21 Oct 2011

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Posted 21 Oct 2011 20:48
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Home Made BWW BQQ Wings

This is one thing i love to make for people. They taste EXTREMELY similar to Buffalo Wild Wings' honey BBQ wings...and if anyone out there in in the Red River Valley hit me up on skype/MSN some time!

Recipe: makes 6 - 12 wings pending coating amount desired.
1 cup (insert brand here) Regular BBQ sauce
3 Tbs A-1 Steak Sauce
2 tsp chile powder
1 tbs McCormick Hotshot
2 Tbs Honey (any will do)
1 tsp Pepper

THAW THE CHICKEN i can not stress this enough. You WILL set your stove ablaze if you don't.
Mix all sauce ingredients in an bowl large enough to roll the chicken in as well as hold the volume of the sauce.
Deep fry the chicken for 7-10 minutes in a pot/vat of the oil of your choosing (i used EVOO) Once cooked all the way through roll in the sauce until coated to your liking and serve.

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