10 Oct 2011

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Posted 10 Oct 2011 04:15
Last edited 10 Oct 2011 04:16
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This Is that pic I did with Tiff Except without all the effects and dramatic Lighting

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SuicideFoxy 2 years ago 0
Okay, now No Sudden Movements....
Nhoggy 2 years ago 0
*Cheers!* Kick his ass, Gurin!

Good stuff, mate, good stuff. I still need to draw Gurin. :l
Gurin 2 years ago 0
Tiff Did most of the work on this one hehe
Tiffany Umbreon 2 years ago 0
i wont goes down with out a fight... and i wonts give in
Gurin 2 years ago 0
But you Will go down :3
Tiffany Umbreon 2 years ago 0
oh i doubt that^^ haha... you dont knows it yet but im sneaking up on you as we speak.
Gurin 2 years ago 0
At least thats what you think XP
Tiffany Umbreon 2 years ago 0
woo what was that*points off in some random direction* did you see it? hmm hmm? there something there i swear? its defiantly not me trying to distract you... nope nope not me... ahhh look there it goes again!
Gurin 2 years ago 0
:D Cake
Tiffany Umbreon 2 years ago 0
Cake! where? *looks around* oooo what kind of cake? chocolate? cheesecake? extra super yummy?