06 Oct 2011

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Posted 06 Oct 2011 23:50
Last edited 06 Oct 2011 23:53
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Lylac Qukempts, an old character of mine remade. Preborn little half-breed albino with berserker-syndrome. It is, infact, Lyla; for those of you who have seen uploads of that character.

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Bunilla 2 years ago 0
e ____e
This reminds me so much of my childhood firend and the way he draws...
; u ;
Such a cute character...Here take the 5 stars! TAKE IT! *cries from epicness*
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
.__.; Well okay, since you insist. xD
Nemi 2 years ago 0
-agrees with above posters, and does a dance in tribute to the pic- 5.5, watched and faved just for this piece hoping to see more of her and others soon ^///^'
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
A dance? Wow, I have got to draw more of her then. XD

Actually, I already intended to do a great number of drawings for Lylac, especially since I'm working on a bit of fiction with her as the main character.
Nemi 2 years ago 0
well need a partner for her id be willing >> -whistles and walks away quietly-
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
Nemi 2 years ago 0
IT WASN'T ME -whines- blame the music and tonight's company!
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
No? Well, tell whomever was responsible to throw me some references of them and I'll draw them as one of her victi-I mean, playmates. Yeah, totally meant to say playmates.

Not at all implying she's a crazy psychopath who rapes men. >.>;;
Nemi 2 years ago 0
well then as having boobs and a vag should be safe xD and sadly considering I also make men toys I think we would end up in a pic together as equals