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24 Oct 2011

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Posted 24 Oct 2011 03:20
Last edited 11 Nov 2011 03:50
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Fall Silently

^^ hope you love our work!! Love, Creed and Casey Soza!!

LucarioFan692 2 years ago 0
I will always love your work! Awesome as always!
DB-6 2 years ago 0
8D *loves it*
Wolfos 2 years ago 0
Seriously...this is the demo that comes with FL Studio 10....
Guardian Wolf 2 years ago 0
alright mate. ok we get it. nuff said. he made minor tweeks to it and thats it. so lets drop it.
Wolfos 2 years ago 0
You don't need to get so snippy...And It really doesn't sound tweaked... It sounds exactly the same.
Guardian Wolf 2 years ago 0
sorry sister can be abit....well you know...and some how..your right...Actually there was one i made and got confussed on the name of the title i called it...heh my bad on that part...ill put the other one on here lol so were cool right?
Wolfos 2 years ago 0
Yeah of course. Could you just make sure to say this one came from FL? I really don't want to be a pest, but taking credit for someone else's thing is just one of those things that gets to me...ya know? I like the music you come up with on your own, you don't need to copy anyone else :3
Guardian Wolf 2 years ago 0
haha will do :3 and thank you for liking my other stuff my friend ^^ you want to know what program im using to create this stuff? Pm me and ill send you the information on there mate^^
Heratade 2 years ago 0
o3o awesome
Heratade 2 years ago 0
o3o awesome