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03 Oct 2011

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Posted 03 Oct 2011 18:07
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Full Return and Gratitude

First off, yes I am back on here in full swing now. I have already started uploading picture/artworks done for me and some I've done for you all to enjoy. Also, do not fret because this isn't all of them either, I got another big handful left.

Second, I am working on a story series but I do not want to start posting any part of it until I get a few chapters in due to giving you all a good foundation to stand upon when learning about the story. So I ask you all to be patient with that since my writing skills suck xD

Third, from the new wave of art I have submitted recently, I have increaased my number of watchers in a big sense and now have broken 100. I would like to thank you all greatly for the support and feedback you have provided. I will try my best to get more in for you soon.

I will get around to uploading the rest of the artwork later today to give you all more ot look at with the characters. So until then, thank you all for keeping up with me so far and being very patient.


JhJ 2 years ago 0
Welcome back then : )