plains or maybe west to the mountains and he would be right behind the other as faithful as a lover.

This kind of loyalty wasn't uncommon for the incubus clan but it wasn't something you found just in anyone and both Tay and Raiden knew it. The water incubus cherished Raiden's faithfulness and refused to abuse it by making demands of the other and Raiden, in turn, would never try to enforce himself on Tay's decisions about where they should go next, only give and opinion when asked.

This had led the two of them on some rather peculiar adventures in the past, Tay's cockiness meets Raiden's passive protective nature equaled lots of fun, but at the end of the day the two had always each other and that was enough.

Raiden turned his eyes and ears towards Tay as he listened to the other suddenly chuckled openheartedly then sighed in bemusement as the little incubus rocked his hips forward into a larger golem looking male's body before leaning up to whisper something into his ears. The male's stone-like skin turned a bright orange color as he listened to what Tay had to say before he leaned down to the other and whispered something in return.

Tay nodded and a piece of coin was exchanged with a quick motion of hands clasping into one another before the water incubus pointed to where Raiden knew their wagon was stationed. The golem nodded and walked away, a light waver in his steps as he seemed to have to readjust his pants because of a rising hardness that had nothing to do with the rest of his flesh.

Raiden turned his gaze fully onto Tay once the other looked back at him and smiled ruefully when the smaller male just shrugged and pocketed his coin. 

In Tay's mind he was fairly surprised at just how intrigued people were with his wares since most of his things were provocative by nature. No matter since it all turned out for the better at the end of the day as so many people had been willing to purchase items from him on back order leaving Tay with a pouch full of silver and gold coins, not to mention and overstuffed lockbox, to use for his own pleasures.


The forest incubus shook his head afterwards and soon engrossed himself in several booths as he watched various trinkets and accessories wink at him on the tables of numerous vendors. He never made much mention of what items caught his attention because just as soon as he had observed every detail of the piece of jewelry on display the forest incubus would walk away from it as if it was a piece of trash that had no value whatsoever. It boggled Tay's mind as he watched the same event play out again and again and he actually had to do a head scratch on several occasions.

Though Tay had known Raiden to be rather tight lipped about the things that struck his fancy the water incubus was surprised when the other didn't purchase anything.

Of course Raiden being Raiden, the forest incubus never much said anything about his wants in particular. It might have something to do with the fact that the forest incubus clan was not much for hording and tended not to keep much of anything of value unless it was passed down from a beloved member of their family. Thinking back on it now, Tay had to actually struggle with himself as he tried to recall what exactly Raiden had of actual worth other than his leather loin guard strapped around his waist.

There was the single hut that the two of them shared just on the edge of the forest where Tay had met up with Raiden on that faithful day half a dozen years ago, however the small shack and calling it a shack was being kind, actually belonged to a old hunter that had moved away somewhere and never came back. Raiden had often asked Raiden why he stayed there instead of moving to one of the clan settlements and the other had always replied,

"Because I can hear the forest sigh when I'm alone out there,"

It was confusing for Tay to comprehend, that was until the first time he had listened to the rain fall on the weatherworn roof and understood completely what the forest incubus meant. Being a water incubus Tay had delighted to go out under the falling shower and bath himself in the dewdrops from the sky while Raiden stood next to him and wrapped a single broad arm around the smaller male's waist.

Tay knew that he had fallen hard for the other in more than lust on that day but he also knew that Raiden shared his affections and that they could never be anything more than brotherly affection that bordered on incest between them.

Not because he wasn't ready to reciprocate Raiden's feelings should they choose to the next level, but because then they would never be able to leave the bedroom because they'd be humping like rabbits all the time. Newlywed incubi were notorious for not being seen for weeks after a mating ceremony and Tay had to chuckle as he remembered this one couple, two female no less, who had quelled with each other on the size of the bed they would have to buy so that they could fit their dinner plans in between them for their honeymoon.

Tay had tried to bargain and plead with Raiden to break down and let him buy something for their shared little shack; however the forest incubus was stubborn about not needing anything. Just because he liked to sleep on the ground didn't mean it was a treat for Tay. With the money he had Tay could have brought two beds, some paint, and even a little something to patch the holes in the roof for them and still not be broken by...

Lightning hit him then as his brain kicked into overdrive and Tay almost felt like he should be slapped upside the head as realization struck at his heart. The water incubus turned to watch his bigger friend walking to another booth and his ruby eyes honed into the invisible money pouch that should have been blatantly hanging from the other's side.

Raiden was broke.

Literally, all the other owned was the thong covering his crotch and as Tay watched Raiden walk over to another piece of merchandise and survey it the water incubus turned on his heel and darted back the way he came a top speed.

Tay was the money handler between them and as it had become the norm for him carry all of their money he let it completely slip his mind that for all purposes Raiden was penniless. Of course the bigger incubus could easily ask him for some coins but that wasn't Raiden's way. The forest incubus had a general rule that if life didn't naturally supply it then he had no use for it. It would have made Raiden just as happy to sleep inside of their wagon on their first night in the city as it would sleeping on the ground next to it. Only because Tay didn't care for sleeping on the hard earth did the two of them even have a room at the inn.

Tay swore at the forest incubus passive nature and hurried along, trying very hard not to bump into unsuspecting patrons around him, and apologizing haphazardly when he did.

Zigzagging through the streets, and looked like a blue dart in the process, Tay went around and purchased every last item that Raiden had been looking at. It cost him three dozen gold pieces in all but it was worth it when he returned with his hands full of several pieces of jewelry just in time to see Raiden turning to look at him run up to him.

"Here," Tay grabbed one of the bigger male's hands then dumped the accessories out into a green palm then watched as Raiden's face suddenly became blank and then fill with red hot warmth as golden eyes watered slightly.

His face shifted between both shock and joy as the forest incubus began to laugh wholeheartedly. A smile crested his face suddenly and then Raiden was leaning down to nuzzle Tay across the neck, a deep purr rumbling into his chest making the water incubus blush heavily as he felt it rock his own bones. The two males ended up purring and leaning into each other in the middle of the street without even thinking about it after that. 

The change of affection got them several curious stares as the people around questioned what was going on between them, only a few really having somewhat a clue. When Raiden felt that he had shown due appreciation the forest incubus raised himself up and then, one by one, put on the pieces of jewelry that he had been gawking over earlier. Tay watched with hungry eyes as he noticed just how much more beautiful the other looked as Raiden strapped on two silver armbands, four pair of earrings, two gold studs in his right and two sapphire in his left and one jade anklet around his left leg.

When Raiden was done he not only got an approving nod from Tay but several gaping gasps from the surrounding watchers as many of the people took notice of just how much sexier the bigger male looked then. Not minding the fact that Raiden's groin was already almost exploding the space of his thong, the forest incubus now looked totally grandiose as the different colored accessories gleamed intensely under the light of the sun along his emerald colored body.

Tay, ever the merchant at heart, let his eyes scan the crowd of onlookers and decided that maybe this would be a new marketing strategy, with Raiden's approval, to dress the other incubus up in the future to provide advertisement for his merchandise.

He would never do something like that without Raiden's expressed permission first though. There were some things more important that money in this world after all.

Envy quickly colored the smaller male's eyes as he listened to come of the women talk about what they would like for the other to do to them behind closed doors before he shook his head and banished that feeling away.

Looking up at the other, Tay had just enough time to open his mouth to say something just as a pair of firm lips pressed down onto his face and quickly stole his breath away. His arms came up on automatic as his senses became ignited with heat and soon Tay was leaning up on the balls of his feet and grunting as he drove his tongue down into Raiden's throat. The bigger male was equally trying to do the same as he curled his long, wet and dexterous organ into his best friend's mouth, wrapping it around Tay's tongue and sucking on the other as if life were given just from the other's lips.

The two groaned and purred as their groins filled out in time with the rapid drumming of their hearts and the only reason that they didn't start to get even more passionate right then and there, was because some decided it was the right thing to do to poke Tay incessantly in the back breaking the water incubus concentration.

The water incubus pulled away to turn his head towards the source of his growing annoyance and had to smile in horror at what he saw.

"I'm not sure what this is between you two, but this is a public street." A tall wolf with hazel eyes looked down at Tay from underneath his helmet, a menacing glower making the guard look even more intimidating than he already was. "Take your private business elsewhere before we haul you in for disturbing the peace." Tay took a second to look around and noticed that several people were getting rather hot under the collar as they watched the two incubi show affection for one another.

"Sorry guardsmen." Tay teased as he flicked his feather soft tail up against the taller male's armored chest and then released Raiden from his intertwined arms. "Didn't mean to disturb the peace."

The larger incubus grunted as he shifted his loin guard around before standing back upright and spreading one of his wings protectively across the front of Tay's chest.

"Just move along now and it'll be fine." The wolf sighed as he shooed the two incubi away and Tay had to stifle a giggle as he noticed something hard poking from the guard's trousers.

"We'll be sure not to cause any more trouble, today." Tay whispered before he turned away from the wolf and then began to walk away from him, though not before taking a step back and nudging the side of his hip into the guard's crotch. A hiss was his reward before he heard a deep bass growl that made him yip and skip away. Behind him Raiden only chuckled as he followed after the smaller male.

"Damn foreigners," The wolf swore as he adjusted his own pants and tried to calm down his rising erection.

After that little interlude Tay and Raiden decided to take a break and return to the inn. Walking into the building with the red roof the two incubi found themselves treated to an entertaining sight. In the middle of the room, surrounded by various other forms applauding him and tossing coins into a large bucket, was a tall anthromorphic looking vulpine strumming a peculiar-looking instrument.

The item in between the fox-man's hands was long yet rounded off at the bottom to look like a right side up bizarre kind of spoon thing. It had several tightly corded strings attached from the top to the base and the kitsune was busily strumming it with what looked like a pain scrapper.

The sounds that came from the instrument was majestic though and both Tay and Raiden couldn't help but be entranced as they listened to the other's music. Soft and sweet, yet somehow, very sad it pulled at the heart while exciting the senses.

Walking over to an empty table in the corner, the two incubi sat and listened as the minstrel began to play another tune for the cheering crowd.

The melody was powerful and yet pleasant enough that it seemed to make everyone hush all at once. The tight cords that the twin tailed fox plucked echoed and warbled in such a way that you could feel the vibrations inside of your chest. A tap of a boot covered foot would set the rhythm and then the bard started to sing.

The feather capped wearing fox's voice was smooth like honey yet passionate enough that he drew the senses all at once. He spoke of foreign lands and lost dreams while swaying from side to side with his hips. Many eyes were drawn down to the cream colored pants covering his crimson and white thighs, easily able to be discerned by the traditional vulpine colors showing on the minstrel's naked chest. An open vest covered his shoulders and back yet let the onlookers gaze at his tight abdomen and flat chest getting many appreciative nods.

Tay looked to the male and found his head bobbing along with the tune he was sure he had never heard before. A ruby eye looked over to find Raiden humming along with the song while a naked foot tapped at the wooden floorboards. A chuckle ripped from Tay's mouth without him meaning for it to as he watched the adorability of the larger incubus antics.

Raiden could be so cute sometimes, Tay thought silently not even paying attention when a flush began to rush along his face from his staring.


The bard finished up his latest song with several more thrums against the strings of his instrument before going still. His shining eyes opened revealing jade orbs which gleamed as brightly as Raiden's skin in the light of the sun shining from outside the windows. Taking a long bow the minstrel tipped his ears up as another round of applause resounded around him from his audience.

Lifting himself back up and smiling cheerfully, the fox watched as several coins were tossed out from the crowd into his bucket. His eyes spotted a few golden discs shimmering together underneath a number of silver circles making him resist the urge to wave his tails around excitedly.

Looks like there'll be steak this week, he thought just before someone else threw open the door of the inn with enough force to make it crash against the wall.

All sound came to a stop as five armed guards walked into the room while looking over each and every person in turn. The captain of the guards, a cheetah wearing a golden emblem of Crosse kingdom on his belt and helmet, turned his eyes to find the minstrel picking up his bucket and turning around to the bar he was standing in front of.

"By order of the crown we are here for the arrest of one Maleek, spy for the kingdom of Ameraz!" The feline proclaimed loud enough for almost everyone to shrink back into their seats, save a few brave souls who reached down to finger the hilts of their weapons almost expectantly. "Who here goes by that title?"

No one said a word leaving the only sound to permeate the room being the subtle tinkle of coins being rattled out onto hard wood. The guard captain looked around and then turned his sights on the bard who was promptly paying little attention to the events behind him, the male being far more interested in his profits at the moment.

"Maleek is a tall male who bears a red cross on his shoulder and a necklace with Ameraz insignia on him." Several of the guards went around inspecting some of the guests; many of them having nothing to show save their scorn and fear at being examined like common criminals. "Is there no one here who will stand and claim this title?"

A bitten of set of chuckles made heads turn as the twin-tailed vulpine began to shiver all over as he tried to control his laughter. The innkeeper standing on the opposite side of him looked at him as if he were some kind of madcap and promptly began to ease off to the side. The captain of the guards stomped up to the other and,

"You there, what's the joke about?"

"Only that you would come and try to look for a man that you haven't the faintest inclination about. You come in only asking for a name and expect that he would give himself over to you when you proclaim him to be a spy?" The fox pocketed his coins into a small pouch at his side before placing several bronze and silver pieces onto the counter for the keeper of the inn.

Behind him the cheetah had his tail raised in anger while his fingers twitched restlessly. The fur was raised slightly on his shoulders and a growl parted from between his lips followed by a show of fangs.

"Who in their right mind would be mad enough to offer themselves up under such circumstances? He'd have to be a fool or quiet insane..." A hand reached out and grabbed the minstrel's shoulder before turning him around abruptly.

The fox quickly lost his mirth as he looked at the fingers perched around his shoulder before hissing when his vest was torn aside to reveal a blatant red 'x' like mark cut into the crimson fur. The two men looked at each other when the guard captain raised his head to look the bard into the face,

"Says the spy, I see." The feline hissed as he nodded for his men to step up to help him apprehend the suspected criminal.

"You know, it's quite impolite to touch another man without his permission where I am from. It could be seen as a challenge to one's honor and a wish for death." The vulpine said in low and even tones. His foot eased his instrument, which he had placed down after he went to pick up his coin bucket, to the side before taking a deep breath.

"Well where you are going you are going to have more than one man touching you when the king and queen find you guilty of sedition against the throne."

"In my country," The bard began while reaching up to take a hold of the cheetah's arm. "We have no king and queen so I've learned how not to bow before any single man or women as being greater than I." The fox twisted the guard captain's wrist making him yell out loud while turning slightly to relieve pressure from his captured arm. "You will have to forgive me if I decide not to stand before them, won't you?"

"Bastard!" The feline yelled making his surrounding soldiers grab their weapons while around them many of the patrons got up to move the tables and themselves aside in preparation of the fight everyone could see was coming.

"No sir, my father was mated accordingly with my mother when I was sired." The vulpine finished with a vicious punch to the feline's throat.

The cheetah yelped as his windpipe closed up on him but he had little time to try and do anything to alleviate his pain as he suddenly found himself being tossed bodily across the counter behind the fox. The last anyone saw of the captain was his tail hanging limp over his rear as he lay haphazardly with his rump stuck out at the world.

The rest of the guards didn't know what to do at first but soon all four of them charged the fox and then begin a free-for-all brawl. The vulpine was nothing short of grace and motion as he slid around the oncoming men while throwing out his fists and legs catching many of them off their balance and leaving them with bruises for their effort against him. Two were throw back as the fox savagely punched one in the face forcing him to stumble back into his cohort.

Another was kicked in the stomach forcing the guard to bend down as pain shot through his body and leaving him open for a vicious kick to the face. The resulting attack sent the other crashing onto the floor with blood coming out from his nose while groaning in utter defeat. The last guard swiped at the fox with his sword drawn.

The bard didn't even flinch as he sidestepped the weapon and subtly grabbed the last man's wrist the same as he had with the captain of the guards. The soldier found his arm completely immobile and soon unarmed as the vulpine bent his hand at such at such an angle that the sword fell from his fingers reflexively. A booming clatter filled the room followed by the whimpers of the last guard as he was brought bodily to face the minstrel.

The fox snarled cruelly at the man, reaching up to rip his helmet off and reveal the face of a startled canine who looked to only be about twenty summers old. The pup curled his tail between his face as the vulpine opened his jaws and showed his glistening fangs before ducking his head down at placing them right over the fluttering pulse of the guard's throat.

All eyes watched to see if the youth's life would be forfeited today, some with eager expectation while other seemed to disapprove but unwilling to interfere, but all of them popped wide open as a long tongue came out to lick the Adam's apple of the canine almost leisurely. The young dog yelped when teeth nibbled his neck but soon went still as the sharp teeth were pulled away as lips were pressed into his own muzzle.

The hand not holding his at an awkward angle reached down and into the pup's trousers and began to intimately fond the guard forcing him to whine and hump upwards. The talented fingers of the fox rolled the canine's sheath and balls around before squeezing them forcing a gasp from the dog to which got him a deeper shove a tongue down his throat.

Eyes watering from the pressure on his wrist and his crotch the canine didn't know what to do with himself as he melted into the vulpine's perverse embrace. The fox only grunted in triumph as he pumped the pup several more times, making the front of the youth's pants fill up impressively, before pulling his slightly wet paw out to bring it in front if the other's nose.

Pulling out from their kiss, heavy pants coming from the two as the dog's eyes seem to just glaze over in unending passion, the bard raised his slick hand to the other's nose. "Clean it," The canine did so without hesitation and began to lap his own stickiness from off of the vulpine's fingers without really thinking about what he was doing.

When he was done the fox lowered his hand and patted the other onto the groin and then released the dog's aching wrist.

Turning around, completely ignoring the zombified male behind him who looked as if the minstrel was his only reason for living, the fox picked up his bucket and instrument and walked right past the canine without a backward glance. However, one of his tails did flick across the front of the pup's bulging tent, getting a bodily shudder from the zonked out dog.

The bard said nothing else as he walked right of the door and into the bright afternoon streets of the kingdom, a glide in his stride even as he heard the shouts from behind him.

The guard captain stood up from behind the bar, once he could right himself, and then began to bark out orders. The remaining guards helped each other up while blinking at their spellbound friend with pants soaking with a deep dark spot on the front.

"You two, go and chase after that asshole!" The cheetah yelled at the two soldiers that had fallen into each other. "And you there, take him back to the barracks and get cleaned up before reporting what happened to the general!" The cheetah growled at the only other guard remaining, getting a nod from him, and watched as the soldier pulled his friend out of the the bar following the first two guards.

The cheetah groused for a moment then hopped over the counter to stand in front of the bar. Looking to see that one of his soldier's had dropped their weapon the feline picked it and charged out of the inn outside into the world leaving behind a stunned room of patrons.

It took some time but once the energy of the room had settled a flurry of voices began to pick up as everyone began to retell the events that just passed. A few having to ask others if what they had seen really just happened. Many were excitedly going on about how they would have handled the events while others were trying to ease their pants into such a way that the stiffness between their legs wasn't so prominent. A lot of them had found the sights to be beyond arousing and a few more had to excuse themselves while grabbing friends to take them back to their rooms.

A certain pair of incubi was all but bursting with chuckles as they stared at one another. While not what they had expected when they returned to the inn it was certainly a scene worthy of remembering and retelling later on and Tay made sure that he committed every detail to memory for later. Raiden for his part just found the entire spectacle thrilling as he had never seen such a display of passionate fighting fervor take hold of one little area so suddenly or so spectacularly.

A coil of emotion rolled through both incubi but was soon released into a sleepy yawn by Raiden as the forest incubus felt a light trail of fatigue take him over.

"Should we take a break?" Tay asked receiving a sleepy nod from Raiden.

The two stood from the tables, listened at the buzz from the crowd for seconds more, then walked upstairs to their room. Well Tay walked with Raiden to his room as the larger incubus moved with his characteristic grace without minding his smaller friend. The two got into the room and Raiden all but crashed onto his bed without even bothering to close the door behind Tay after the other came in.

Tay chuckled and did it for him, also opening the window and letting some air into the room, before following his friend over to the bed and flopping down beside him. Though he wasn't as fatigued as his big friend, Raiden easily able to sleep half the day if he wanted, Tay immediately found himself curling up into the other and listening to the bigger male's heart beat. The steady rhythm was enough to get the water incubus to close his eyes and sigh happily as he thought about what new adventure the two of them could find together during the remainder of the festival.

The possibilities made Tay nibble his lower lip as his tail swung over Raiden's chest to cover the two of them on instinct.