26 Oct 2011

Raven Wolf - Comic
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Raven Wolf - C.1 - Page 01

#1 of Raven Wolf - Comic

I hate doing backgrounds, it's just... boring as all hell.

Anyway this is the Chapter One title image for Raven Wolf. I'm starting to get used to this style of character drawings, but I could still use some more work I think.

It was actually a little difficult to come up with a picture that would relate to the chapter without being a repeat of something that was gonna eventually happen. I eventually came up with the idea of Eve and Fitz doing some sort of task while working at Eve's father's museum. (As it is apparent in the chapter that they work there doing odd jobs for Eve's father when he is short staff, which he always is) Which resulted in the image of the two in custodial clothing dusting off an exhibit.

I'm actually happy with how it turned out, I was gonna do more work on the background but found that it was starting to take the focal point off of the two characters, which is something that I did not want. I may end up blurring the background to make them stand out more but I think they pop out just fine as is. Of course that may just be me since I've been working on this for hours.

Eve and Fitz from my story Raven Wolf.

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xXDraconiacXx 2 years ago 1
I must admit, this particular work of art turned out most excellent! You did a great job on everything - the lineart, the colouring, the shading and the dynamics (poses e.t.c)! I eagerly look forward to seeing more artwork from you. Keep up the good work! [And, in my opinion, the background looks great! :) ] 5/5 and faved.
Kurapika 2 years ago 1
Thanks! This was actually my very first picture drawn in the furry art style, so it means a lot that you think so highly of it ^^
MasterG 2 years ago 1
Wooooooo love this - awesome stuff ^^ I read the other pages and they look awesome the - story seems awesome ^^ - so yeah....

keep at it no matter what
Kurapika 2 years ago 1
Of course ^^ working on the series and pages is pretty fun and I like making it ^^