15 Oct 2011

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Posted 15 Oct 2011 04:19
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Still working on something else that's big, this is my first SoFurry upload. Pleased to join y'all.

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TarlZaralka 2 years ago 0
And you should continue, its a wonderful picture and the scenery makes it even better. What program did you use for the coloring (assuming you used a program)?
Kyzarius 2 years ago 0
Easy Paint Tool SAI and a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet are my tools of the trade. The process is easier than it looks, and you have my thanks for the commentary.
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
Excellent. Indeed it's much better than what I can do (which doesn't require a lot of talent to surpass). I like this picture, and I hope you have a great time here and get lots of views like you deserve. ^^
Kyzarius 2 years ago 0
Nah, it's just the amount o' time we spend swimming; we get better the more we do it, and truth be told we're in the same boat. =P Thanks for the welcome, you can do good too.
Mr_13 2 years ago 0
This looks good.
I can't draw shit... well, i can draw shit, but that doesn't help it. lol
Kyzarius 2 years ago 0
Doesn't mean ya can't fertilize 'em lol.
Mr_13 2 years ago 0
lol. i could draw shit on other peoples art. i heard some might like that. lol
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
this is really cute. i can draw somewhat good.
Mushni 2 years ago 0
I still love this :D