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21 Oct 2011

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Posted 21 Oct 2011 06:05
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The Story of a Lone Wolf

#34 of Scribbles & Sketches

i finally have a real story for Lonewolf. i needed so kind of back story for her and this is what i came up with.

she once had it all. a pack, a family, and a loving mate. the alpha of the pack who she devoted her life to. she was a happy alpha female, but overtime the alpha male changed. he was still that strong and loyal wolf who would do anything for his pack, but something made him see the world a little differently. no one knew what happened to him, but the whole pack saw it. soon, he started turning on his mate. which made some of the pack members turn on her as well. after trying to fight them off for so long, she was finally exiled from the pack. her alpha mate cried as he said his last goodbyes, but he knew she didnt belong in his pack any longer. some of the pack members were glad to see her go and agree with the alpha's decision. while a few other members, were sad to see her leave. but they knew they couldnt do or say anything. they have to obey their alpha's wishes or they would end up where she is. heartbroken and weak, the newly lone wolf is now out to fend for herself..... no home, no pack, no alpha.... and no mate..... shes knows she has to keep moving forward, but the pain of losing her perfect life will be there forever.

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Very nice :)
Good work :)
Nice detail :)
I love it :)
greywolf_2342000 2 years ago 0
The art is very well done. The story is very good. It very heart felt and I know it is how you feel. Hope you remember that you will always have friends here for you. It will sorta be like a new back of lone wolves.
Soul Wolf 2 years ago 0
As a fellow exiled wolf, I know how it is. You feel lonely and basically every sad feeling there is. But I learned over time that my old pack was a lie. They never liked me in the first place. So I took control over my lonesome life and climbed out of my hole and made a name for myself. You should do the same Lone. You will be surprised by how many will stand by you.
Darigsey 2 years ago 0
I know how you feel if you lost everything that one is important*sfz*

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