10 Oct 2011

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New Detail v.2


  Kihara looks out upon the scene from her chopper. The ride over had been a long one and made her ass about go numb. Operation Reach was a total success thanks to everyones efforts but it only delayed the wolves for awhile. It had been a short lived victory but it was still a victory.

  Her face ached from her wound and she rubbed it a little trying to ease the pain. She was given some pain pills but they hardly worked for her anymore. They couldn't numb the pain of losing friends. Most of whom had been in basic with her. She could never forget the moment of their death. Those last words and then nothing. Those memories would haunt her forever.

  Slowly her chopper descends upon the Akia Building. She had been reassigned to Forward Recon with 121st Infantry. The special "Desert Fox" unit. She had heard about these foxes and their leader, Lt. Reaver. Mostly she knew about how they had single handedly stop an entire wolf battalion from moving across the Saint De Foux bridge. Now she was at the frontline base where they were stationed.

  As she departed the chopper, she stops for a bit and then grabs her bag. Making her way into the building she heard one of the soldiers say something. Kihara ignores his lewd comment and proceeds into the building,

  Once inside she made her way to the war room where Reaver was sitting. As she entered the room it seemed like she was walking into the office of an executive. She seen that his chair was turned to the window.

  Outside it wasn't a very cheerful sight. Abandoned buildings and blown out cars lined the streets below. It was a perpetual warzone during the day but it was quiet as a graveyard at night.

  Kihara walks over to him and gives him her reassignment papers, "Private Kihara Jansen reporting for duty."

  Reaver turns to her, leans back in his chair and looks over her papers. "Says here you were part of the main assault force on Kino. That right soldier?"

  Kihara nods her head, "I was, yes."

  Reaver stands up from his chair and moves toward her, "Well we don't get many heroes here." Flipping another page he stops in front of her.  "I see you also took part in Operation Reach? Quite an impressive record you have so far." Reaver tosses the papers down on the table and stares Kihara in the face. "You ever face a wolf up close soldier?".

  Kihara feels the seriousness in his voice and has a quick flashback to her time on Kino.

  Kihara took another step up the hill and stood outside a small bunker, Kihara breathing hard from the charge up stops for second to catch her breath. An up hill charge with about 90 lbs of gear isn't an easy thing. Behind her Evansis had just caught up. He was breathing just as hard as her. Since they were both on point it would take some time before the rest of the company catches up to them.

  There had been no firing from the bunker but head quarters wanted them to check it out anyway. Kihara looks to Evancis, a fox in his early 20's. He had been assigned to her squad after Miskin was killed.

  Private Ian Mishkin, one of her friends from back in basic. Their landing went smooth until a few feet from the LVT. Mishkin was helping a wounded fox on the beach when he was hit by machine gun fire. Kihara remembers him dropping to the ground dead. The rounds going clean through him and into the wounded fox. Both now dead on the beach and her staring in disbelief.

  The initial shock was overwhelming bit she managed to push on. Quickly she snaps back to the now.

  Evancis mounts a bayonet on his rifle and says a quick prayer. Seeing as how the new guys always get killed first, he was determined to make sure it wasn't him today.

  Slowly they jump over the trenches and onto the other side. Many wolves lay dead here and there. Some lay everywhere and the smell of death was haunting the air.

  Kihara tried real hard to block out the smell and after a few tries she finally pukes. Kihara felt her stomach muscles tighten and retches once more. After getting a hold of herself Kihara wipes her face with her sleeve.

  The wolves, who were obviously a lot bigger than they were. Still died like anyone else. A swift movement caught her eye and quickly Kihara points her rifle to a wolf by the door.

  He sat dying as his blood poured from a wound he had sustained earlier before her arrival. His uniform a wolven regular. In his hand, a pistol.

   Kihara seen him lift his pistol towards Evancis. Reacting quickly she fires off a round into the wolfs chest. He takes her bullet and aims towards her. She fires off another round and hits him square in the head.

  Evancis watches as the wolfs gun falls out of his hand and then looks at Kihara. "Shit, thanks I owe you one."

  Kihara nods and makes her way to the bunker door. She tries the handle and is suprised its open. Looking back to Evancis and  Kihara asks for his weapon since she lost her bayonet after the landing. After exchanging weapons Kihara raises the rifle and begins to enter the bunker.

  Upon entry she sees papers on the floor and some maps. It seems whoever was here before left in a hurry. In the right corner of the room stood a radio station. Still sitting in the chair was the radio operative. To her left she sees a table and a wolf on the floor. She turns to Evancis, "Check the body by the table for intel. I'll check the radio."

  Uneasy Kihara slowly moves towards the radio and checks the radio operator. A bullet hole in his forehead pretty much summed it up.

  Meanwhile Evancis moves towards the body on the floor. Long hair, an unusual uniform and a patch on the shoulder. As he moved closer to inspect the badge he heard a click from behind.

  "You gotta be fucking kidding me." Evancis moans out before he is forced to the floor.

  Kihara turns around and sees three wolves standing over Evancis. Their rifles pointed at her, Kihara lays down her weapon and gets on her knees. Very slowly she puts her hands behind her head.  A wrong move now means the end for both of them.

  To Kihara and Evancis'  suprise, the body on the floor by the table gets up. Kihara sees that its a female.

  Several gun shots from outside can be heard and four more wolves walk in. It seemed the ones outside weren't dead after all.

  The she wolf brushes back her hair and puts on her beret. "Foxes are supposed to be smart and cunning. But look at what we have here. No wonder your people are losing the war."

  As she walks over to Kihara, the she wolf picks up a knife from the table. "Such a shame, even the vixens are fighting. Or are you one of the few females who decided to take up arms? Hmm?"

  Kihara stays silent while the she wolf looks her over. Kihara could see the sexual want on in the she wolfs eyes.

  The she wolf puts her hand under Kihara's chin. "You think by saying nothing you are strong. Hmm I like that." The she wolf makes Kihara look up to her. "The strong silent type cliche'. That will never grow old."

  As the she wolf towered over her, Kihara looked to Evancis. Kihara had the feeling whatever was gonna happen was going to happen to her first.

 "Oh you want him to watch? Mmmm I really like that." The she wolf seemed on the edge of ecstasy and moves the knife closer. 

  Kihara feels a sharp pain in her face and tries not to cry out in pain. A warm feeling over comes the pain and blood drips down her face.

 The she wolf looks at the knife, a little blood had stayed on the blade and she moves it closer to her own face. The sight of blood didn't bother this wolf but had another effect on her instead. It aroused her very much.

  Kihara watched as the she wolf licked the blood from the blade. It seemed a bit odd for a wolf to take such pleasure in her actions.

  "Such a sweet taste. None are more better than victory." The she wolf looked to Kihara with a satisfied look in her eyes.

  Kihara could hear the other wolves laughing and speaking to each other. In the corner of her eye she sees movement behind the wolves. A familiar face appeared. She recognized it clearly. The fox from the beach. He signals here with some hand movements and she understands. Kihara had to make some kind of distraction for the plan to work.

  Kihara looks at the she wolf, "I'll never tell you a fucking thing." That said Kihara spits in the she wolfs face.

  Wiping the spit from her face, the she wolf lifts the knife again, "Good there is still some fight left in you". Now her sexual interest in Kihara grew even more.

  A small klink could be heard as a frag grenade was rolled in.

  Kihara hits the dirt seconds before it goes off.

  A deafening roar fills the room as the grenade explodes. Smoke fills the air and Kihara looks around. She could see Evancis looking around. Most of the wolves had been hit by the grenade fragments and lay on the floor dead or in pain. The she wolf had been thrown by the force of the grenade into the corner by the radio.

  Looking to the doorway she seen Williams walk in. He looks around and then walks over to Kihara. "You know we have to stop bumping in to each other like this." A wolf reaches for his rifle and Williams shoots him a few times.

  Kihara laughs a little, "Am I glad to see you".

  Evancis gets up and looks at the dead wolves, "See that? That's what you get for fucking with us."

  Kihara gets helped up by Williams and retrieves her rifle. "What are you doing here sir?"

  Williams slings his rifle and points toward the she wolf, "I've been looking for this particular wolf."

  Kihara looks at him puzzled, "Her? But why?" She now has a concerned look on her face.

  Williams nods his head, "I can't explain. Its classified."

  Evancis looks over to the she wolf, "What about that badge sir?"

  Williams walks over to the she wolf, "Elite HK soldier. See the badge?". He moves her arm to show Evansis the badge.

  Kihara looks at it, "So what? Some kinda special operative or something?"

  Williams turns back to Kihara, "You could say that. Now radio in for extraction and I'll secure the prisoner."

  Kihara returns back to now and answers Reavers question, "Yes I have sir."

  Reaver slowly nods, "So you know what to do to one when you see one right?"

  Kihara looks at him, "Sir?"

  Reaver points to her chest specifically her heart, 'Two here". Then he points to her head, "And one here. It makes sure their dead. Understood?"

  Kihara nods in agreement, "Yes sir."

  Reaver walks back towards his chair and sits back down, "Pick a desk in the main room. It'll be your bunk for the night. Tomorrow we move out. Dismissed private."

  Kihara salutes and walks out the door. Looking aorund she finds a desk by the window and sets her bag on it. After getting situated she lays down and closes her eyes. The thought of what tomorrow brings floats around in her head and she drifts off to sleep.

TyVulpintaur 2 years ago 0
Very good except for several misspellings :3
Anakani 2 years ago 0
Couldn't really spell check because I had to help with some mechanic work. And I promised this a day ago. A little late but I try to multitask the best I can. Next time I'll do better I promise.
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promissed a day ago? thats not to bad, im 2 weeks over due haha
Anakani 2 years ago 0
I try really hard to hit my goals. Sometimes a day or so later but hey no ones perfect.
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Very good, can't wait for more.